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Top 4 Running Trainers that can provide a Sock-Like Fit

A snug trainer means a better running experience, and each of these options specialise in fit and comfort.

Top 4 Running Trainers with a Sock-Like Fit

It is safe to say that the days of poorly fitting footwear are long behind us as it is now possible for athletes to purchase trainers that have been crafted with their foot shape, gait and running style in mind. After all, the craftsmanship of a shoe can determine its overall comfort, flexibility and responsivity when it comes to a big race and all of these features are important in order to ensure that a runner gets the most out of their workout. Low-quality fabric coupled with a generic design can significantly impact the enjoyability of a run and even put the wearer at risk of a big injury that could set back months of hard work and progress.

In fact, one of the most up and coming designs is the implementation of sock-like flexibility that offer runners a form-fitting shoe without sacrificing support and comfort in the process. The idea is that the ankle is protected from injury whilst also offering the wearer a shoe that doesn’t restrict movement or lead to overheating. This is because the majority of sock-like running trainers are crafted from breathable fabrics that are specifically chosen and implemented in order to improve airflow with every stride that the runner takes.

Read on as we go over the top 4 running trainers on the market that have a sock-like appeal…

adidas Ultraboost 19

Image from adidas.

Blending subtle hints of pink with a dark blue and white décor may not be the design for every runner, however, the adidas Ultraboost 19 certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance.

In fact, it is a simplified update of the previous model which emphasises important qualities like functionality, breathability and cushioning without sacrificing on the energy return that runners familiar with the shoe expect to receive. With this said, it is the craftsmanship of the Ultraboost 19 where adidas have placed their priority as this is a running trainer with a twist. By using a material known as Primeknit 360, the upper provides a snug, almost sock-like fit for the runner which is both flexible and breathable, delivering support and stability from every angle whilst reducing pressure points quickly and effectively.

Puma Hybrid Runner

Image from John Lewis.

With its all-black synthetic design, the Puma Hybrid Runner is perfect for those who prefer to blend into the background. With this said, the craftmanship quality is so impressive that runners will be shouting about these trainers from the rooftops. Rather than using EVA foam, Puma have opted for a full-length IGNITE foam instead which is highly durable, responsive and cushioning in order to prevent painful friction related injuries that turn any workout into a worst nightmare/

If this wasn’t enough, the Hybrid Runner also implements a knitted upper which delivers a sock-like fit that surrounds the runner's foot without sacrificing flexibility or breathability in the process. With comfort at the forefront of its design, Puma have certainly managed to craft a shoe that ticks every box with ease.

adidas Swift Run

Image from adidas.

Despite its subtle design that features an all-black synthetic with a white rim around the edges, the adidas Swift Run is a running trainer that isn’t built for high mileage but can withstand casual use with ease. After all, it is designed with an EVA foam midsole which means that comfort is a quality that hasn’t gone unchecked and any runner familiar with adidas footwear will know that the shock-absorption qualities of this material are a must-have for the brand.

With this said, it is the Primeknit upper that helps the Swift Run stand out from the crowd as the implementation of this fabric delivers a comfortable yet breathable sock-like fit that allows for easy wear. In fact, the tongue is also attached at the edges which improves the slip-on ability of the shoe as a whole. As a running trainer with a twist when it comes to comfort and support, it is safe to say that the Swift Run is quickly becoming an adidas best-seller.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v9

Image from New Balance.

Although the décor opts for a monochrome black and white design, the New Balance logo is certainly hard to miss. After all, this is a running trainer that offers durability, support and energy return which means that it is only right that the runner should wear them loud and proud. In fact, New Balance collected data from athletes in order to craft the foam placed within the midsole and this has resulted in the softest and lightest on the market which provides runners with cushioning and support. In fact, high-impact runners will be happy to hear the shock absorption of the Fresh Foam 1080 v9 is a quality that hasn’t gone anywhere too.

In addition to this, New Balance have also utilised a Jacquard mesh which works by wrapping around the foot like a sock in order to offer runners a snug yet supportive fit. For runners who are looking for footwear with a style factor without sacrificing on support, the Fresh Foam 1080 v9 is certainly a must-have trainer.

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