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Thogden vs Thogdad - how to play like a pro with Nike

Testing out Nike’s latest elite football gear, watch Thogden and Thogdad go head-to-head in a series of pro training challenges.

thogden vs thogdad

Some of the world’s best players wear Nike on the pitch. You probably already knew that. 

But can this elite, top-level gear help YOU play like a pro? Well, we asked the legendary YouTubers Thogden and Thogdad to put it all to the test in a series of challenges. 

Check out our hilarious new videos below to find out how they got on, then find the best deals on all the incredible Nike gear they’re wearing. Let’s do this. 

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Training Like A Pro With Nike

It’s not every day you get the chance to test out Nike’s elite football gear. After all, these are the boots and training wear actually worn by the pros. 

There was only one thing we could do. That’s right, we stuck it all on Thogden and Thogdad and asked them to compete in training challenges actually done by the pros. 

Who would make a better pro footballer? Does the Nike gear make them better players? It’s time to find out. 

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The World’s Weirdest Penalty Shootout

Yeah, things are about to get weird. In fact, this is the strangest penalty shootout you’ve ever seen… probably. 

Thogden’s wearing the elite Nike Phantom GT2, Thogdad’s in the elite Nike Mercurial Vapor 14. Two great boots, but we wanted to find out which one is most clinical in front of goal. 

This is a penalty shootout with a twist. WARNING: May contain lettuce.

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So there we have it, Nike’s elite football gear can definitely take your game to the next level. Fancy hitting top bins with a space hopper? Find the best deals on all this incredible gear by comparing prices at FOOTY.COM.

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