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The best running trainers for casual runners

If you like a run now and again, but you're not ready to commit to a pricey pair of trainers, we've got you covered.

The best running trainers for casual runners with low mileage

Although running is often seen as the first step towards a healthy lifestyle, it is important to ensure that the correct footwear is taken into consideration. After all, running for miles upon miles may help the waistline but using a pair of unsupportive running trainers to do so will eventually lead to strain related injuries and a setback on months’ worth of progress. Thankfully, finding the shoe that manages to tick every box doesn’t have to be headache inducing as industry development means that there is more choice than ever available on the market. As a result, runners of all ages and experience levels have the ability to find a trainer that meets their flexibility, breathability and comfort requirements as closely as possible.

As it stands, investing in a running shoe that is built with the foot shape and running style of the athlete is not a quality reserved solely for competitive runners. In fact, casual runners who are looking to spice up their routine are bringing an interesting edge to the running industry as a whole and this means that there is a demand for affordable footwear that offers the durability and support of a long-distance running shoe. After all, the same amount of force is generated with each stride for low-mileage runners and injury prevention should be factored into the design of every trainer accordingly.

Read on as we go over some of the best low mileage running trainers on the market...

Asics Gel Excite 6

Image from Asics.

With its subtle yet stylish décor, the Asics Gel Excite 6 opts for a black and white synthetic and an electric blue detail that runs along the brands logo in order to deliver a running trainer that impresses on the catwalk as much as it does on the running track. The outsole of this running trainer is crafted from a rubber that is characterised with treads in order to improve the grip of the overall design. With an EVA foam midsole and a gel cushioned heel, it is clear that Asics have taken no shortcuts when it comes to the craftsmanship of the Gel Excite 6 as this running trainer delivers excellent responsivity that effectively thrusts the foot forwards with every stride.

In addition to this, Asics have opted for a mesh upper which allows air to circulate around the foot and prevent overheating. The design of the Gel Excite 6 is highly thought out and the merging of these three qualities means that runners can expect a durable performance without continuous wear and tear. Although it is considered a low-mileage shoe, it is clear that road runners or light trail uses will benefit greatly from the comfort and responsivity on offer from the Asics Gel Excite 6.

New Balance X-90

Image from New Balance.

Opting for an all-black design with hints of green and blue and a bright white lace, it is clear to see that New Balance have designed this trainer with practicality in mind. After all, its subtle décor makes it the perfect running shoe for those who prefer not to attract attention when heading out for a big run. In fact, the X-90 is a combination of the 99x footwear series, a classic from the 80’s, which means that the final product is the perfect blend of modern aesthetic and vintage throwback. A basic rubber makes up the outsole and forms a geometric tread in order to provide a satisfactory traction result on roads and pavements.

Furthermore, the midsole uses New Balance’s very own REVlite technology which delivers firm cushioning and support without sacrificing on stability. After all, this running trainer may not be designed with high performance workouts in mind but that doesn’t mean that injury prevention isn’t important. Thanks to the implementation of a stitched-on overlay, the upper of the X-90 is shape retainable which means that the trainer has a competitive durability factor. Although this New Balance shoe may not be a wise choice for marathon training, they are a must-have for low-mileage or casual runners.

adidas Swift Run

Image from adidas.

The craftsmanship of the Swift Run is certainly a beauty to behold and an essential for everyday wear or casual joggers. After all, the all-black upper is made from a Primeknit material which provides a sock-like fit that surrounds the foot from every angle in order to offer unbeatable support, breathability and comfort. In addition to this, adidas have also utilised EVA foam within the midsole, unsurprising for those familiar with the brand, which offers runners unbeatable cushioning and control whilst simultaneously enhancing the shock-absorption quality of the shoes overall design. Thanks to the implementation of a knitted upper, it is safe to say that flexibility is a key feature of the Swift Run and the rubber outsole reinforces this quality by providing runners with a steady foundation that provides traction and stability with ease.

Whilst adidas are a brand recognised for longevity, this trainer isn’t a suitable fit for long distance runners or rock-climbers as it lacks the durability required to make it a cost-effective purchase. With this said, the Swift Run is a sturdy shoe that more than packs a punch when it comes to low mileage sports.

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