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Puma Suede vs. adidas Gazelle

Are you bouncing between buying Puma Suede or adidas Gazelle? If you’re struggling to decide where to spend your hard-earned cash, we’re here to assist.
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3 years ago


adidas gazelle trainer in green facing puma suede trainer in blue with puma suede versus adidas gazelle text

We’ve all been there. You’re searching for the perfect trainer to match up with all the jeans and most of the outfits you own. You’ve whittled it down to the Puma Suede and the adidas Gazelle, the classics, but can a slick Puma catch the pacy Gazelle?

The Dassler brothers’ companies have long been fighting it out to dominate the sportswear market. Parting with your money to give either of them your vote can’t be left to the toss of a coin. Let us give you the information you need to make the right choice.   

Introducing the Puma Suede Classic

Image from Puma.

Puma are no strangers to classic design. The Suede is the stalwart of the Puma streetwear collection, they’re sport-inspired with a healthy dose of urban flavouring.

Since the 1960s, these suede numbers have been closely involved with everyday culture. Once a popular basketball shoe in its earliest form, it grew to become statement footwear for New York’s dynamic breakdancers of the 70s and 80s.

Puma are the epitome of cool, reflected in Puma’s sponsorship of the most trendy and forward-thinking athletes, performers and personalities in the world, including: Usain Bolt, Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and Sergio Aguero to name a few.

Introducing the adidas Gazelle

Image from adidas.

Established for over 50 years, the Gazelle is a well-respected and much loved trainer across the globe. A constant stream of colourways, detail changes and collaborations with the silhouette have kept it effortlessly fresh for several decades.

Much like the Suede, the Gazelle was originally created as a training shoe and transformed into a fashion staple. During the 1980s, the trainer bounded across the North of England with relative ease, becoming hugely popular on the terraces of numerous football stadia.

The Gazelle is a clear inspiration for the more recent adidas City series, each shoe drawing from a city’s colours and history, encased into a sleek shape similar to the Gazelle.

Similarities between the Suede and the Gazelle

Puma Suede in black and white on a stool against a dark background
Image from Puma.

When we talk about comparison here, we’re boiling it down to the Suede Classic vs. the Gazelle Originals. We thought that by avoiding the wide range of Puma Liga Suede and Sportstyle vs. any of the Primeknit, Super Essential, EQT or leather versions of adidas Gazelle we had a fairer playing field.

So, what have these great examples got in common? For starters, we’ve mentioned it already; they are established. Each with over 50 years in the sneaker game. Design that is this timeless, does not go out of fashion and the Suede and the Gazelle both prove it.

High quality materials and wide range of colourways

Much like in 90s Britpop culture, suede has a big part to play. The uppers of both trainers are smothered in this luscious material, coming in a raft of either conservative or vibrant colourways. Take your pick. 

Rubber soles take pride of place, adding to each shoe’s durability. Both shoes opt for textured detailing on the outer surround, albeit with slightly different designs. The outsoles each contain recognisable patterned grips, the Gazelle with a ‘microcell’ pattern, and the Suede with a squared and crossed layout.

As you’d expect, ever-present lateral branding is obvious. The infamous ‘three stripes’ of adidas sit proudly on the instep and outer upper, the same applies for the renowned Puma ‘formstrip’. Tongue branding can also be seen, ‘trefoil’ for the Gazelle and the ‘leaping puma’ for the Suede, respectively.

Differences between the Suede and the Gazelle

Person wearing yellow and white adidas Gazelle on a white background
Image from adidas.

One of the most noticeable differences between these models is the detailed toe cap on the Gazelle. The T-shape layered material differs from the continuous, smooth toe area of the Suede.

The heel area also has notable changes, the Gazelle opting for a large white contrast section which hosts their ‘trefoil’ logo. Puma opting for a slightly smaller section, giving the upper a more continuous look from the rear.

Changes are subtle but make all the difference

A major difference we spotted is with the material and colour of the tongues. Puma stick to their guns with the Suede name, using the material throughout. However, adidas have opted for a more hardwearing tongue, carved from leather and synthetic material and white in colour.

The last point we see is a minor one, something which is sometimes easily overlooked. The adidas Gazelle has a glued rubber sole, whereas the Puma Suede runs with visible stitching around the upper midsole.


There’s really not much wiggle room between these two incredible trainer models, it could all come down to personal preference. The price point is a little lower with the Puma, usually retailing around £55, against the £75 you’ll look to pay for Gazelles.

As with any modern trainer, the range of colourways is exponential, you can really get anything to suit you. I suppose if I had to stick my neck out, personally I’m a Gazelle man. But then again, I’m from Manchester so that decision could well be seen as a little biased...

How to find cheap Puma Suede and adidas Gazelles

Here at FOOTY.COM we have a vast selection of both Puma Suede and adidas Gazelles. You know what’s the best news though? We’re 100% impartial and we simply serve you with the best deal that’s out there. The only job you have, is to grab those sneakers and dominate the pavements.

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