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Gear up for Euro 2020 with these 10 cool things

Football’s finally home. After such a long wait, all this stuff will get you pumped for the Euros this summer.

everything you need for euro 2020

After what feels like an eternity, Euro 2020 is finally around the corner. 

It’s almost time to whack on the face paint and warm up your vocal chords, because the giddiness levels have definitely been turned up to 11. When you see little England flags stuck on car mirrors, you know we’re approaching crunch time. 

Since we’ve been left waiting so long, we reckon you need to make the most of the Euros this summer. Hey, we even made an entire video about it, so now we’ve picked out 10 things that will help you prepare for a summer of wall charts, waistcoats and chucking beer all over the place. 

1. Score Draw England 1990 Mash-Up Shirt 

Price: £50

Yeah, that’s right, there’s no need to adjust your screen. This is all three of England’s Italia ‘90 shirts rolled into one. Wow. 

If all that colour is a bit rich for your blood, then Score Draw have also made an awesome blackout shirt. Naturally, these sold out insanely fast, so make sure to sign up for a stock alert so you don’t miss out next time.  

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2. Converse National Team By You Chuck 70s

Price: From £100

Yep, Euro 2020 Converse are a thing now. You can get hold of special Chuck 70s based on the national colours of England, France and Holland. Three Lions on a foot? Yeah, I’m all for that. 

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3. Home Nations Football Shirts

Price: From £7.50 (yes, seriously)

I mean, you probably had these on your radar already. I get zero points for imagination here. 

Hey, I’m keeping this in here anyway, because we’ve gone to the trouble of rooting out all the best deals on England, Wales and Scotland shirts. Yes, that includes their Euro 2020 shirts and a bunch of retro classics. Beautiful. 

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4. Euro 2020 Panini Sticker Book

Price: £3.99

I don’t care what you say, these definitely aren’t just for kids. It just isn’t a proper tournament if you don't become obsessed with a sticker book at some point.

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5. Kids Euro 2020 Football Shirts

Price: From £12.99

Glorious sunshine. Drama on the pitch. The whole country coming together and singing funny chants about Gareth Southgate. Yep, the little ones will fall in love with football this summer. 

Kids football kits definitely don’t come cheap these days, so we’ve made it easier for parents to sniff out some real bargains. It’s a nightmare when they keep growing out of everything. Sigh.

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6. adidas Uniforia Training Football

Price: From £14.99

Well, how else are you gonna recreate all your favourite goals? The good news is this football was released well over a year ago now, so you can pick it up pretty cheap. Lovely. 

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7. Nike Football Boots - Impulse Pack

Price: From £53.99 (Men’s), From £41.99 (Kids)

The race for the Golden Boot feels really open this summer. One thing you can guarantee, though, is that Nike’s new ‘Impulse Pack’ will be absolutely banging in the goals.

The Mercurial, Tiempo and Phantom GT have all been given the green treatment, with some of the Euros biggest stars set to show them off all summer. Who, you ask? Oh, just Eden Hazard, Harry Kane and Cristiano Ronaldo. Nobody major. 

And the best part - you can get hold of these for all kinds of playing surfaces. The Euro gods are smiling down upon us today. 

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8. Sweden - Euro 2020 Away Shirt 

Price: From £60.00 (Men’s)

Sweden arguably have the best shirt of Euro 2020. Well it’s either this or Slovakia’s wonderful home shirt

I’ve got absolutely no idea how they'll do on the pitch, but they could lose every game and still look stylish doing it. If you fancy a shirt that doesn't belong to the home nations, then this stunning design should be right at the top of your list. 

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9. Euro 2020 Skills Football

Price: From £10.34

Speaking as someone who can do at least 3 keepy-uppies in a row, this football is ideal for any tricksters out there. You can compare prices on Portugal and Holland versions, too, while an England ball is available at Pro:Direct Soccer. 

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10. Score Draw England 1990 Third Shirt

Price: From £30 (Men’s)

Let’s finish where we started, with a beautiful blast from the 90s. This shirt is essential for beer gardens nowadays, and you’d probably much rather wear the Score Draw version once all that drink goes flying. England scoring always results in a Carling tidal wave, after all. 

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There’s loads of stuff to get your hands on this summer, so things can quickly get pretty darn expensive. Check out our Euros page today - we’ve searched high and low to bring you all the lowest prices you can get online!

But first, make sure to check out our new video to really get hyped for the Euros. Yes, it involves lots of England flags, a sticker book and one hell of a fashion show. 

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