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10 Nike trainer deals you'll love this Valentine's Day

Deals are in the air. Nike are offering some crazy discounts this weekend, so we’ve picked out the unmissable bargains to really get your pulse racing.

best nike trainer deals

Love is in the air. In fact, I’m pretty sure I can hear the opening to “Careless Whisper” already. 

Alluring saxophones aside, this time of year always serves up deals that really get the pulse racing. Yep, you can forget about your naff chocolates and giant teddy bears, because your perfect match can be found over at Nike this year. 

From 11th-16th February, they’re offering 20% off full-priced items to Nike members, so Cupid’s bow might strike you more than once over the weekend. Seriously, there are so many heart-fluttering discounts, you’ll probably have no idea what to choo-choo-choose at all. 

Don’t panic, though, we’ve picked out all the best stuff to swipe right on this Valentine’s Day, and I have zero regrets in using that reference. WARNING: may contain even more cheesy puns along the way. 

Oh! Before I forget. The discount hasn't been applied to the prices you'll see below. You just need to sign into your Nike account, and the 20% will be taken off at the checkout. No code. No fuss. 

1. Nike React Miler - (Women’s)

nike react miler in white and bright crimson
Image from Nike.

Let’s kick things off with a juicy Valentine’s Day theme. Coming as part of their new Valentine’s running pack, the Nike React Miler has been given a lovely rose-tinged makeover. Nike call it Sunset Pulse and Bright Crimson, the rest of us call it red and pink. 

This isn’t just some kinda Valentine’s gimmick, though. The Miler remains one of the best long-distance running shoes around, so it’s great to see a brand-new colourway with such a tasty discount. 

2. Nike Air Max 2090 EOI - (Men’s)

nike air max 2090 eoi trainers
Image from Nike.

Huh, so love at first sight does exist. Here you’ve got one of the world’s hottest trainers, but available at a price which makes me go a little weak at the knees. Not bad for a sneaker that was only released last week. 

The Air Max 2090 “EOI” (Evolution of Icons, apparently) is essentially the Air Max 90, 180 and BW all rolled into one delicious package. It steals elements from all three to create the kind of colourway I could easily fall in love with. Ah, I’m smitten already. 

3. Nike Air Max 90 - White/Champagne - (Women’s)

nike air max 90 trainers in white and champagne colours
Image from Nike.

Nothing gets my pulse racing quite like a good dose of nostalgia. It’s fair to say the Air Max 90 looks very pretty in pastels indeed, and this brand-new colourway uses different pinks to highlight the leather overlays and other elements. 

It’s very smart indeed. After so many bold and brash designs, this classier, more restrained colourway feels like a breath of fresh air. A great deal. 

4. Nike Metcon 6 - (Men’s)

nike metcon 6 trainers in deep royal blue
Image from Nike.

Yeah, there’s no point lying about it. If you’re looking for the furthest thing from a weight-lifter, then I might just be it. Fortunately, the Nike Metcon is quite famously one of the best training shoes on the planet, so I feel comfortable in recommending this discount. 

The latest generation (the Metcon 6) is the most durable and breathable version yet. After all, nothing puts you off a lift quite like a whiff of smelly feet, so it’s good to know the Metcon 6 will keep you as comfortable as possible.

If you’re into lifting or high-intensity workouts, this is genuinely excellent value for money. 

5. Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% FlyEase - (Women’s)

nike tempo flyease trainers in bright mango
Image from Nike.

Alright, so it’s not quite as jaw-dropping as the hands-free Go FlyEase, but this is still an innovative shoe which is delightfully easy to slip on. Thanks to the collapsible heel, you can literally just step right into the Nike Tempo FlyEase, while the internal laces are tightened with just a simple pull. 

So, they’re not completely hands-free, but it still feels like we’re looking at a shoe from the future here. A moment of silence for the shoehorn, please. There’s no coming back from this. 

6. Nike Air Jordan XXXV - (Men’s)

nike air jordan 35 trainers in black
Image from Nike.

I am in no way cool enough to wear these, but fingers crossed you can pull them off. The Air Jordan XXXV is sensationally bold, taking the Eclipse plate one step further and somehow offering even more cushioning than before. Just look at it. It’s insane, in a very good way. 

You only need to look at our Air Jordan history to see how far this series has come. Yeah, it’s hard to ignore the retro pull of the Jordan 1 OG’s, but this is an unmissable deal for any serious basketball players out there. Or, you know, anyone else who became obsessed with The Last Dance recently. 

7. Nike Air Max 2090 - Summit White (Women’s)

nike air max 2090 trainers in summit white
Image from Nike.

There are quite possibly 2090 reasons why you should bag a pair of these. For the sake of your time and my own sanity, let’s keep things to a minimum instead. 

The Air Max 2090 has such a futuristic silhouette, it genuinely has me questioning why hoverboards or hologram ads aren’t actually a thing yet. Released in mid-January, you can now get your hands on this rather lovely new colourway for a fraction of the usual price. Not too shabby at all. 

8. Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 - (Men’s)

nike react infinity flyknit 2 trainers in bright crimson
Image from Nike.

Here’s another for all you runners out there. I’m guessing there are quite a few these days, since there’s absolutely nothing else to do right now. Sigh. 

The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 might be one hell of a mouthful, but it’s also packed with all kinds of juicy running tech. We’re talking breathable Flyknit materials, supportive Flywire and React cushioning, all available at an eye-popping discount. 

9. Nike Pegasus Trail 2 - (Women’s)

nike pegasus trail 2 trainers
Image from Nike.

You’ll have to declare your love for this one very quickly. The Nike Pegasus Trail 2 is right up there with the best trail running shoes, so it was flying off the shelves well before this meaty Valentine’s discount. 

In fact, several sizes have sold out since I started writing this article, so there’s not really much time to flirt with this deal before buying. Although you’d be forgiven if that comfy React midsole did make you go a little googly-eyed. Don’t even get me started on the insane traction. Phwoar.

10. Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 - (Men’s)

niike pegasus trail 2 trainers in blackened blue
Image from Nike.

That’s right, we’re finishing on yet another fitness shoe. And, once again, it looks like it’s been sent here via a DeLorean or, um, a hot tub time machine. 

The Air Zoom SuperRep 2 is a great shoe for anyone into their HIIT workouts, and I just can’t look at those heels without thinking there should be goldfish in there or something. Instead of wearing them under the disco lights, these are designed to support you on every lunge, sprint and lift - although I suppose those things could apply to a particularly energetic boogie. 

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