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Best trainers for kids and toddlers in 2021

Children have a habit of growing out of stuff. So, we’re running through the best kids trainers you can get for your money.

best kids trainers

Buying your little one’s first pair of shoes or attempting to sift through the minefield of the latest sneakers for your kids? If that’s you, then we’re hoping this blog will ease your pain and find you the best pair of cheap kids trainers

Finding a quality pair of trainers for your youngster can sometimes be a daunting task but, with our help, it doesn’t always need to be this way. The best kids trainers will make your little one happy, last a long time and look good in all those photos for your album! 

Unlike the days where our parents threw a pair of jellied shoes on us and off we went, all the big names produce the best kids trainers, with size being the only difference to the adult versions. So, whether you are after the best boys or girls trainers, by the end of this blog you should have found exactly what you are looking for. 

How to Choose the Best Trainers for Kids

There are some important things to look for when searching for the perfect kids trainers. Unlike a pair of shoes for a late teenager, style should not be everything, as more than likely these trainers will have to withstand a lot of activity. Maybe even the odd sandpit or two. 

Comfort is the main thing to get right. It might be that your little one has wide feet, or prefers a trainer with a softer soul. The older they get, you’ll know which styles and brands suit their little paws best and where to start your search. 

Durability is the next on our list. Although the next generation are often criticised for being obsessed with the latest technology, any parent will know that their kids still find it very easy to go through a pair of trainers!

Top 10 Kids Trainers in 2021

So here it is, in no particular order: our top 10 best kids trainers for 2021 showcased below. As we know every parent will be looking for something different, we’ve pointed out which trainers are best for which purpose. I know, I know we are good like that…

1. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic - Toddler/Youth

Ideal for: Great all-rounder

I know we said in no particular order, but, what a shoe to kick us off with. Is there a more iconic trainer? Worn by toddlers, kids, teenagers and retired rockstars, the Converse All Star Classic has to be the most versatile trainer on the market. 

Available in many different colourways and suitable for both girls and boys, these trainers will be a hit with your fashion-constant youngster no matter how old they are. The trainer is very durable and above all extremely comfortable. All you need to ensure is you get the right size! 

2. Nike Air Max 270 - Younger Kids’ Shoe

Ideal for: Premium quality

Nike have described this trainer as getting a bouncy castle for your feet, that’s just made your little one’s birthday party a lot easier! All jokes aside though, if you are looking for quality in your next pair of kids trainers, look no further than the Nike Air Max 270’s.

Probably more ideal for children eight and upwards, these sneakers with super soft foam are both fashionable and super comfy and will be very durable. The only problem you may face is that they won’t want to take them off!

3. Vans Old Skool - Pre-School Shoes

Ideal for: Child’s first shoe

Now let’s all be honest, there is nothing cuter than a toddler in the same shoes that his parents wear! Old Skool Vans are quite similar to Converse in terms of their durability, versatility and, above all, coolness. If you are in the market for your children’s very first shoe, we highly recommend this pair. However, these sneakers have great grip and a comfy sole, suiting a child at any age all the way to adulthood.

4. adidas Gazelle Shoes

Ideal for: Non-activity trainers 

The Gazelle trainer from adidas has become one of the most popular on the market and can be seen worn by toddlers all the way up to retired footballers! No matter what the age of your child you should consider the Gazelle trainer. 

More suitable for the pair of trainers not worn for sport, or the ‘good pair’, they are available in a full range of cool colourways from blue, black, pink and even burgundy. These cool sneakers are stylish and comfortable but probably are not suited for playing football every day in the playground. 

5. Nike Revolution 5 Younger Kids' Shoe - Black

Ideal for: Cheap Nike trainers

The Revolution 5 is one of the best cheap Nike trainers available. They’re true all-rounders that will look just as stylish on the playground as they would out for a birthday meal. A handy strap makes it easy to get the shoe on and off, and a leather support and cushioned sole means your little one can run around all day. The only word of warning is these shoes are so popular that it may well be the case that all their friends have a pair! 

6. New Balance Hook and Loop 574 Evergreen Remix Shoes

Ideal for: Younger Kids

Is your family still at the stage where getting out the house takes an hour longer than it should? Laces can be a tricky thing to master for the little ones in our lives, so the New Balance Hook and Loop 574 trainers might be one to consider. Obviously aimed at younger kids, these durable and comfortable trainers will last until your junior is ready to ‘swoop, loop and pull’. Purchase these and you might only end up half an hour late for your next gathering! 

7. adidas Tensor Shoes

Ideal for: Running

If you are in the market for a pair of cheap running shoes, you may want to consider the adidas Tensor. Like most kids trainers, they’re unisex and perfect for your child who wants to run and run and run! 

Available in velcro for the young ones amongst us, these super-cool shoes are one of the most popular cheap running products on the market and will often be seen on the tracks around local parks. The lightweight and cushioned sole coupled with the multi-surface grip make them a pair you won’t regret adding to your basket. 

8. adidas Nemeziz Messi - 19.4 Turf Boots

Ideal for: Football

When it comes to cheap football trainers for kids, the adidas Nemeziz have to be on the shortlist. Firstly, very few kids will turn down the chance to wear the same footwear as their hero Lionel Messi! But aside from that, the Nemeziz 19.4 astroturf trainers are a great footballing trainer for kids. The soft synthetic upper fits to your child’s foot shape and allows for great mobility when they are dribbling in the playground and scoring goals on the weekend! 

9. Skechers Dyna Junior Girls Trainers

Ideal for: Girls

Skechers is one of the most popular brands in kids trainers, especially with girls. All their trainers are recognisable and they are not afraid to go bold with their colourways. We picked out the Dyna collection as they are one of the few trainers across any brand which are adaptable across a range of different ages - from young children, right up to fitness-freak adults! The Dyna’s are well-cushioned and comfortable, are known to have a great fit and are very versatile.

10. Puma RS-X Joy Junior

Ideal for: Style-conscious kids

Puma have announced they’ll make your child the ‘freshest kid in school’ with the RS-X Joy junior trainers. We all know that when your child gets above the age of 10 (sometimes younger!), being ahead of the curve on the school playground is absolutely vital! Aside from the obvious style of these sneakers, the RS-X Joy’s are comfortable, durable and a great all-rounder to be worn in many different settings. 

Where to Buy Cheap Kids Trainers

I hope that list has helped you find what you are looking for. Of course, we could have picked out another 100 products, as there are so many fantastic trainers for kids on the market today. If you are looking for the very best cheap kids trainers, use FOOTY.COM to compare the very best products and guarantee the best possible price on the market. 

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