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Best Gym Trainers 2020 | Guide

New year, new gym trainers? The right footwear can make all the difference to your workout, and these 10 options are perfect for you in 2020.

Best Gym Trainers 2020

If you’re starting off 2020 with a bang, hitting the gym and getting fit, then investing in some quality footwear should be top of your list. Gym trainers aren’t just a fashion statement, a decent pair of trainers are the difference between a bad session and you maximising your gym time. It’s important to note too that a pair of cheap trainers doesn’t necessarily mean a pair of bad trainers.

Here at FOOTY.COM, we’ve combined user feedback, professional reviews and our own knowledge to put together the ultimate top ten gym trainers for men and women available in the UK.

1 - Reebok Nano 9

Image from Reebok.

The latest trainer from Reebok’s impressive Nano range, the much-awaited Nano 9 have been a big hit. A real all-rounder which will suit any gym workout, it’s particularly popular amongst CrossFit enthusiasts due to its versatility.

Looking into the technical aspects of the shoe, the Polyurethane NanoShell protects the midsole from abrasion and helps provide support during those all-important heavy lifts. The shoe will suit all buyers with a great range of colourways available. This is a fantastic improvement on the popular Nano 8 trainer.

2 - Nike Flex TR 9

Image from Nike.

One of Nike’s biggest recent releases, the Flex TR 9 is an especially popular gym trainer with women. The shoe is very light and boasts a breathable mesh and synthetic upper alongside a supportive platform designed for flexibility and traction. A versatile gym trainer best suited to HIT workouts, these trainers are seen in gyms up and down the country.

Though style over substance is not primarily what you’re looking for in gym trainers, it must be said that this shoe does not lack style and could easily be worn outside the four walls of your training schedule.

3 - Nike Metcon 5

Image from Nike.

As the name would suggest, this shoe is the fifth in the Nike Metcon range. Unlike the first two trainers on our list, the Metcon range focuses on high-impact training and weightlifting. Like all Nike shoes, style is by no means sacrificed in the name of practicality, with the striking pattern providing something a little bit different. Back to the important stuff though, the Metcon 5 contains an innovative Hyperlift insert which is compatible for all shoes across the Metcon range. Also, we shouldn’t forget the new extra-grippy traction tread on the outsole.

4 - Under Armour HOVR Rise

Image from Under Armour.

Available for both women and men the Under Armour HOVR Rise shoe is packed with technology making it a fantastic workout trainer. Containing their most advanced cushioning yet, the HOVR Rise promises explosive movement, ideal for fast-paced gym workouts. Another highlight is the Compression mesh Energy Web which allows the user to get back the energy they put in. Let’s face it, any shoe brand that is good enough for boxing’s Heavyweight Champion of the World, Anthony Joshua, should be more than adequate for any amateur fitness fanatic.

5 - adidas Sooraj

Image from adidas.

Competing with the Nike TR 9, the Sooraj shoe from adidas is exclusively for women. A great all-rounder, well suited for any gym workout, these would feel right at home on the feet of those cardio junkies who spend their whole workout on the treadmill. The low-profile design and Cloudfoam cushioning allow for a soft landing when training hard. When it comes to style the Sooraj doesn’t get left behind with colourways either, with options ranging from cloud white to mauve, giving a sleek finish in-keeping with all adidas sneakers.

6 - Puma LQDCELL Tension Rave

Image from Puma.

Puma have made the grade in our picks for 2020 with their LQDCELL Tension Rave training shoes. Released in late summer last year, these sneakers have been a top seller. The LQDCELL technology features prominently with 360 degree stability allowing for full support during even the most punishing workouts. The tech doesn’t stop there with the hexagonal system delivering supreme cushioning, while the lateral wrap-ups bolster multi-directional movements.

7 - Nike Romaleos 3 XD

Image from Nike.

The Nike Romaleos 3 XD is a shoe designed specifically for weight and powerlifting. The shoes offer everything you need for this tough discipline: a supportive fit, stable foundation and flexibility for consistent performance.

There’s far too much tech to cover with this shoe, but highlights include the durable rubber outsole and a dynamic strap that wraps the midfoot for maximum support. Although designed for power, Nike’s flywire technology gives the Romaleos 3 XD a real lightweight feel.

8 - adidas UltraBoost 20 Shoes

Image from adidas.

The adidas UltraBoost range are hands down one of the most popular training shoes on the market. Used for gym workouts, runners and casual wear, it’s rare to hit the gym without seeing a pair. Unsurprisingly the UltraBoost 20 shoe is sure to be just as popular as its predecessors. Uniquely, adidas has partnered with the International Space Station to create this shoe, which is full of techy features to get the most from your workouts. Another great all-rounder, this shoe could be the star of 2020 gym trainers.

9 - Under Armour Men’s UA Project Rock 2

Image from Under Armour.

When it comes to fitness, there’s not many more inspirational figures than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. And it’s that man that is the face behind the Project Rock range by Under Armour. The second in the series, the shoe provides a ‘Zero Gravity’ feel which allows energy to be increased with every step of the workout. The soft knit upper dries fast meaning the shoes can withstand the most vigorous of sweaty workouts. These sneakers are popular the world over and are more than a safe bet when it comes to considering your 2020 purchase.

10 - New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10

Image from New Balance.

New Balance’s Fresh Foam range is giving the likes of Nike and adidas a real ‘run’ for its money when it comes to the gym trainer market. With a variety of versions available for both men and women, there’s a great selection to suit any individual’s workout. As we don’t want to confuse you the Fresh Foam 1080v10 is our pick of the bunch. More for the cardiac-lover, it features a supportive Hypoknit upper with underfoot comfort, delivering a fierce combination of softness and energetic rebound. Its innovative data-to-design technology drives the underfoot performance needed to push you closer to your fitness goals.

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In what is a market packed with choices, we hope our list has taken you a step closer to deciding which gym trainer you will purchase for 2020.

If that’s the case then what are you waiting for? From cheap gym trainers to limited edition releases, add a new pair of gym trainers to your basket for the best price with the help of FOOTY.COM and you’ll be striding into the gym with confidence over the next 12 months.

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