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Best gym trainers for men & women 2022

Finally replacing your worn out gym shoes? Good footwear can make the difference to your workout. Here are the best men’s and women’s gym trainers for 2022.

Best gym trainers for men and women 2022 title with nike metcon 7 and adidas ultraboost 22 trainers

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a January gym-goer, or you’re one of those keen beans who works out relentlessly (we truly envy your commitment levels), gym trainers will always be the most important aspect of your exercise outfit. You absolutely must choose the right ones.

A good pair of gym trainers will help serve a number of purposes including comfort, stability, support and of course, helping you to look fly as hell whilst you’re pumping iron.

Today’s the day to toss out those stinking, hole-ridden abominations and slide yourself into some pillowy soft, fresh new gym trainers. We’ve got the best options for both men and women, so let’s get you back to feeling the burn in style.

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Best Gym Trainers for Men | Best Gym Trainers for Women

What are the best types of trainers for the gym?

Each individual type of gym shoe is incredibly important for their particular purpose, much like boots with different soles for various football pitch types. And the so-called ‘best type’ relates to your specific needs within your workout environment.

We’re not daft, we don’t expect anyone to rock up to their local gym sporting a pair of Doc Martens anytime soon, but there are subtle differences in gym footwear which you need to know about before you invest. Let’s take a look at the options and then show you the best available for each one.

All-round / CrossFit / HIIT gym trainers

Images from Nike.

These are specific shoes created for the all-round gym experience. They usually have a flatter sole than running shoes (sometimes with instep rope grips) but still contain a slight curve to them to help with warm-ups and light cardio.

Stability and shock absorption are still the most important factors for this type of trainer. High-intensity interval training class? Covered. Little go on the bike or the rower? Covered. Just don’t go full Forrest Gump and you’ll be fine.

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Specialised running shoes

Images from RunnerInn.

One for the treadmill junkie. Built for the sole purpose of providing comfort and stability when the wearer is jogging and sprinting.

There’s absolutely no harm in having a pair of running shoes as your all-round gym trainers, but only if you’re focused more on cardio than getting hench. Go on, unleash your inner Sir Mo Farah.

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Weightlifting / powerlifting shoes

Images from adidas.

For all those powerlifting folk and members of things such as the #SquatSquad. Weightlifting shoes are built entirely for stability and extra shock absorption.

These shoes often have a flat sole with a wider, raised heel area, helping to distribute immense weight more evenly across the feet. Definitely don’t go near the treadmill in these.

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Best gym trainers for men

Best all-rounder: Nike Metcon 7

Image from Nike.

Nike doesn't mess around when it comes to producing footwear fit for athletes, or the casual gym-goer, for that matter. Whichever way you see yourself, the Nike Metcon 7 is the latest release from their highly-respected training shoe collection.

With more breathability and tech than ever before, they feature React foam midsoles plus incredible traction through a rubber outsole and rubber insteps for rope climbs. Oh, did we mention they also look fantastic in the flexing mirror? They’re the only gym buddies you’ll ever need.

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Best for CrossFit: Reebok Nano X1

Image from TrainInn.

The Reebok Nano X1 is a little bit of a hybrid for those people who don’t mind breaking 5km records, then jumping off to snap some muscle fibres. Renowned as a popular CrossFit shoe, this next-gen Nano is tough enough for whatever routine you throw at it.

The Nano X1 is all supported by a comfortable Floatride Energy Foam midsole, mmm. The Flexweave woven upper gives the shoe a breathable feel, meaning they can live in the gym bag without gassing out your car either.

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Best for HIIT: Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2

Image from Nike.

Marketed as being “a racing powerhouse”, the Nike ZoomX is built for ultimate comfort too. It has Nike’s best energy return per step and a carbon-fibre lightweight plate gives more response than ever before.

The mesh fabric gives all-round breathability and the internal foam insert on the heel along with a wider toe area, gives the perfect build to tackle anything that HIIT class throws at you. Plus, it’s World Athletics approved. So there.

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Best for running: Asics Gel Kayano 28

Image from RunnerInn.

They’re legendary in the exercise game, it’s Asics. Those lot really know how to provide their customers with ultimate support and comfort for their sweat sessions. If you haven’t tried a trainer that has Asics Gel, then you’re truly in for a treat.

This OG classic Gel Kayano gets updated every year. With its FLYTEFOAM technology running throughout the sole, it means you won’t feel anything but a pillowy cushion with each step. Wait, are they making Asics Gel mattresses yet?

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Best for weightlifting: adidas Adipower 2

Image from TrainInn.

One for the iron pumping crew. Couldn’t get further from a treadmill if you tried? This is the one for you. The clue’s in the name, you’re going to want to hump lumps in these. Call us old-fashioned, but we do like the clean, simple design and colourways too.

With a canvas upper and straps, the adidas Adipower 2 is somehow both stable and flexible at the same time. An EVA foam heel manages to take any level of squat strain, whilst the sole gives you enough grip to avoid any embarrassing groin strain mishaps.

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Best gym trainers for women

Best all-rounder: Nike Metcon 7

Image from Nike.

It’s another win for the Nike Metcon 7. As you’d expect, the women’s version is every bit as good as the men’s design. Perfect for the warm-up on the cardio and can effortlessly shift you into your floor and machine routines. And you only have to buy one pair to do it all, winner.

They come in a wide range of colourways with the same levels of breathability, durability and support as the men’s sizes. Nike hasn't held back on improving this Metcon model and we think it’s the ideal time for you to invest.

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Best for CrossFit: Under Armour Tribase Reign 3

Image from Sports Direct.

This brand is a serious player in the gym game and Under Armour’s Tribase Reign 3 is a superb example of their expertise. The full-length Micro G foam midsole provides responsive cushioning for everyday performance. Perfect for those intense CrossFit sessions.

The UA Tribase Reign 3 is packed with useful tech to support every woman’s workout. It maximises ground contact with flexibility and has rubber outsole / instep for easier medial rope grips. Oh, and the engineered mesh will let your feet breathe freely the whole time.

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Best for HIIT: Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2

Image from Nike.

BIG visuals included here. It isn’t just looks though, the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 is a top-tier gym shoe, built for HIIT performance. The clear talking point is the two hefty Zoom Air units, ready to absorb every single bound and leap.

The inside arcs and mesh ribbing work together to provide lateral support for the foot during side-to-side moves. The upper is beautiful and breathable, whilst the outsole offers pure traction through a split sole which promotes natural movement. Trust us, these will HIIT the spot.

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Best for running: adidas Ultraboost 22

Image from RunnerInn.

You’ve likely seen us wax lyrical about how good the earlier versions of this trainer are. Well, it’s good news for #girlswhocan, because the new adidas Ultraboost 22 is available right now. And it’s been created by a design team made up entirely of women. Wonderful.

It’s worth mentioning that this shoe is lightweight and perfect for all-round workouts or classes too. Where does this trainer excel most though? Hammering the treadmills of this world, that’s where. The BOOST midsole is known to be one of the finest around and frankly, the whole package looks amazing.

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Best for weightlifting: adidas Adipower 2

Image from TrainInn.

It’s a second appearance for the adidas Adipower 2 in this article. These shoes are perfectly good for female weightlifters to use, but you’ll need to go down -1 from the men’s sizing. They’re available in a huge range of colours and you’ll get everything you need to break PBs left, right and centre.

The slimmer fit of adidas trainers is a natural aid to female weightlifters wearing the Adipower 2, with the addition of an adjustable strap to complete the lockdown. We’re still waiting for a specialised women’s weightlifting shoe to arrive but for now, this is as good as it can get.

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