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Top 10 best football socks for 2021

Offering incredible comfort and preventing blisters, these are the best football socks you can buy right now.

best football socks

Football socks. Sound like a minor detail? Wrong. Make no mistake about it, your choice of football socks is very important.

Football socks need to provide enough protection, comfort and flexibility for you to truly perform out on the pitch, and buying the wrong pair will cause all kinds of irritation, honking odours and even the dreaded blisters.

Unfortunately, unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, finding the best football socks is more difficult than it’s ever been. There’s all manner of shapes, sizes and top class brands out there to choose from, while the latest designs even boast fancy technology to keep you as comfortable as possible.

That’s why we’re here, to help you slip into your next pair with complete comfort of mind.

What to look for in football socks

It’s fair to assume that buying a pair of football socks is a fairly simple task but, trust us, it really isn’t. Your comfort on the pitch is undeniably linked to good performance, which means you need to put as much thought into your socks as your next pair of football boots or shin pads.


The first and most obvious thing you should look for in football socks is the correct size. After all, we’ve all played on a Sunday morning with one sock up to our thigh and the other not making it past the top of our shinnies. This doesn’t just make you look a little daft, but this kind of thing can actually distract you from the game itself. Look good, play good couldn’t be a truer statement.

Blister Prevention

Just as importantly, you need to think about preventing blisters, since any uncomfortable rubbing will soon have you wincing and hobbling like there’s no tomorrow. The best football socks feature technology (yes, even socks are packed with tech these days), to help you stay blister-free whilst strutting your stuff across the turf.


There are even socks out there that feature sweat-wicking fabrics, preventing any moisture from building up to uncomfortable levels and, somewhat mercifully, reducing any sweaty sock smells. If you’re an all-action, N’Golo Kante-type who just doesn’t stop running, this is definitely a feature to look for in your new football socks. It’s worth noting, the world’s best long-distance running socks feature this tech - meaning it clearly works.

10 best football socks for 2021

What with all the new shapes, sizes and impressive technologies out there, there’s a huge range of football socks to choose from these days. In fact, it’s actually really difficult to decide which ones to go for, especially since this isn’t the most exciting purchase you’ll ever make and your knowledge may be lacking a little.

Thankfully, there’s no need to panic just yet, because we’ve done all the hard work by compiling a list of the best football socks you can buy in 2021, showcased here in no particular order and in a mix of crew and knee-high options...

1. Adidas Alphaskin Traxion Sock

Image from adidas.

Cushioning, comfort and grippy control. The big three are covered by the first of Three Stripes’ entrants on our list. These adidas Alphaskin Traxion socks have got your game covered with full heel-to-toe cushioning, moisture-absorbing material and a knit-in sole pattern that keeps your foot firmly in place. There'll be no moaning coming from you after a training session in these. Well, maybe only about the sitters you’ve missed.

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2. Nike Grip Strike Sock

Image from Nike.

Even though this is one of the pricier products on our list, you definitely get what you pay for with the NikeGrip Strike sock. Packed with technology, ensuring you get everything you need to take your game to the next level. Comfort, sweat-wick fabric and zonal cushioning make this a great training addition. Add engineered yarns that ensure maximum underfoot traction, then you’ll understand why this is such a popular sock amongst footballers.

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3. Joma Classic II Sock

Image from GoalInn.

Joma are a brand that turn out high-quality, accessibly-priced products on the regular. Their football socks fit that same mould. They’re available in a range of standard and more adventurous colours, fluorescent pink anyone? Joma’s knee-high Classic II socks may not have all the top tech included, but they stay up, repel blisters and keep your feet dry enough for gametime. A bargain for 5-a-side lovers.

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4. Adidas Adi 21 Sock

Image from adidas.

The Adi 21 sock from adidas is the latest in a long line that have simply, well, worked. This knee-high, lightweight product is packed with technology including Primegreen recycled polyester, and cushioned key areas around the ankle and the arches of the feet. These socks will help you stay cool and dry thanks to AEROREADY material, whilst delivering comfort throughout your training sessions. Oh, and they look smart as hell in any colour.

5. Puma TeamFinal 21 Sock

Image from Unisport.

Puma knock out some decent kit, including socks. Their TeamFinal 21 knee-high sock boasts padded heel and forefoot grip zones, breathable knitted construction and anatomical fit. In short, it ticks all the boxes we’ve mentioned. The quality of the material means they will easily last you through a few seasons of even the most intense 5-a-side, no doubt about it.

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6. Nike Everyday Max Dri-Fit Training Crew Sock

Image from Nike.

What’s better than a pair of top drawer Dri-FIT socks from Nike? Three pairs, that’s what! Dri-FIT tech is known the football world over, and it’s still around for the fact that it performs incredibly well. These cushioned crew socks are ideal for casual training, keeping you comfortable and cushioned in your boots. Plus, you can pull out a fresh pair each session without even doing the washing.

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7. Hummel Pro Sock

Image from GoalInn.

We love a bit of Danish class from hummel here at FOOTY HQ, those chevrons just seem to make us weak at the knees. Granted, hummel socks aren’t quite as attractive as one of hummel’s iconic shirt creations, but they look pretty good in plenty of colours. Padded cushioning on the ankles and throughout the foot, chevron design and grip texture on the sole make for a quality product. They’re fairly cheap and they’ll perform day in, day out.

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8. Under Armour Dry Run Crew Sock

Image from Under Armour.

We mentioned running socks as an excellent alternative earlier on, Under Armour certainly knows what it’s doing on that front. The Under Armour Dry Run sock is perfect for those warmer training sessions, keeping your feet from getting too moist and dampening the potential for the almost unmentionable... blisters. They even have anti-odour technology, so you can breathe freely now.

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9. Nike Squad Crew Sock

Image from Nike.

Dri-FIT tech is back with a bang, the Nike Squad Crew is another weapon from Nike’s training arsenal. Zonal cushioning relieves boot pressure, while a dynamic arch band provides support and stability. They are slightly thinner than other models, but this is a positive as it improves foot-to-ball feel whilst still wicking any moisture. Black or white? Your choice.

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10. Literally Any Elite Team Sock

Images from Nike and Puma.

It’s a little difficult for us to list every single home, away and third sock from the top teams, so we’ve just gone with a ‘pick any you fancy’ angle instead. These are the most expensive socks within full kit releases, and the pros are guaranteed to be donning this top tech when it comes to matchday. Madrid, Italy, Bayern? With so many styles to choose from, it’s best for you to have a rummage through our football socks page.

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