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Top 10 best football socks for 2021

Offering insane comfort and preventing any blisters, these are the best football socks you can buy right now.

best football socks

Make no mistake, your choice of football socks is very important. 

They need to provide enough protection, comfort and flexibility for you to really perform out on the pitch, while buying the wrong pair will cause all kinds of irritation, itchiness and even the dreaded blisters.

Unfortunately, unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, finding the best football socks is more difficult than it’s ever been. There’s all manner of shapes, sizes and awesome brands out there to choose from, while the latest designs even boast fancy technology to keep you as comfortable as possible. 

That’s why I’m here to help.

What to look for in football socks 

It’s fair to assume that buying a pair of football socks is a fairly simple task but, trust us, it really isn’t. Your comfort on the pitch is absolutely paramount to good performances, which means you need to put as much thought into your socks as your next pair of football boots or shin pads


The first and most obvious thing you should look for in football socks is the correct size. After all, we’ve all played on a Sunday morning with one sock up to our thigh and the other not making it past the top of our shin pads. This doesn’t just make you look a little stupid, but this kind of thing can actually distract you from the game itself. 

Blister Prevention

Just as importantly, you need to think about preventing blisters, since any uncomfortable rubbing will soon have you wincing like there’s no tomorrow. The best football socks feature technology (yes, even socks are packed with tech these days), to help you stay blister-free when strutting your stuff. 


There are even sock out there will feature sweat-wicking fabrics, preventing any moisture from building up to uncomfortable levels and, somewhat mercifully, reducing any sweaty sock smells. If you’re an all-action, N’Golo Kante-type player who just doesn’t stop running, this is definitely a feature to look for in your new football socks.

10 best football socks for 2021

What with all the new shapes, sizes and impressive technologies out there, there’s a huge range of football socks to choose from these days. In fact, it’s actually really difficult to decide which ones to go for, especially since this isn’t the most exciting purchase you’ll ever make and your knowledge may be lacking a little. 

Thankfully, there’s no need to panic just yet, because I’ve done all the hard work by compiling a list of the best football socks you can buy in 2021, showcased here in no particular order:

1. Nike Squad Crew Socks

A fantastic product to start us off, the Nike Squad Crew sock is a popular design you will see worn by teams up and down the country. Wearers of the sock can benefit from Nike’s famous DRI-FIT technology which (as the name suggests) helps keep the feet dry and comfortable. The Squad Crews are made of sweat-wicking fabric, so ideal for players who are keen to keep dry and comfortable on the pitch. 

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2. adidas Adisock

The first sock from giants adidas on our list comes in the way of the Adisock. It’s a truly outstanding product, which was always going to be considered in a top-10 list. The sock has strategically placed ventilation to keep the wearer cool on the pitch, adding to the Climacool technology already in place. Techfit from adidas is also used to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. 

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3. Nike Strike Mercurial Socks

Another fantastic football sock from Nike. The Strike Mercurials once again benefit from Nike’s DRI-FIT technology and come with many other features, making them a top-of-the-range product to consider. The sock is right and left specified making for a better ergonomic fit, plus possess a dynamic arch compression, ensuring ultimate comfort when playing beyond 90 minutes. 

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4. adidas adi 19 Socks

The all-new adi 19 socks from adidas have become an instant hit. This lightweight product is packed with technology with cushioning protecting key areas around the ankle and the arch of the foot. These socks will keep you cool and dry, whilst delivering you with comfort throughout your training sessions. 

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5. NikeGrip Strike Light Crew Socks

Although one of the more upmarket products on our list, you definitely get what you pay for with the NikeGrip Strike Light socks. Packed with technology, ensuring you get everything you need to take your game to the next level. Comfort, sweat-wick fabric and zonal cushioning make this a brilliant sock. Add to this the engineered yarns, ensuring maximum underfoot traction, and you can see why this is such a popular sock amongst footballers. 

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6. Joma Classic Socks

Moving away from the giants that are adidas and Nike, next up is a very well respected brand in Joma. In the football sock world, you can almost guarantee if you watch any county or semi-professional match this weekend, one team will be wearing Joma gear. The Joma Classics provide a good fit, suiting all types of shin pads and work well when worn above the knee. 

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7. Nike Stadium Over the Calf Socks

Like the name would suggest, the Stadium Over the Calf socks from Nike suit players who like to wear their socks high. Jack Grealish would look in disgust at these socks but you might think they are the ones for you. Comfort is the name of the game with compression in key places, allowing for impact protection when out on the pitch. 

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8. adidas Tango Socks

The adidas Tango socks are ideal for footballers who suffer with dreaded blisters. There’s nothing worse than trying to track back with a nasty blister on your heel. The Tangos have padded texture zones in place, ensuring blisters become a distant memory. Add to this adidas Climacool technology and you have a truly great product. 

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9. Puma LIGA Socks

Giant of the sports manufacturing world, Puma have also made our sock list with their LIGA product. Look past the strange La Liga marketing campaign, these socks are right up there and would suit many players. Made up of knitted fabric for good breathability, and an ankle brace for extra durability, this product could easily be worn by players who don’t spend all day watching La Liga football! 

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10. Nike Strike Tiempo Socks

Last but very much not least in the Nike Strike Tiempo football socks. If you suffer from blisters, or simply cannot stand uncomfortable socks, this is a product you should consider. Designed for stability and comfort, the Strike Tiempo socks have an increased cotton count for extra traction and spandex in the heel to ensure the foot is locked in place. 

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How to wear football socks 

As you would have seen, there are different ways to wear football socks whilst out there on the pitch. Some players like to go for the Cristiano Ronaldo look, where the socks are pulled way up over the knee, whereas others like to wear them sow low they might as well not be there - we’re looking t you, Jack Grealish. 

The most important thing for any player is to be comfortable on the pitch, but also ensure that shin pads are locked in place without any movement. This will then enable you to be as sharp as you can be when getting on the end of a cross, or beating an attacker to a loose ball.

Where to buy cheap football socks 

This might be an important purchase, but nobody really wants to spend a fortune on a pair of football socks. 

If you like the look of our top ten, or have a certain pair of socks you have your eye on, check out the latest deals on FOOTY.COM to save as much cash as possible. We can guarantee you’ll get the best price on the market, giving you the best chance of bagging some cheap football socks and getting kitted out for the rest of the season! 

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