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Best Football Rebounders 2020 | Complete Guide

Great for passing, shooting and keeper drills, these awesome football rebounders will improve your skills this summer.

selection of the best football rebounders 2020

With the beautiful game currently experiencing a hiatus and a long summer ahead for everyone, it is a time to hone your skills ready for when football makes its much-anticipated return. 

Regardless of your position on the pitch, from goalkeeper all the way to goalscorer, we believe the versatile football rebounder is a great bit of training equipment for you to get your hands on. 

In this blog, we’ll explain what a football rebounder is, how you can use it to maximise your practice sessions to improve your technique, plus show you the very best football rebounders on the market. 

What is a Football Rebounder?

For us folk of an older generation, playing football out in the garden on your own could sometimes prove tricky. There was nobody there to play a 1-2 with and there was only so much the fence could take! 

With the football rebounder though, that is not the case. They come in all sizes, but the best way to describe it is a squared apparatus with a springy target which allows the player to kick the ball into the material and have it ‘rebound’ back at them. 

It sounds so simple but, trust us, the football rebounder is up there with the best cheap football equipment out there. This bit of kit will keep you entertained for hours, with so many drills and fun games to create with it. 

As we mentioned, they come in many different sizes but can also be purchased as part of a 2-in-1 with a football goal

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How to Use a Football Rebounder

As mentioned above, the football rebounder truly is one of the most versatile bits of training equipment out there. It’s a must for any modern-day player who is looking to improve their game. You can improve your touch, timing, reactions, tempo and more with this bit of kit. 

The way you use a football rebounder is to put it in a position which will allow you to stand in front of it (distance depends on the space available to you) and feed the ball into the target area, awaiting the ball’s speedy return. The faster you feed the ball in, the quicker it will come back at you, allowing you to improve many areas of your game. 

Unlike the garden wall, the football rebounder’s springy material gives the ball an extra pop which is much more relatable to an in-game situation. There’s also the added plus that, unlike a garden wall, it won’t scuff and damage your football. Standing in front of the rebounder will improve your game immensely, but there’s also the opportunity to place it at an angle, meaning goalkeepers can use it to train, and outfield players can work on finding and receiving a pass from different distances and trajectories.  

Add a 2-in-1 football goal into the mix and you have a brilliant bit of kit in your hand. You can work on a 1-2 and a volley, or a driven shot into the corner of the net, without the need for any other person feeding the ball in. With a football rebounder, you will have the control and passing of Kevin De Bruyne and the finishing prowess of Cristiano Ronaldo by the end of the summer.

Top 5 Best Football Rebounders 2020

1. Kickster Academy Football 2-in-1 Goal & Rebounder

As we touched on earlier, some football rebounders come as part of a 2-in-1 with a football goal. As you may have guessed by its name, Kickster’s Academy Football 2-in-1 Goal & Rebounder is one of those. A product which will keep your little superstar – and even yourself – entertained all day long, it can change from a goal or a SPOT 8 rebounder by simply switching the net. With a set-up time of around 90 seconds, the football rebounder net will help with passing accuracy, control and comes with the added bonus of being designed to work alongside eCOACH app’s 30 drills, allowing you to test your skills. The durable goal is sized at 8 x 5ft and all the parts can be easily transported around in its stylish carry bag. 

2. Football Flick Urban Skills Training Rebounder and Net

Designed by Flick, this dual sided Urban Skills Training rebounder caters for all skill levels as it comes with both medium and fast return speeds. With a football rebounder net adjusting to six different positions, you can vary what angle the ball will come back, helping to take your touch, reaction and awareness to the next level. Use your feet, chest, head, thigh or any other part of your body to try and hit the Flick Urban’s 85 x 85 cm surface area. Made from a sturdy mix of metal, elasticated nylon and plastic, it folds flat for easy storage and portability, meaning it’s perfect to use on your own in the garden or down the park with your friends.

3. Airwave Strike Kid's Football Goal with Rebounder

Another 2-in-1 product on the market is Airwave Strike Kid's Football Goal with Rebounder. With a frame made from rust-resistant powder-coated steel, it can withstand the harshest of winters, perfect for replicating your favourite Premier League player during those hectic festive periods. The goal is similar to a lot of others available but it’s the rebounder which really makes the Airwave Strike. With four holes cut in either corner, the net is designed to perfect your shooting skills.

On top of that, you don’t need a goalkeeper which is perfect if you’re playing on your own or if no one wants to go in between the sticks. Equipped with easy to assemble ground pegs, bungee cords and two ropes, even the lesser skilled DIY parent amongst you could work out how to get this bit of kit ready for action.

4. QuickPlay Pro Rebounder

The most expensive product in a list of five and for good reason. Available in a range of different sizes - 3x3', 5x5' and 7x7 - the Quickplay Pro rebounder is one of the best on the market. More than adequate to cope with professional football teams, due to the high tension rebound net, the QuickPlay is designed for the serious footballers amongst you. Equipped with an innovative dual angle panel it allows you to adjust the angle of the rebounder to change the trajectory of the ball return. 

This caters for situations a lot more in-line with in-game scenarios, making you match-ready for the weekend. Another neat feature is the rubber pads located on the bottom of the metal frame which allows the QuickPlay to be used on a range of different surfaces, indoor or outdoor.

5. RapidFire Football Rebound Board

The only rebounder on our list not to contain the mesh netting, the RapidFire Rebound Board may be different in design, but it certainly doesn’t lack in quality. Available as a single or in a pair, the board is designed with tough impact resistance polypropylene composite material, which gives a realistic rebound to an in-game situation. Just like the QuickPro, you can adjust the angle of attack and the ball trajectory to add variety to your training methods. Due to the design, the RapidFire is easy to store away with angled legs that fold away, meaning it can fit in the car boot. It’s also available to use on any surface, making the product as versatile as the training methods it provides for any budding footballer!

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Where can I buy cheap football rebounders?

Finding your perfect football rebounder could prove harder than trying to control the ball when it pings back off one the first time, as there are a wide range of retailers out there to choose from.  

Luckily, this is where we come into our own because here, at FOOTY.COM, we compare prices from across the web and more. These are updated regularly, so it’s well worth bookmarking any pages for cheap football equipment you’re interested in so you can keep track and make sure you don’t miss out.  

So, what are you waiting for? There’s no better time to look for a football rebounder so you or your child can work on the skills, which could prove the difference come matchday.

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