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7 Best Garden Football Goals for Kids in 2020

Transform your garden into a mini Wembley Stadium and read up on the best portable football goals for kids.

best football garden goals

Everyone loves scoring goals. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re 7-years-old or 70, there’s just nothing more tempting than a football lined up in front of a gaping, empty net. Whether you’re good enough to actually make the shot is a completely different story, but bring out some goal posts and a football on a warm summer’s day and, well, both the kids and the adults will be entertained for hours. 

That’s why portable football goals have always been so popular, especially when it provides the kids with a decent place to practice. However, this isn’t just a simple case of sticking up a net and having done with it, because there’s a huge range of goal types, sizes and models for you to choose from out there. 

Since things can get a little confusing, we’re not just running through the best garden football goals of 2020, but also helping you choose the right one for you. Besides, if there’s not some sort of goal in it, what’s really the point in having a garden anyway?

Why Buy a Football Goal?

As a parent, it’s great to see your inspired little superstar joyfully trying to replicate their favourite footballer’s goal in the garden. But what isn’t so great is to see them repeatedly banging the ball against your precious garden fence, hitting it as hard as they can before veering off in mock celebration. This kind of makeshift goal simply will not do. 

Kids want nothing more than to head out into the garden and practice their skills, and a proper football goal will help them do exactly that. Yes, they’ll occasionally miss the target and rattle your wooden fence, but there’s simply nothing more satisfying than nestling the ball in the back of the net, and shooting accuracy is bound to improve because of this. 

If you want your child (or even yourself) to transform into the next Sergio Aguero, then you need to ensure your garden is equipped with a proper set of goals. 

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What Types of Football Goals Are There? 

There are various types of football goals on the market, with an enormous range of freestanding, fold-to-wall and socketed goals to choose from. This includes goal nets from brands such as Samba, Forza, Mitre and more, with each type of goal presenting its own set of advantages and drawbacks. 

Of course, this means making the right choice can be as difficult as picking England’s starting lineup, so you’d be forgiven if you’re currently doing a bit of head-scratching. Hopefully, the information below will help you make your choice:

Fold-to-wall goals: these goals will be attached via hinges to your garden wall, keeping it in place, but are also capable of folding inwards to help you save space. In many ways, a combination of freestanding and socketed goals. 

Freestanding goals: thanks to a weighted backbar, these goals will stand up without the need for any fixings. This is by the far the most portable type of garden football goal, so by far the best choice if you’re just occasionally bringing it out on hot sunny days. Pop-up goals would fall into this category. 

Socketed goals: these will be fixed firmly to the ground, so you should only go for these if the goals are staying up all the time. At least they won’t blow away in the wind. 

But, don’t worry, because we’ve decided to do the leg-work for you by selecting the seven best football goals for kids. Take a look and decide which will suit your patch. 

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How to Find the Best Football Goal for You

Your choice of football goal depends on your own requirements, and there is no right or wrong answer here. The most important factors to consider are the size, material and type of football goal, since these qualities will determine whether or not it’s actually suitable for your own garden. 

Football goals are available in all shapes and sizes, so measuring the available space before making a purchase is obviously essential, while you should also consider the age of the person using it and the size of football being used. 

In terms of material, football goals are typically made from either aluminium, steel or UPVC.  Steel goals are by far the strongest, whereas aluminium is much lighter and UPVC is far more flexible and portable. 

The Best Garden Football Goals in 2020

You’ve probably noticed that this purchase is a bit more complicated than it first appeared. But, don’t worry, because we’ve done all the hard work and selected 7 of the best garden football goals for kids. Take a look below and decide which of these will best suit your patch: 

1. Kickster Academy Football Goal

Dubbed the ‘ultimate portable goal’, Kickster’s Academy 12 x 6ft structure doesn’t just have to stay in your garden, but can travel with you wherever you go. Even better news, this goal is so easy to construct that it doesn’t have any instructions at all (great for those parents who shudder even hearing the abbreviation DIY). 

All of the poles are connected with elastic – just like a tent, meaning it takes just a matter of minutes to get it ready to start striking those footballs at. The Kickster Academy goal, which is made from steel, fibreglass and nylon, comes with a carry-bag which can also easily be carried by children (more good news for work-shy parents). 

2. Mitre 2 Pop Up Goal Set

This offering from Mitre gives you not one, but a set of two goals to train with. Ideal for the garden, taking to the park or even on holiday, they are extremely durable and lightweight. The goals (which come in blue and black) are 120 x 60cm, making them ideal to perfect your little one’s shooting accuracy. 

Easy to pop-up and pack away in seconds, this set comes with ground stakes to ensure they are secure when the ball hits the back of the net or on those more windy days. A compact carry-bag, which fits both goals, is also included making them extremely easy to transport.

3. Opti Twin Flexi Football Goal

Just like the Mitre 2 Pop Up Goal Set, this Opti Twin Flexi Football Goal also comes in a set of two. If your mini Messi has friends over to play on a regular basis, these are ideal for a small-sided match - if your back lawn is big enough. But, even if they like to play solo, the semi-circle design makes them perfect to work on close control. 

Sized at 157 x 86cm, these lightweight goals are made from plastic and include ground pegs for added stability. This set also comes with a size 3 football, hand pump and needle which not only means that play can begin right away, but that you also don’t have to ask your neighbour for the ball which went over their fence last week. As a parent, you’ll know you can never have enough footballs.

4. Football Flick Kid’s Urban Target Training Goal

Football Flick Kids’ Urban Training Goal offers something completely different to the others on this list - it’s reversible. This means your kid has the option of kicking at 5 accuracy targets on one side or an open goal on the other. 

The targets, placed in the centre, top and bottom corners, are perfect for working on both shooting and passing skills. A pop-up goal measuring 4’6 x 3’6ft, it’s incredibly lightweight and can be set-up or put away instantly. Accompanied by a carry-bag and pegs, the goal, which is made from fibre glass and fabric, can be moved around to multiple locations with relative ease.

5. EXIT Coppa Football Goal

On the pricier end of the scale sits the EXIT Coppa Football Goal. Made using black galvanised powder-coated steel, this is a high quality, sturdy product which won’t be ruffled by 100s of footballs flying into it on a daily basis. 

This sleek and stylish structure is another to come with an additional feature, this time in the shape of a target screen. This training aid has five holes to help improve your child’s shooting accuracy which is great for when you’re too tired to go in goal. 

Measuring at 170 x 220cm, this decent sized goal has a user-friendly anchoring system keeping it secure on the surface it’s placed. The only downside compared with other products is that it’s not as easy to move around so it would be best kept as a permanent garden fixture.

6. Kickster Academy Football 2-in-1 Goal & Rebounder

Another product by Kickster is their Academy Football 2-in-1 Goal & Rebounder. Just like a few of the other products mentioned on the list, this is not just solely a goal. As well as having the option to hit the back of the net time after time, your little star has access to the SPOT 8 rebounder by simply changing the net. 

The rebounder is exactly what you think it is, a net in which the player can kick the ball against but which rebounds back, helping with passing and control. If you think hitting the ball against a net could get boring, well, it’s been designed to be used alongside the eCOACH app’s 30 drills so it should take a while before the novelty wears off. As for the goal, it is sized at 8 x 5ft, is extremely durable and can be easily transported around in its stylish carry bag. 

7. Match Fold Football Goal

The Match Fold Football Goal is another product on the market which can be set-up very quickly. In fact, it states you can get the structure built in 3 minutes thanks to its pre-attached poles. There’s no muddling around with instructions (it doesn’t come with any, it’s so easy) and it also folds flat if you need to store it away in the team clubhouse, garage or shed. 

Made from uPVC, steel and polyester, the match standard 6 x 4ft goal has a quick attach net save system which aids durability. The Match Fold is another product which can be moved around to different venues easily in the carry-bag which comes with it. 

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Where can I buy cheap football goals?

With a wide range of retailers out there, finding the perfect football goal for you could prove as tricky as England have found winning a major tournament since 1966. 

This is where we can help, because here, at FOOTY.COM, we compare prices from across the web and more. Prices are updated regularly, so it’s well worth bookmarking any pages for cheap football goals you’re interested in so you can keep track and make sure you don’t miss the target.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s no better time to look for a football goal so you can proudly watch your child celebrate in the garden like they’ve scored the winning goal in a World Cup final. Hopefully, they will for England one day. We can all dream. 

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