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The 10 best Converse collaborations of recent years

There have been some truly fantastic Converse collabs down the years, so we’re running through the very best to spend your money on.

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Now well over a hundred years old, Converse’s cultural imprint and overall mark on society is undoubted, and after a huge revival in the past decade thanks to the recent retro craze, they are as popular as ever. 

Made of solid and reliable materials, with a simple but iconic design, their cheap pricing point helps certify Converse trainers as a mainstay of any wardrobe. Just like any other brand though, they are always seeking to expand their outreach and deepen their design catalogue, and their immense reputation means the queue of brands lining up to collaborate with them is endless - from the likes of Gap and Carhartt, to more esteemed brands like Maison Margiela and A Cold Wall. 

 Here we’re listing 10 of the best Converse collabs from recent years, and where you can find them…

1. Comme Des Garçons x Converse

What better way to start than with arguably the most well-known Converse collaboration of all time? The fact that they can collaborate with such a high fashion brand shows the pedigree and reputation that Converse has in the fashion world. 

These are similar to the classic All-Stars, but feature a higher midsole, with the rubber rising slightly further up the shoe. The range of shoes currently available - both hi-top and low-top - all feature the iconic Comme Des Garçons heart eyes logo in some form, with a brand new design releasing worldwide on the 15th May. 

2. PLEASURES x Converse

Pleasures are a relatively new brand that has made quite a splash in the streetwear world in the past few years, and are known for their overstated designs inspired by the rock and grunge subcultures. 

Thanks to some notable celebrity endorsements, and some honest to good controversy (no press is bad press right?), they have already joined forces with a whole rake of industry titans in their five year lifespan - one of which being Converse. The shoes themselves are a graphic-heavy version of the Pro Leather Mid, inspired by the music scene of 1980s Los Angeles. 

3. JW Anderson x Converse

Another fairly new brand here, but with a vastly different approach and overall aesthetic. JW Anderson make use of neutral tones and graphics in an attempt to blur the lines between masculine and feminine, in search of truly androgyneous clothing. 

Founder Johnathan Anderson is careful who he collaborates with, only teaming up with similar brands or creatives who have a similar direction, such as Uniqlo or the Printed Matter bookstore of NYC - it speaks volumes of Converse then that the two made a great fit. 

The collaboration has yielded a host of shoes, with the standout pieces being the hi-tops adorned in repeated JW Anderson branding, including the pair featuring the American Flag.

4. Neighborhood x Converse

Japanese label Neighborhood is one of the most well-known true streetwear brands, producing most black or white clothing inspired by biker culture, as well as the military - the sturdy nature of their apparel is evidence of these inspirations. 

It feels like they have collaborated with every brand under the sun so it is only right that they partnered with Converse at some point. They have joined forces on more than one occasion, but their most recent capsule still has pieces available for purchase - the apparel from this collection features some great pieces, but the standout item is the Jack Purcell’s trainers.

5. A$AP Nast x Converse

A$AP Rocky might be the most well known, but every member of the renowned A$AP Mob are famous creatives and musicians in their own right. A$AP Nast in particular is an established model and recording artist, and fashion magazine Complex have even lauded him as one of the most fashionable figures in Hip Hop. 

Converse can consider themselves lucky then, to have collaborated with him on a number of occasions - the most recent of which featured mid-top Jack Purcell’s embellished with flames, that come in red or black.

6. OFF-WHITE / Virgil Abloh x Converse

One of the hottest minds in fashion right now is Virgil Abloh, and his work with Nike on ‘The Ten’ has produced some of the most sought-after trainers of the past few years. 

This project involved Abloh reworking ten classic Nike silhouettes in his signature style, to create some very visually striking trainers - and seeing as Nike now own Converse, it only made sense for the All-Stars to be part of this lineup. Remodelled in two different styles, they are unfortunately now sold out but can still be found on StockX albeit with a hefty price tag.

7. TheSoloist x Converse

Another high-fashion collab here saw Converse join up with relatively unknown label TheSoloist - headed up by Takahiro Miyashita of former Number (N)ine fame. 

Similar to Neighborhood, this is a Japanese label heavily inspired by ‘Americana’ music and culture, and uses luxury materials to create high-end, ready-to-wear wardrobe staples and basics. After collaborating on some low-top Jack Purcells, the brands followed up with two pairs of Hi-Top Disrupt CX’s which are available in both black and white. 

They are similar to the Chuck Taylor All-Stars, but made of a sleek stretch canvas material, a larger sole and a pull tab at the rear. Manufactured with both extreme comfort as well as contemporary style in mind, these are a top-end shoe at an everyday price. 

8. GOLF (Tyler, The Creator) x Converse

Surely rivalling Comme Des Garçons for the title of ‘most iconic Converse collaboration of this era' is the Golf Le Fleur range, with none other than the cultural behemoth himself, Tyler, The Creator. 

This pairing just seems to work on every level, with the vision and aesthetic of Golf Wang aligning perfectly with Converse’s existing heritage and design principles. First revealed in 2016, this collaboration is an ongoing one, with new pairs and designs releasing all the time. 

The latest installation is the ‘Gianno’; a shoe designed from the ground-up entirely for the purpose of this partnership. Two new colourways were recently released, and still have sizes available here at FOOTY.COM. 

The cream of the crop, however, has to be the Golf Le Fleur One Stars, featuring a freehand-drawn flower surrounding the star on the side of the shoe and coming in a whole host of pastel-based colourways.

9. Undercover x Converse

Yet another ongoing collaboration that Converse has is with Undercover, a high-end Japanese streetwear brand inspired by - yep, you guessed it - American culture and punk music. 

Much older than most of its counterparts, Undercover is a pioneer of the Japanese streetwear game and has been innovating fashion for almost 30 years. This willingness to create contrasting or unusual pieces shines through here, as the most recent collaboration features this list’s first camo design. 

Reworking the hi-top and low-top versions of the All Stars, these shoes feature a two-tone camo pattern, as well as distressed and scuffed detailing to give the shoes a worn-out feel despite being brand new. They are rounded off with an ‘NW’ patch, to signify their place as part of the ‘New Warriors’ concept that Undercover has recently created, a line of clothing inspired by fictional street gangs of New York.

10. Chinatown Market x Converse

When Converse teamed up with Chinatown Market, a Los Angeles based brand inspired by the craziness of New York City’s Canal Street, the result was always going to be unique, but nobody could have expected this. 

Infused with UV-activated ink, these shoes literally change colour when you step into the sunlight. At first glance they appear a slightly off-white colour, with some glimpses of severely faded tones; shine ultraviolet light onto them, however, and the colours explode.

As you can see Converse have come a hell of a long way since what was essentially their first collaboration back in 1932, when basketball player Charles ‘Chuck’ Taylor’s name was added to the iconic All Star, after he helped in the development and marketing of the shoe in its infancy. As for where the brand will go next, under Nike’s unparalleled creative and business acumen, you get the feeling that the sky's the limit.

In the meantime though, if you’re just looking for some cheap trainers, you can compare prices on literally hundreds of models, colourways and sizes right here at FOOTY.COM.

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