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5 best adidas running shoes 2023

Three stripes is all you need for your next run. We’re here to tell you which adidas running shoes will help you smash that PB.

best adidas running shoes 2023

German powerhouse adidas entered the running game way back in 1950 and unquestionably, they’ve produced top-tier shoes for the entire time since.

When it comes to adidas running shoes, the tech is researched and developed by boffins who truly know their stuff, especially when it comes to athletes’ comfort and performance.

We’re taking a look at adidas trainers which are suitable for men and women, whether you’re regularly battering 20+ miles or like most of us, just trotting down to the shops.

Here’s what we’re talking about…

Best adidas running shoes this year

Best all-rounder: adidas Ultraboost 22
Best for short-distance running: adidas Boston 10
Best for long-distance running: adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2.0
Best for trail running: adidas Terrex Agravic Flow 2.0
Best budget option: adidas SL20.3

Best all-rounder: adidas Ultraboost 22

First created in 2015, the adidas Ultraboost is now a staple part of the German brand’s arsenal. This is an exceptional everyday shoe, ideal for long jaunts, short stomps and even simply chasing the kids around.

The cushioning is top-notch, thanks to the bouncy Boost foam midsole. This is the first Ultraboost designed by an all-female team, which means the women’s version is vastly improved.

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Best for short-distance running: adidas Adizero Boston 10

You’re looking at the adidas Boston 10. It’s the lightweight or ‘lite’ version of the more expensive Adizero Adios Pro 2.0. And it’s a perfect partner for 5k, 10k and generally, money-saving junkies.

Even with its lower price point, this shoe still contains plenty of handy tech. The Lightstrike TPU and EVA-based foam is backed by carbon fibre rods in the midsole, offering comfort and stability. Oh, and Continental rubber lends grip to the outsole.

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Best for long-distance running: adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2.0

Serious height, serious bounce. Created as a competitor to Nike’s Vaporfly range, the adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2.0 should be your go-to for anything at half marathon distance or more (if you dare).

Jam-packed with carbon fibre rods, this shoe supports the foot fully, heel-to-toe. LightstrikePro foam fills the midsole with sturdy ankle support from the heel plate, delivering an extremely comfortable ride.

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Best for trail running: adidas Terrex Agravic Flow 2.0

Off-roading anytime soon? This’ll be the pick for you. The adidas Terrex Agravic Flow 2.0 offers quality performance (at fair pricing) for all types of trail runners. Plus, it’s fine on the roads as you’re transporting yourself out into nature.

The Continental outsole has 4mm depth with multi-directional lugs which gives fantastic traction and durability. There’s a rock plate in the forefoot to battle any nasty lumps on your journey. The Lightstrike foam and midfoot promoderator offer ample stability for the ultimate off-road stomp.

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Best budget option: adidas SL20.3

Released back in 2020, the third edition of the adidas SL20 continues to keep things simple. It’s for runners who enjoy a steady jog, every now and then. The Lightstrike midsole offers enough responsiveness and comfort, even at their surprisingly low price point.

It’s a solid unisex shoe which is lightweight, supportive and won’t break the bank. It’s multi-functional too, so it’ll suit you whether you’re heading down to the shops every day, the gym or the track. Make no mistake, the SL20.3 workhorse will perform as required.

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Not see anything that hits your sweet spot? That’s fine, we’re only here to offer advice. Feel free to take a trot through all our adidas running trainers, or even jump across to our full selection of running shoes for more options!

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