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10 must-have trainers for Christmas

‘Tis the season to be giving, tra-la-la-la-la, bla-blah-blah-blah. We’re here with festive style on must-have trainers. We’re also promoting self-gifting.

10 must-have trainers this christmas title with nike air max converse festive and puma suede trainers

Christmas jumpers, trees, decorations, even pyjamas. When it comes to setting the Christmas vibe, it seems like we’ve all got it covered. What you probably didn’t know is, you’re missing the Xmas trainers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a generous soul who’ll be gifting freely to loved ones, or you’re just a straight up Scrooge who wants all the finer things for themselves; we guarantee these trainers are the ones to buy.

We’re here to show you the treats from inside the finest selection box of must-have trainers this year. But don’t worry though, we’ve tried to show you something from every different level of the festive spectrum. We’re not going full Buddy the Elf just yet.

Nike Air Max 90 Ugly Sweater

Image from Nike.

Ho. Ho. Ho-rrendous jumpers. One thing the Christmas period never fails to deliver is its endless pile of vibrant, and sometimes downright offensive, fairisle-laden woolies. Well this year, Nike have played on that tradition by creating the ‘Ugly Sweater’ pack, and they’re actually pretty smart! From the 4th of December you can head to the Nike site, grab these Air Max 90, and go fully head-to-toe festive barmy.

adidas x Star Wars

Images from adidas.

Everyone knows a Star Wars superfan, which means that person inevitably gets drowned in a mound of mass-produced Star Wars tat every year. It’s time to add a truly unique twist that Lucas himself would be proud of, by gifting adidas x Star Wars trainers. Chewbacca-inspired Rivalry Hi? Han Solo-inspired ZX Boost? Even Princess Leia or Yoda-inspired Ultraboost DNA! Strong is the deal with this one.

Converse Unisex Festive Jumper Chuck Taylor 70 High Top

Image from Converse.

Another lively festive-themed treat, this time from Converse. Definitely one for the superexcited Christmas worshipper, who also happens to be cool enough to pull them off. Classic Chucks are wrapped in a winter wonderland scene, which means they really could be the perfect match-up for one of those once-a-year garish Christmas jumpers.

Nike Blazer Mid '77 Ugly Sweater

Image from Nike.

Nike Ugly Sweater pack contestant number two, come on down! Make a note, these treads will be available on the Nike site from 4th of December. This time the hi-top Blazer ‘77 gets a happy holiday overhaul. It’s a sublimely jolly blend of greens, whites and reds, wouldn’t you agree? If people see you in out in these, you’re spreading joy. If you buy them for someone else, you’re spreading joy. I think we call that a win-win situation.

adidas Ultraboost 20

Image from adidas.

We didn’t want to mention it before Christmas but it’s inevitable. The post-holiday overindulgence slump. We don’t judge, as we all do it. January is usually the time to get back on the exercise wagon, in our opinion, it’s only right that you treat yourself to make it feel easier. That’s where the adidas Ultraboost is the perfect weapon to pound the treadmill, and in silver you can reminisce about Christmas sparkles.

Puma Suede

Image from Puma.

If Father Christmas was to nip down to the shops or meet up with his other friends (not the reindeer), then this is the shoe he’d wear. These red and white ones are perfectly on brand for Santa, but you can get a whole range of colours to suit your own style. As one of the most popular shoes of the last five decades, it’s sure to be a well-received gift (even if you do buy it for yourself).

Nike Air Nigeria Football Federation Collection

Image from Nike.

Nigeria, not the snow globe scene you immediately think of when we mention Christmas. Granted, we’ve skied a little off the snowy piste with these Nigeria-inspired Nike Air Max 95 here. In all honesty we just thought, they’re green, many Nigerians celebrate Christmas aaand above all, they look incredibly cool. If you like these, you can grab an Air Force 1 and a Presto model too.

adidas Stan Smith

Image from adidas.

If someone hasn’t already asked you for a pair of these, you’ve probably looked for a pair for yourself anyway. To add a little festive cheer, we’ve picked out the adidas x Swarovski in sparkly green, proper razzle dazzle, ding-dong merrily on fly. Or something. Of course, you can go classic with the colourways on the evergreen Stan Smith design. We’ll leave the shopping up to you.

Nike Air Force 1

Image from Nike.

Roll on with the classics. Christmas is the perfect time to ask for those new treads, or treat yourself. Who cares? It’s Christmas time. We’ve picked out the Nike x 3M reflective AF1s as our pick. Oooo, shiny. There are about a million (slight exaggeration) other colours to choose from in this timeless style, go and get ‘em now.

Nike Air Max 270

Image from Nike.

Without doubt, the Air Max 270 is one of the most popular silhouettes of 2020. And what’s more? Oh, there’s a little festive looking splash to these particular ones. Not that you have to buy Christmassy ones, of course. Being one of the most sought-after models of the year means that there’s loads of choice when it comes to style and colour. You’re sure to find yourself, ahem, I mean "someone else" the ones they want.

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