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Best gifts for football fans 2022

Right then, let's find that football fan the best gift possible. One they'll definitely want.

best gifts for football fans

It's an easy win. The football-obsessed fan who needs a gift for Christmas. Or their birthday, for that matter.

Knowing that they're fanatical about football narrows down the options a bit, but you may still be struggling to nail it with that perfect gift.

That's precisely why we’ve put together this handy guide on ideal stuff to buy.

From must-have shirts to the latest football boots, this football gift guide should save you one hell of a headache.

Retro football shirts

retro football shirts england blue manchester united red and manchester city yellow
Images from 3Retro and United Direct.

Nothing quite beats someone’s face as they unwrap a new football shirt.

Their eyes fill with wonder and glee, their lips dry with anticipation as they frantically tear the paper.

The only thing that rivals it is your own excited face, as you remember you bought it for under £40.

You’ll need to be pretty quick to the buzzer though, as these retro football shirts get snapped up sharpish.

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Most wanted football boots

adidas predator edge and nike phantom gt2 football boots in white and black
Images from adidas and Nike.

Good news, folks. Some cracking football boots have been released over the past few months.

These designs will sit towards the top of most football players' lists. And for good reason!

The most wanted football boots include the adidas Predator Edge and the Nike Phantom GT2, but you can check out a much larger selection below.

Just make sure you buy them in the right size, for the right playing surface!

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Subbuteo: England Team Edition

subbuteo team edition with england pack
Images from Amazon.

Ah, an absolute classic. Nostalgia and unbridled fun all rolled up into one package.

Grab them this iconic game from Amazon, and watch as the hours pass by with a flurry of flicking and celebrations.

This England edition means that they can lead us to World Cup glory, at least fictionally.

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Most wanted kids’ football shirts

kids brazil england and barcelona football kits
Images from Nike.

We don’t care who you support, it’s been yet another fantastic year for football shirts.

There have been too many incredible designs to count at this point, and there’s absolutely no chance someone’s been able to collect them all.

Assuming they don’t have a magic lamp, that leaves you open to buy them a shirt they’ve been after all year.

You can check for deals on new kids’ kits or if you aren’t sure what to buy, check out our top 50 shirts of the year.

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Baby and toddler football kits

baby and toddler belgium germany and ajax mini football kits
Images from adidas.

If you think there’s anything cuter than a baby in a football kit, then we don’t wanna hear about it.

Alright, so they’ll probably grow out of it very quickly, but just think of the endless photo possibilities here.

These snaps will go down in family history. And will definitely be resurrected for their 18th party. Aw.

Besides, the parents are bound to love it too, so long as you don’t get the wrong club. We speak from experience there. Oops.

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Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo football boots

lionel messi adidas x speedflow boot in white and cristiano ronaldo nike mercurial superfly boot in blue
Images from Nike and adidas.

The legendary rivalry of Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi is coming into its twilight years. Sob.

But that hasn't stopped them both turning on their inimitable styles during their mid-to-late 30s.

These are two G.O.A.Ts of the game, and the boots they wear are rightly worshipped.

Grab a pair of Messi's adidas X Speedportal or CR7's Nike Mercurial Superfly in any size or colour, and keep the kids (or big kids) happy this season.

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Football Billionaire: The Board Game

football billionaire board game
Image from Amazon.

Have they ever screamed about how they would've spent the money that Newcastle have? Well, now they can show you.

It's time to take the reins at a football club, spending dosh to help improve the facilities and on-pitch fortunes.

This fun multiplayer board game will give the family hours of fun (and yes, likely some arguing).

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The latest trainers

adidas ozweego and nike air force 1 trainers in beige and white
Images from adidas and Nike.

OK, so we’re skewing a little bit from the footy stuff here.

But hey, think what they’ll look like rocking up to their next game in the latest sneakers? Very, very cool. That’s what.

We keep our beady eyes peeled for the latest popular releases from all the biggest brands, including Nike, adidas and Puma.

And you’ll save loads (without them knowing) whether you’re buying for men, women or the kids.

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New footballs

adidas nike and mitre footballs
Images from adidas, Nike and Mitre.

They get hammered into netting, they get smashed against the fence, they get scuffed on the concrete.

There's always a wide-eyed accepting look when someone opens this welcome gift. A brand spanking new football.

We compare deals on all the latest footballs from Nike, adidas, Puma, Mitre and more in every size and colour.

That includes the icons used in the World Cup, Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup!

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Nike & adidas gift cards

nike and adidas gift cards
Images from Nike and adidas.

Ahhh, the humble and trusty gift card.

For when you’ve got absolutely no idea what to buy someone.

Everyone loves stuff from the big brands, so this is definitely the safest option on our list.

Hey, at least you’ll know they’ll end up with something they actually want.

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Hopefully this has helped steer you toward the perfect gift for your loved ones.

But if not, feel free to browse our site because we compare deals and find the cheapest offers on kits, boots, trainers, clothing and equipment too!

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