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Best Christmas gifts for football fans 2021

Right then, we’d better sort Christmas gifts for those family football fans before you leave it to the last minute. Again. christmas gift guide

After a bit of a rubbishy Christmas last year, it’s fair to say we’re all in pretty desperate need of some proper festive cheer. Two weeks of binging on mince pies, cheesy films and Michael Bublé albums may be exactly what we all need. We bet that you’re dying to see some ugly jumpers, too.

Hold your red-nosed, antlered horses, though. Before you can enjoy any of that, you still need to sort out your Christmas shopping and make sure you’ve got every family member covered. Unless, of course, you’re much more organised than the rest of us, you absolute wizard.

But, if you’re still shopping for someone obsessed with football, we’ve put together this handy handbook on awesome stuff to buy. From must-have shirts to cheap secret Santa fodder, this football gift guide should save you one hell of a headache this Christmas. Until you’re let loose on the mulled wine, at least.

Football shirts under £20

Images from Sports Direct / Kitbag.

Nothing quite beats someone’s face as they unwrap a new football shirt. Their eyes fill with wonder and glee, their lips dry with anticipation as they frantically tear the paper.

The only thing that rivals it is your own excited face, as you realise that some cracking shirts are available for under 20 quid. You’ll just need to be pretty quick on the buzzer though, as these designs get snapped up sharpish.

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Most wanted football boots

Images from Nike.

Good news, folks. Some cracking football boots have been released over the past few months. These designs will sit towards the top of more than a few Christmas lists. And for good reason!

The most wanted football boots include the Nike Phantom GT2 and adidas’ Predator Freak, but you can check out a much larger selection below. Just make sure you buy them for the right playing surface!

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adidas’ White Spark boot pack

Images from adidas.

The white boot. The sign of a classy player with skills aplenty. The adidas range has never looked better than when it’s wrapped in this incredible White Spark colourway. White, grey and lashings of orangey-red (that’ll be the spark) is a combo as eye-catching as a Firmino x Salah link up.

Available on the Predator, Copa Sense and X Speedflow models, you’ll see plenty of top players in these this winter and you can snap them all up at Lovell Soccer.

Shop adidas White Spark Boots >

Most wanted kids’ football shirts

Images from Nike.

I don’t care who you support, it’s been yet another fantastic year for football shirts. There’s been too many incredible designs to even count at this point, and there’s absolutely no chance someone’s been able to collect them all. Unless they have an unlimited amount of money or used up one of their three wishes.

Assuming they don’t have a magic lamp, that leaves you open to give them a shirt they’ve been after all year. You can check for deals on new kids’ kits or if you aren’t sure what to buy, browse our entire kids’ kit section.

Shop Kids' Football Shirts >

Baby and toddler football kits

Images from adidas.

If there’s anything cuter than a baby in a football kit, then we don’t wanna hear about it. Alright, so they’ll probably grow out of it very quickly, but just think of the endless photo possibilities here. These snaps will go down in family history. Aw.

Besides, the parents are bound to love it, too - so long as you don’t get the wrong club. We speak from experience there. Oops.

Shop Baby & Toddler Kits >

Cristiano Ronaldo football boots

Images from Nike.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard? It turns out, CR7 is back wearing Manchester United’s colours in the Premier League. Surprised you there, didn’t we? OK, so everyone is going crazy about the arguable GOAT’s return. And you can find all his Nike Mercurial models with us.

Grab a pair in any size or colour, keep the kids (or grown adults) happy this season and let them SIUUU in style.

Shop Cristiano Ronaldo Boots >

The latest trainers

Images from Nike.

OK, so we’re skewing a little bit from the footy stuff here. But hey, think what they’ll look like rocking up to their next game in the latest, top-of-the-range kicks? Very, very cool. That’s what.

We keep our beady eyes peeled for the latest popular releases from all the biggest brands, including Nike, adidas and Puma. And you’ll save loads (without them knowing) whether you’re buying for men, women or the kids.

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Christmas gifts by club

Images from Nike / adidas / Puma.

You might be shopping for your dad, your sister or the next door neighbour’s dog, I guess it doesn’t really matter. Whoever it is, your choice of gift will often depend on which team they support, so it’s a good job you can find club logos slapped on just about anything these days.

You’re in luck if they follow Liverpool, Manchester United or City, because we’ve already picked out some awesome gifts for those fans. If not, then please don’t throw a wobbly, because there’s a good chance you can get hold of very similar stuff with a different crest on it.

Besides, we’ve already given you loads of cool ideas. So there.

Read Our Gift Guides >

Nike gift cards

Image from Nike.

Ahhh, the gift card. For when you’ve got absolutely no idea what to buy someone. Everyone loves stuff from Nike, so this is definitely the safest option on our list - and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. At least you’ll know they’ve ended up with something they actually want.

Shop Nike Gift Cards >

Oh, we almost forgot. FOOTY.COM wants to wish every single one of you a very Merry Christmas! It’s time to gorge on mince pies, roast parsnips and enough cheese to sink a ship. Go on, you deserve it.

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