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The ultimate Christmas gift guide for football fans

Right then, we better sort out your Christmas shopping before you leave it till the last minute. Again. Yes, I’m talking to you. christmas gift guide

He might have to cover his face, but Santa Claus is definitely still coming to town. 

After such a rubbish year, it’s fair to say we’re all in pretty desperate need of some festive cheer. It’s bound to be a strange Christmas, but two weeks of binging on mince pies, rubbish films and Michael Buble albums might just be exactly what we all need. I bet you’re dying to see some ugly jumpers, too.

Hold your red-nosed, antlered horses, though. Before you can enjoy any of that, you still need to sort out your Christmas shopping and make sure you’ve got every family member covered. Unless, of course, you’re much more organised than the rest of us, you absolute wizard. 

But, if you’re still shopping for someone obsessed with football, we’ve put together this humongous handbook on awesome stuff to buy. From must-have shirts to cheap secret Santa fodder, this football gift guide should save you one hell of a headache this Christmas. Until you’re let loose on the mulled wine, at least. 

Football Shirts - All Under £20!

Nothing quite beats someone’s face as they unwrap a new football shirt. Their eyes fill with wonder and glee, their lips dry with anticipation as they tear frantically at the paper. Well, that’s how it is in my house, anyway. 

The only thing that rivals it is your own excited face, as you realise that some cracking shirts are available for under 20 quid. Yes, the best designs get snapped up very quickly, so I recommend you keep checking back to make sure you don’t miss out on something really special. 

Even if you’re shopping on a budget, you could end up with a spectacular gift here. You’ll just need to be pretty quick on the buzzer (or the big shiny button below). 

Shop football shirts under £20

Most-Wanted Football Boots

Good news, folks: some cracking football boots have been released over the past few weeks. These designs will sit towards the top of more than a few Christmas lists, even if it’s been a pretty disastrous year for playing football. Fingers crossed for 2021, eh?

The most-wanted football boots include the Nike Phantom GT Scorpion and “Human Race” adidas Predator, but you can check out a much larger selection below. Just make sure you buy them for the right playing surface!

Shop most-wanted boots

Football Jackets

I mean, the weather’s already a bit nippy, and it’s only gonna get nippier as we roll into December. Basically, you can’t really go wrong with buying a warm, football-themed jacket for Christmas, especially when it’s got their favourite club or brand logo on it. Hell, get one with both. Double-whammy. 

We’ve got more than 3000 jackets for you to choose from, so I guess we’re pretty confident you can find something good. And affordable.

Shop football jackets

Football Gifts for Kids

Won’t somebody please think of the children? Amongst all the sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, cousins and family friends, the chances are at least one of them is pretty mad on football. If not, well, I guess you’ve got off easy and can move on from this little section.

For those with no idea what to buy, we’ve picked out some of the best football gifts for kids this Christmas and stuck them all in a handy guide. Ahhh, you can breathe a little easier now. 

Shop kids’ football gifts

Most-Wanted Football Shirts

I don’t care who you support, it’s been yet another fantastic year for football shirts. There’s been too many incredible designs to even count at this point, and there’s absolutely no chance someone’s been able to collect them all. Unless they have an unlimited amount of money or used up one of their three wishes. 

Assuming they don’t have a magic lamp, that leaves you open to give them a shirt they’ve been after all year. You can browse deals on new kits or, if you aren’t sure what to buy, check out our ranking of the Top 100 Shirts of 2020. Best. Christmas. Ever. 

Shop most-wanted shirts

Secret Santa Football Gifts

We’re obviously not gonna see any office Christmas parties this year, but I hope that doesn’t mean the end of secret Santa. There’s just nothing quite like the blind panic of getting paired with someone you hardly know, or forcing a smile when you get given something totally rubbish. It really is magical. 

If you want to get them something quite good instead, then we’ve got you covered (um, so long as they like football). 

Shop secret Santa gifts

Baby Football Kits

If there’s anything cuter than a baby in a football kit, then I don’t wanna hear about it. Alright, so they’ll probably grow out of it very quickly, but just think of the endless photo possibilities here. These snaps will go down in family history (maybe). 

Besides, the parents are bound to love it, too - so long as you don’t get the wrong club. I speak from experience. Oops. 

Shop baby football kits

Nigeria Nike Air Max ‘95

We’re putting together an entirely different guide on must-have trainers, and these Nigeria Air Max 95s will sit firmly at the top of it. Based on the stunning design of their new home shirt, these come as part of a collection which includes training tops, jackets and, yes, a goddamn PONCHO!

The trainers are the ideal gift for someone who’s into his trainers AND football shirts, but pretty much anything in the Naija collection is a great shout. Especially the poncho. 

Shop Nigeria Air Max 95

Nike Gift Card

Ahhh, the gift card. For when you’ve got absolutely no idea what to buy someone. Everyone loves stuff from Nike, so this is definitely the safest option on my list - and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. At least you’ll know they’ve ended up with something they actually want.

Shop Nike gift cards

Football Goals

Sigh. It looks like we should probably get used to playing football indoors, so a new set of football goals could go down a treat with the kids. Well, I say “kids”, but I’m approaching 30 and would quite happily spend Christmas Day smashing balls into the back of the net (and probably the neighbours garden). 

Shop football goals

Football Gifts for Coaches

I’m not sure the Guardiola or Klopp families will find much here, but we’ve put together a quick guide on great gifts for football coaches at lower levels. That being said, Pep’s family are obviously more than welcome to check this out - who knows, he might actually quite like a book about his own training sessions… 

Shop football coach gifts

PSG x Jumpman Collection

No matter what you think of PSG as a club, their clothing and training wear collections are undeniably cool. The Jumpman collaboration is a couple of years old now, but they just keep on producing stuff which has me reaching for my wallet. How inconsiderate. 

This is the first time football and fashion has really blended together like this, and basically anything from this collection would be a great gift for someone into their style. You can get hold of hoodies, jackets, training tops and tracksuits, or you could even go all-out and bag their new third kit. 

Either way, PSG x Jumpman is still very much in-demand, even the older stuff from past seasons. 

Shop PSG x Jumpman

Gold Football Boots

We’re fresh out of frankincense and myrrh boots (Dragon’s Den, here I come), but you can still grab something dripping in gold. You’ve gotta be pretty confident on the ball to really pull these off, but these designs are insanely popular amongst younger players, even the ones who aren’t very good. 

In fact, they naturally sell like gold dust, but you can still get your hands on some from adidas and Mizuno if you reckon someone will like them. Meanwhile, I’ll get cracking on my frankincense and myrrh idea for next year. You heard it here first. 

Shop gold football boots

Christmas Gifts by Club

You might be shopping for your dad, your sister or the next door neighbour’s dog, I guess it doesn’t really matter. Whoever it is, your choice of gift will often depend on which team they support, so it’s a good job you can find club logos slapped on just about anything these days. 

You’re in luck if they follow Arsenal, Liverpool, or Manchester United, because we’ve already picked out some awesome gifts for those fans. If not, then please don’t throw a wobbly, because there’s a good chance you can get hold of very similar stuff with a different crest on it. 

Besides, I’ve already given you loads of cool ideas. So there. 

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Oh, I almost forgot. FOOTY.COM wants to wish every single one of you a very Merry Christmas! It’s time to gorge on mince pies, roast parsnips and enough cheese to sink a ship. Go on, you deserve it.

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