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PES 2021 option file guide: how to get all the official licenses

Get all the official kits, team names and logos by downloading one of the many PES 2021 option files.

pes 2020 cover

You just can’t beat some hilarious PES names. 

Back in the early 00’s, the likes of Ruud van Mistelroum, Naldarinho and Roberto Larcos took on legendary Master League status, while the mere mention of Facu or Frank de Mole still entices an uncontrollable grin. Don’t even get me started on Samuel Dalla Boner. 

However, it’s now 2020, and the novelty of these outrageously inaccurate names has inevitably worn off. Modern gamers crave realism and immersion, two things which just aren’t possible when you’re watching Man Blue line up against Hampshire Red. Of course, this frustrating lack of licenses is why so many people opt for FIFA instead. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it never did. Even back in Konami’s PS2 heyday, you could get hold of all the proper kits, team names, player names and other licenses in just a few short minutes. This year is certainly no different, and you just need to download and install a PES 2021 option file to get it all sorted. 

Unlicensed team names are now much closer to the real thing, but it’s still annoying. Image from PES 2020.

What is a PES Option File?

If you’re new to the series, then you’ve probably no idea what I’m even talking about. Well, a PES option file is a download created by a third-party (so is in no way affiliated to Konami), which basically allows you to add all the official kits, names, logos and other cosmetic upgrades to your own game. 

These files are typically made available by members of the PES community, who have taken the time to meticulously recreate any missing real-life kits. Make no mistake, though - these aren’t a cheap rip-off of the real thing, and in many cases the kits actually look more realistic than the fully-licensed versions you’ll find in FIFA. 

Don’t worry, I get that uploading files to your game doesn’t exactly sound ideal (who’s got time for that, right?), but this simple guide will honestly make the experience completely pain-free. This is a five-minute job. Tops. 

Does PES 2021 Have Real Teams?

Yes. PES 2021 will feature a number of fully-licensed teams, so you don’t necessarily have to put up with fake names if you wanted to start playing right away. Personally, I’ll be itching to get the disc out of the box, so it’s nice to know I can play as Manchester United or Bayern Munich without any fuss. 

RIP Man Red. You will not be forgotten. Image from Konami.

In fact, PES has taken some great strides in its licensing war with EA. After last year’s disappointment of losing the Champions League rights, Konami have struck back by claiming the licenses for both Serie A and Euro 2020, while also swiping Juventus from right under their noses. 

However, a large number of teams and kits remain unlicensed, which is probably why you’re here reading all about option files. 

Where to Get PES 2021 Option Files

There are tons of option files out there. A quick online search will present you with a multitude of different websites to choose from, with each one claiming to have the most authentic, highest quality option file on the internet. This makes things incredibly confusing.

As previously mentioned, these option files are made by members of the PES community, and they can vary wildly in quality. The last thing you want is to waste time uploading kits which don’t look quite right, so you’ll want to make sure you’re going for a provider with a proven track record.

PES Universe and PES World are the most popular choices for many PES players, so this is certainly a good place to start. However, PES Universe will actually charge you for some of their content, so I recommend going for PES World instead - since their high-quality option files are every bit as good and, more importantly, available for free. 

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How to Download Option Files on PS4

Sorry Xbox fans, this isn’t for you. Since you can’t use a USB stick on your console, it’s not possible for you to install an option file for PES 2021. Merseyside Blue vs North East London it is, then. Here are the instructions for PS4 gamers:

STEP ONE: Once you’ve found an option file to download, you’ll need to find a USB stick with plenty of space on it (usually around 8 or 9GB). 

STEP TWO: Format your USB stick to FAT32 (just right click on the USB and find the “Format” tab), then create a folder with the name ‘WEPES’. 

STEP THREE: Download the option file. It will probably be a zipped folder, so you’ll need to extract it to your new shiny WEPES folder. 

Image from PES 2020.

STEP FOUR: Plug the USB into your PlayStation and load up PES 2021. Head over to “Settings”, then find “Edit”. Click on “Import/Export” and then select “Import Team”.

Image from PES 2020.

STEP FIVE: Select all the files and ignore the scary-looking warning. Head through to “Detailed Settings”, leave all those tick boxes blank and then press “OK”. 

STEP SIX: There you go, it really is that simple. Your game should now be filled with all the right team names and kits, and you can even repeat the process for other parts of the game (such as competitions and sponsor logos). You’d just click on “Import Competition” instead of “Import Teams”, for example.  

How to Download Option Files on PC

PC gamers have it even easier, but these are the steps you need to follow if you aren’t sure:

STEP ONE: Download and extract the option file to the folder where PES 2021 has been installed. 

STEP TWO: Head over to “Settings”, “Edit” and click on “Import/Export”. Go to “Import Teams”, “Select All” and click through to the next page. 

STEP THREE: Make sure any further boxes are unticked, confirm everything and BOOM! You’ve got all the proper licenses. 

Check Back for Awesome Custom Kits

Anyone for a Nigeria x retro Manchester United kit? Must just be me then. Image from PES 2020.

The fun doesn’t even have to stop there. 

When you’ve first bought the game, your main priority will likely be to get all the kits, names and licenses being used in real-life. After all, coming up against Lancashire Clarets will kinda ruin the realism of your Master League campaign, so you’ll want to find one of these option files pretty sharpish. 

But the PES community is incredibly creative, and you’ll be able to find all kinds of awesome custom kits throughout the season. People are always sharing their own concepts and remaking classic retro shirts, so make sure to keep checking back for more option files if you want to freshen things up. 

You could even head over to PES Master and create your very own kits, which you can actually use in both your Master League and myClub campaigns. This is how I created the outrageous retro and Nigeria-inspired Manchester United kit in the image above, but you can obviously do much better than that. 

When is PES 2021 Released?

PES 2021 is due for release on PS4, PC and Xbox One on 15th September 2020. And yes, I’m already counting down the days.

Before you go ahead and pre-order your copy, don’t forget to compare prices at FOOTY.COM to find the best deals on PS4, Xbox and PC. After all, a few extra pennies certainly won’t go amiss when you’re putting your myClub team together. 

In the meantime, I’m going to create some more outrageous kits. 

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