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FIFA Volta kits - a closer look at every crazy design

Designer Scott McRoy has worked his magic on a bunch of kits for FIFA, and they’re well worth checking out.

FIFA Volta kits - a closer look at every crazy design

FIFA has been a big part of my life over the years, but I’d be lying if I said my love for the series wasn’t beginning to wane a little. Despite my reservations though, there is one particular area where I think we've seen real strides year-on-year. That area, much to my delight, is the one I spend most of my days talking about: kits.

In a variety of ways, most notably in Ultimate Team, EA Sports has shown a growing appreciation for the wonderful world of shirts. World class kit designers like Emilio Sansolini and Angelo Trofa have lent their talents to the series, and a range of collaborations with musicians has led to some seriously fun designs. We’ve even seen a collection of fourth kits released in-game and then made available to buy in real life, a sign of things to come I would suggest.

This year I was very excited to see a range of bespoke, city-inspired kits designed to help promote FIFA’s new VOLTA gamemode, which sees the series kick back to its FIFA Street past with a few twists.

At this stage we’re not sure if these kits will make it into the game (they really should!), but regardless I thought it’d be fun to take a look at each of the designs.

A big thank you to designer Scott McRoy, who kindly sent over the kits featured in this blog.

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1. Amsterdam Volta Kit

fifa volta kits amsterdam

We start off with a look at the Amsterdam kit, which naturally channels the glorious orange and black colourway of the Dutch national side. On a personal level I always prefer Netherlands kits which lean more on black than white in terms of a secondary colour, so this design ticks a big box straight out the gate.

The sleeves have a bit of PSV away vibe for me, which again is a good thing given that that is one of my favourite designs this year, and the pattern on the base is subtle enough to allow the bottom right section (a feature of all the VOLTA kits) to shine.

In combination with the clean shorts and socks, this is one of the most considered kits in the collection. Thanks to the colour choices though this is anything but boring.

2. Berlin Volta Kit

fifa volta kits berlin

Much like all the best Germany kits over the years, the Berlin VOLTA kit channels the colours of the German flag to great effect. The liberal use of black, red and gold is bold, but it helps create a look which is one of the most patriotic of the set.

This kit is all about the socks for me. Like many of Nike’s kits at the Women’s World Cup, the socks steal the show with a pattern mirroring the design of the shirt. Given the context, this is exactly the kind of thing I like to see.

3. Copenhagen Volta Kit

fifa volta kits copenhagen

Things ramp up another level with the Copenhagen kit. Whilst the colours are unmistakably Danish, the pattern is decidedly crazier than the previous Amsterdam and Berlin efforts. I feel like the variety of pattern types should bother me more, and yet I actually really like the overall aesthetic.

I particularly like the lower chest portion of the design, with the various white and red sections colliding to form something of a hot mess. Shoutout to the socks too, with a complimentary pattern and a little more black to help balance the kit as a whole.

4. Helsinki Volta Kit

fifa volta kits helsinki

I’ll be honest, this Helsinki kit is one of the least exciting for me. There’s plenty to sink your teeth into, but the use of orange feels a little odd (unless there’s a link to the city or Finland that I’m missing?), and the pattern strays a little too close to the safe side, if any of these kits can be considered safe!

With a cleaner colourway (like Amsterdam), and some interesting socks (like Berlin or Copenhagen), this moves up several places.

5. London Volta Kit

fifa volta kits london

London come out very well with a surprisingly dark look. It really works for me, and the wordmark pattern is considered without being boring. The subtle gradient at the top left of the kit is a lovely feature too. Talking of subtle, the socks are another big success with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it subliminal pattern.

Across the collection of VOLTA kits this is one of the least patriotic, and yet it’s for that very reason that this London kit stands out. Superb stuff.

6. Madrid Volta Kit

fifa volta kits madrid

The Madrid VOLTA kit uses an interesting source of inspiration, with a tile motif ‘revealed’ on the base of the shirt as the pattern cuts across. I don’t like the look as much as the London pattern, but it’s lovely to see the variety.

From a colour perspective it’s great to see the use of the primary colours for each of Madrid’s big clubs, and the balance feels just about right. Great socks once again too, where the tile inspiration works a little bit better in comparison to the shirt in my opinion.

7. Moscow Volta Kit

fifa volta kits moscow

Most of these VOLTA kits don’t bear any obvious resemblance to kits in the ‘real world’, but Moscow’s kit by contrast looks like a remix of Russia’s World Cup kit, thanks to the white lines just outside the shoulders. Even the socks (with thin stripes of blue and white atop a larger red section) look like a tribute to the wonderful socks Russia wore last year, although the order of colours is different for those keeping score at home.

8. New York Volta Kit

fifa volta kits new york

New York’s kit is one of the tamer designs of the collection and, whilst it’s clean aesthetic has a lot going for it, the end result leaves me wanting more.

Perhaps a play on the city’s “Big Apple” nickname could’ve led to something a bit more exciting, or even better a daring combination of the colours of the city’s various football sides. There’d be a lot of tricky hoops to jump through, but I’d love to see it.

9. Oslo Volta Kit

fifa volta kits oslo

Now we’re talking. The paint splatter-like pattern on Oslo’s kit brings a fresh aesthetic in comparison to many of the other kits in this set which feature more straight, line-based designs. As a result this is one of the standout kits for me, and I appreciate the consistency between shoulders, chest and socks.

It’s probably just shy of a podium finish (we haven't even got to the best bits yet), but this is quality none the less.

10. Paris Volta Kit

fifa volta kits paris

Sadly the Paris design falls into the same camp as New York. There is the subtle but welcome addition of asymmetrical cuff trims, but otherwise this feels underpowered. An Eiffel tower tribute (à la PSG) would’ve been a welcome addition, but I admit I’m quite demanding.

11. Rio Volta Kit

fifa volta kits rio

Teal is really in at the moment, and Rio’s kit makes full use of the colour to great effect. It’s perhaps not as vibrant as I would’ve expected, but the surprisingly classy take is a real winner.

From a pattern perspective this is a diverse combo, with a wavy design in the teal section and a more leafy look in the black. I really like the colour choice of the socks and bottom-right pattern, the off-white/cream is one of those things which is easily missed at first glance but which grows on you the more you see it.

12. Rome Volta Kit

fifa volta kits rome

Scott McRoy knows the future, pass it on.

A matter of hours ago, Italy released a new third kit inspired by the renaissance. And sure enough, this VOLTA kit for the city of Rome boasts a pattern that looks like it’s come straight out of a palace.

This FIFA kit is the much louder brother of Italy’s new kit, and the predominantly black and gold colourway is a daring choice. For this sort of kit though daring is the right approach, and the only change I would make would be to have the colours of the two Roman clubs (admittedly a hard combo to pull off) as opposed to the blue of the national team.

13. Stockholm Volta Kit

fifa volta kits stockholm

Sweden are blessed with one of the most iconic colour combos in sport, so it makes complete sense to utilise yellow and blue throughout the design of the Stockholm VOLTA kit.

The tiger stripe pattern seen in the blue section reminds me a lot of the current adidas GK shirt template which, though overused, is a strong design. Great stocks which tie into the rest of the kit also.

14. Tokyo Volta Kit

fifa volta kits tokyo

Tokyo’s VOLTA kit feels like the most ‘VOLTA’ kit of the set, with its vibrant blue and pink combination and a pattern which makes the most of the base design of these shirts. I particularly like the central section of the shirt, where the typography of the “EA Sports” wordmark matches the pattern.

It’s not immediately obvious which city this shirt is representing, and yet that also makes this design one of the most versatile of the set. Were these kits ever released in some shape or form, I’d expect this to be the most popular.

15. Warsaw Volta Kit

fifa volta kits warsaw

Rounding off proceedings is Warsaw, with a design that has a lot more than appears at first glance.

Colour wise this is firmly in the clean category, but don’t miss the sleeves which are easily one of the best of the series. A feathered design is a great shout, and it acts as the focal point for the kit. The pattern doesn’t work as well for the socks, but this remains a very tidy overall aesthetic.

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