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Football coach gifts | 10 great ideas for 2020

Even the guys in the dugout love a good gift, so here are some awesome ideas for football coaches!

selection of gifts for football coaches

Here at FOOTY.COM, we specialise in making bargain-hunting as pain-free as possible. 

Never is that more important than at this time of year, when we all have one or two (or ten) people on our Christmas gift list that are just impossible to buy for. Football coaches can be notoriously difficult, since they usually get all the equipment they need from their clubs and force you to think outside the box. 

But there’s no need to panic. Whether they manage an Under-7s girls team on a Sunday morning or coach semi-professionally, we’ve put together 10 of the very best gifts for football coaches, to suit all levels and budgets. 

Check them out...

1. Funny Mug - I'm a Football Coach

This gift is so good, we’re a bit worried you won’t read the rest of the list! You can guarantee the football coach you are buying for would have said this on more than one occasion this year. 

Perfect for the tea room at the football club, or possibly in the office cupboard during their day job. Wherever it sits, it’s going to take pride of place!

2. LAOPAO Melt Stopwatch,1/100 Seconds Timing Waterproof Electronic Chronograph Timer

A gift for the more serious football coach. Does the coach on your gift list meticulously plan their sessions down to the second? 

If so, this LAOPAO waterproof timer is the one for them. This is a proper bit of kit, for a coach that loves to train. 

3. Wollowo A4 Magnetic Football Coaching Board/Tactics Folder With Pen & Paper

Possibly the best gift on the list. This awesome magnetic coaching board is perfect for coaches of all levels and abilities. 

Let them share their ideas in a fun and engaging way, which is both practical for them and the footballers they are imparting their wisdom on.

4. Mitre Mesh Football Sack

We’ve all seen it on the sidelines at the weekend. The kids are ripping the balls out of every hole they see, desperate to start booting them at the poor old goalkeeper before the game. 

When the time comes to put the balls away, the bag has more gaps in it than their defence! So give them a positive start to 2020 with this Mitre ball sack.

5. 2020 Soccer Coaching Log Book

Matchday tactics are one thing, but for a coach there’s a lot more to the job. Games to arrange, sessions to plan, referees to contact! 

They’ll love you for this gift. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail and all that. Let them start the new year as organised as Roy Hodgson’s two banks of four!

6. Football Whistle

I know we mentioned equipment, but trust us, every coach needs as many whistles as they can get their hands on. Here’s just a little something for a coach and they’ll be sure to appreciate it when they seemed to have misplaced their other five whistles! 

7. “The Mixer” by Michael Cox

Coaching is all about constantly learning and then teaching those around you. The best coaches in world football are able to adapt to any situation. If the coach you know is a keen reader of the game, then this book is the one for them. Just make sure they get past the ‘Route One’ chapter.

8. Little Hotties Hand Pocket Glove Warmers Winter Season Bulk Pack

We said we’d think outside the box, didn’t we? Unlike their players, the poor old coaches can’t run up and down the sidelines on matchday. 

No matter how much they wave their arms like their hero Pep, they will never warm up their hands on a frosty morning. Trust me, they’ll thank you for this come Christmas Day.

9. adidas World Cup Boots

This is a huge generalisation, but sometimes they are just true! Every top, top football coach wears adidas World Cup boots, don’t they? 

There’s a reason for it too, as it’s hard to find a more comfortable boot on the market. Get their size and you’ll be sure to find the best price here at FOOTY.COM! If these are a little out of your price range, then you can always compare prices on a huge range of cheap football boots instead. 

10.  Pep Guardiola - 88 Attacking Combinations and Positional Patterns of Play Direct from Pep's Training Sessions

We couldn’t put together a list of gifts for football coaches without including something connected to Pep. 

If the coach on your list likes to study the game of football and is always striving to improve, there’s no better place to come than this book on the Spanish maestro.

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