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10 Awesome Football Blogs to Start Following in 2020

Let’s take a look at some of the best football blogs out there right now, covering everything from retro shirts to tactical analysis.

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Football fans really are spoilt for choice. The amount of awesome content out there is nothing short of staggering. 

There’s now an endless stream of fantastic blogs, videos, podcasts and magazines for us to feast on every day, fuelling our relentless obsession with what will always be known as (VAR-permitting) ‘the beautiful game’. From news on the latest shirts to detailed, insightful tactical analysis, the internet has become an all-you-can-eat buffet of football, football and even more football. 

I love it. You only need to look at the Football Blogging Awards to see how high the bar is set these days. 

However, the sheer amount of content out there can seem a little overwhelming, which is why I’ve tried to pick out the best football blogs you should start following in 2020. This was certainly no easy task, but hopefully it helps you sink your teeth into something new and refreshing this season. Right, let’s do this then.

PLEASE NOTE: I’m focusing more on football blogs and websites you should start following. So, although I’m sure you will have heard of some of those below, I’m trying to introduce you to something a little different. There’s no point in telling you to follow FourFourTwo, COPA90 or SoccerBible, because you probably already know how awesome those guys are. 

1. These Football Times

screenshot of these football times website
Image from These Football Times.

Perfect for: fans who love detailed, captivating stories about football. 

I still remember the first time I came across These Football Times. I was on a packed tram on the way home from work, and became so enraptured by a piece about Mark Viduka (I’m not even a Leeds fan) that I managed to miss my stop and had to wait ages for another. Of course, this just gave me more time to carry on reading. 

From their excellent online series to their unbelievable print magazines, TFT has become the Netflix of football writing. It might not involve a subscription, but this is binge-worthy content which focuses on the most interesting, unique stories in football, brought to you by a talented team of writers who quite clearly just love telling them. 

2. Football Chronicle

the football chronical website home page
Image from Football Chronicle.

Perfect for: fans looking for some high-quality football writing. 

This love of story-telling is also apparent with Football Chronicle, another blog which lets us joyfully relive some of our favourite football memories. Reading their stuff often feels like you’re stepping into a web-based time machine, as they transport us back to World Cup finals, Champions League epics, and tell us some of the beautiful game’s more obscure tales. 

The quality of the writing is superb, and this is an ideal option for fans wanting to sink their teeth into something nice and meaty. The articles are usually long, juicy and the perfect accompaniment to a good cup of tea on a rainy afternoon. Enjoy.

3. Outside Write

screenshot of outside write blog
Image from Outside Write.

Perfect for: fans wanting to read about football off the pitch.

For most of us, our fondest football memories come from the action on the pitch. However, most football fans also harbour a keen interest in the historical, cultural and political aspects of the game. By focusing exclusively on these elements, Outside Write satisfies our burgeoning curiosity, travelling the world to tell us the stories we haven’t heard before. 

This is essentially an incredible football world tour, as we’re given insight into just what the sport means for fans and cultures across the globe. From fierce South American rivalries to ground-hopping across the Italian peninsula, the articles here are genuinely fascinating. 

If you’ve got a real interest in the cultural side of the game, then it’s also worth looking at “The Culture Division” and “Football and the City”, with both of these blogs looking at the impact of football in every corner of the globe. Very good stuff indeed. 

4. Football Shirt Collective

football shirt collective website
Image from Football Shirt Collective.

Perfect for: fans suffering from an unstoppable addiction to football shirts. 

I love football shirts. The chances are, you love football shirts too. Well, Football Shirt Collective is packed with so much dizzying nostalgia it could make me weep, telling us all about shirts from years gone by and inciting all kinds of wonderful memories. Damn, I miss the ‘90s. 

You could honestly lose yourself for hours just scrolling through the pictures of retro kits, with From 12 Yards providing plenty of awesome artwork to polish it all off. There’s even a few bits on new releases, concepts and legendary players, but it’s the flashback stuff which really hits all the right buttons for me. Man, I need to get a Batistuta shirt.

5. Urban Pitch

screenshot of urban pitch blog page
Image from Urban Pitch.

Perfect for: fans with an interest in the street side of the game. 

As the name suggests, Urban Pitch moves away from our standard games of 11-a-side, instead focusing on street football, fashion and art. This, of course, sets it apart from the majority of other high-quality blogs out there, and I’ve personally really enjoyed reading through their stuff on freestyle football, since this is an area I know very little about (my record is probably 3 keepy-ups).

The entire blog is jam-packed with interesting pieces on style and culture, while there’s also some interesting opinions on music and, obviously, football itself.

6. Museum of Jerseys

museum of jerseys website
Image from Museum of Jerseys.

Perfect for: fans of football shirt history.

Every shirt has a story, and Museum of Jerseys has always done a great job of telling them. Coming complete with some fantastic illustrations, here you can explore the tales behind some of football’s most classic kits, learning how designs have evolved over time and where the inspiration for the latest releases has come from. 

If you’re still craving a little more shirt nostalgia, then I feel as though it’s my duty to point you towards Sartorial Soccer, another excellent blog reminding us all why we love football shirts so much.

7. Tifo Football

tifo football website home page
Image from Tifo Football.

Perfect for: fans who love a bit a tactical analysis. 

This is one you’ve probably heard of, but I’m such a fan of Tifo Football I just couldn’t leave them off this list. Coming alongside some truly marvellous illustrations, they deliver the kind of tactical analysis which has me itching to load up a game of Football Manager, deep-diving into the brilliance behind Bielsa, Benitez and *ahem* Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. 

Without question, this is the best football blog for anyone who wants to learn more about the tactical complexities of the game. This is intelligent, insightful content, with their illustrations cutting through the difficult stuff and making it all completely understandable. There’s all manner of blogs, videos and podcasts for you to sink your teeth into. 

8. The Gentleman Ultra

the gentleman ultra website
Image from The Gentleman Ultra.

Perfect for: fans with a love for Italian football (which is just about all of us).

After 20 years, the romance of Football Italia has never faltered. The thought of James Richardson sipping cappuccinos, poring over the pink Gazetta dello Sport, still has me cracking a smile and wishing the days of Baggio, Batistuta and Maldini could make a grand return. 

Unfortunately, that isn’t possible, but The Gentleman Ultra is probably the closest we’ll ever get to reliving it. A quality team of writers do an excellent job of bringing Calcio’s glory days back to life, while also providing insight into other eras of Italian football. I’m a bit of a sucker for some Calcio nostalgia, and this is the most satisfying scratch I’ve found for my itch.

9. SheKicks

shekicks website screenshot
Image from SheKicks.

Perfect for: fans of women’s football. 

There’s no doubt that women’s football has continued to grow exponentially over the years, and nobody has chronicled this rise better than SheKicks. Bringing us news, interviews and opinions on everything to do with the women’s game, this is undoubtedly the number one place to get involved and start learning about this growing sport.

Oh, and they also do an awesome print magazine, which is published every couple of months and includes all kinds of exclusive features. An essential for any fans of women’s football.


screenshot of the blog page
Image from FOOTY.COM.

Perfect for: fans of boots, shirts and other football gear. Especially those hoping to save some extra cash. 

I mean, I just wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t point you in the direction of our own blog on FOOTY.COM. Of course, this is a little unfair (and a little shameless) because I’ve got inside knowledge of all the exciting stuff we’ve got planned for the rest of the year. Trust me, it’s gonna be big. 

We’re gonna be spending the next 12 months talking to you about shirts, boots, games and culture, alongside a few absolutely massive projects. I won’t say much more as I don’t want to ruin any surprises but, if you’re reading this, then I guess we’re off to a good start.

Check out the FOOTY.COM Blog

Honourable Mentions

Limiting this list to just 10 football blogs was tough. Really tough. There’s a whole bunch of awesome content being put out there every day, so it seems only right to give a quick special mention to some of my other favourites. This, in many ways, is my subs bench, all of which are strongly pushing for a place in the starting lineup. 

Fans of non-league football, for example, need to check out both “Football in Berkshire” and “Two Men in Search of the Beautiful Game”, two fantastic blogs which really capture the joys of the lower leagues. If you prefer something in print, then “No Place Like Home” (NPLH), “Glory Mag” and “Pog Mo Goal” are excellent magazines worth paying for. Of course, they all offer plenty of great online content too, but I really can’t recommend their printed stuff highly enough. 

See? I wasn’t joking when I said we were all spoilt for choice. 

What are your favourite football blogs? If you think I’ve inexplicably missed someone off this list, then please feel free to come shout at me in the comments! As you can see, though, the competition has probably never been fiercer. 

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