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Best cheap Premier League players for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Check out the most overpowered cheap Premier League players and put together a great FUT 21 starter team.
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2 years ago


fifa 21 premier league players

Putting together a decent Ultimate Team squad is becoming increasingly difficult. Actually, that’s not quite right, it’s becoming increasingly expensive

Even just a few days after release, a quick game of Division Rivals will likely throw you up against some kind of God squad, making it incredibly difficult to compete without throwing money at packs. We feel pressured to spend a fortune on getting the best players, when instead we should be focusing on bringing in some overpowered bargains. 

These players can be found in the depths of the transfer market, boasting eye-popping stats and being sold for a packet of peanuts and a rubbish J-Lingz hoodie. For those of you focusing on English clubs this season, these are some of the best cheap Premier League players you can find on FIFA 21

Let the sweatiness begin.

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Right then, our entire FIFA 21 Premier League starter team is available for just under 50,000 coins. However, you’re probably aware that prices can fluctuate and go a little mental, so these bargain players probably won’t remain so cheap for long. You gotta move fast. 

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GK: Rui Patricio

rui patricio stats for fifa 21
Image from FIFA 21.

Estimated value: 3200 coins

Let’s make no bones about this: Rui Patricio is an absolute steal. With an overall rating of 84 and some very impressive stats, the Wolves stopper is one of the most reliable picks between the sticks. His diving, positioning and reflexes are particularly eyebrow-raising, and I honestly don’t think you can find better value for money. 

RB: Cesar Azpilicueta

cesar azpilicueta stats for fifa 21
Image from FIFA 21.

Estimated value:  4500 coins

Okay, so Cesar Azpilicueta is a lot slower than you’d probably like. Since your opponents are probably loading up on Christian Pulisic, Sadio Mane and other lightning-quick wingers, poor old “Dave” will probably spend most of his time eating dust. Get caught on the break at your peril. 

However, those excellent defending stats certainly aren’t to be sniffed at, and he actually does a really good job of shoring things up at the back. Yes, his lack of pace might get exposed at times but, when he’s paired up with some really quick centre-backs, Azpi definitely feels a little underrated. 

CB: Victor Lindelof

victor lindelof stats for fifa 21
Image from FIFA 21.

Estimated value: 4000 coins

Victor Lindelof isn’t really anything special (and not just on FIFA 21). None of his base stats will have your eyes popping out their sockets, but he’s actually a terrific all-round budget defender. He’s just about quick enough to deal with pacy forwards, while he’s also physical enough to make a decent tackle or two. Solid. 

CB: Fikayo Tomori

fikayo tomori stats for fifa 21
Image from FIFA 21.

Estimated value: 5000 coins

Fikayo Tomori is one of the most overpowered defenders in FIFA 21. You’re probably already licking your lips at those pace stats right now, but he’s also strong enough to avoid getting shrugged off the ball every five minutes. Basically, this guy is probably gonna be in every PL starter squad, so make sure to get hold of him. 

LB: Lucas Digne

lucas digne stats for fifa 21
Image from FIFA 21.

Estimated value: 6000 coins

Andy Robertson is probably the only other left-back I’d rather have in my team, so it’s surprising to see Lucas Digne available for so little. He’s got pretty impressive stats across the board, offering a considerable threat in attack and also ensuring you aren’t caught out at the back. Right now, he’s an absolute bargain. 

CDM: Jean Phillippe-Gbamin

jean phillippe-gbamin stats for fifa 21
Image from FIFA 21.

Estimated value: 3200 coins

Get this man in your team right away. Jean Phillippe-Gbamin feels so overpowered he’s basically a cheat code, offering all the pace, power and physicality every great Ultimate Team needs to have. In fact, he’s so good that it’s only a matter of time until his price absolutely sky-rockets, so I’d bring him in now before other players start jumping on the bandwagon. 

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CM: Giovani Lo Celso

giovani lo celso stats for fifa 21
Image from FIFA 21.

Estimated value: 3500 coins

Giovani Lo Celso is a bit of a beast. His pace and shooting stats are pretty good for a cheap central midfielder, but the real appeal here comes from how good he is on the ball. His control and dribbling is absolutely sensational, the ball sticking to his feet like glue as he twists and turns his way past defenders.

Seriously, he’s criminally underrated. 

CAM: Mesut Ozil

mesut ozil stats for fifa 21
Image from FIFA 21.

Estimated value: 1200 coins

Wait, what? I’m on the verge of readjusting my screen here, because Mesut Ozil for that price seems all kinds of ridiculous. Alright, so he’s not the quickest, but not everything in Ultimate Team needs to revolve around pace. Just most things do. 

I mean, those passing and dribbling stats really just speak for themselves, and the German magician will soon be threading balls through the eye of a needle. When you play with quick forwards up top, Ozil is an absolute wizard when it comes to unlocking their magic. 

RW: Nicolas Pepe

nicolas pepe stats for fifa 21
Image from FIFA 21.

Estimated Value: 8000 coins

Nicolas Pepe is the most expensive player on this list, but I can honestly say he’s worth every penny. You could always go for Willian instead if you want to save some cash, but Pepe is quicker, stronger and, ultimately, better than his Arsenal teammate. Oh, and he’s also got a few awesome tricks up his sleeve, which means he’s pretty damn fun to play with. 

LW: Diogo Jota

diogo jota stats for fifa 21
Image from FIFA 21.

Estimated Value: 6000 coins

Although he’s not as quick as Daniel Podence (another cheap option), Diogo Jota backs up his adequate pace and dribbling with much better finishing. He’s still quick and agile enough to race in behind defenders, but what really sets him apart is his ability to stick the ball in the back of the net. In the right hands, he’s absolutely deadly. 

ST: Michail Antonio

michail antonio stats for fifa 21
Image from FIFA 21.

Estimated value: 4500 coins

There are a few really good options up top. After playing around with Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Raul Jimenez, my budget pick is West Ham’s Michail Antonio, who you should be able to snag for under 5000 coins. 

It’s his raw pace and power which really gives him the edge over other options, and he’s probably the strongest alternative to Rodrigo (who has instantly become very expensive indeed). His finishing clearly isn’t the strongest, but he’s so effective at getting in behind that he’ll get one-on-ones he just can’t miss. 

Without question, the best cheap Premier League striker in FIFA 21.

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So there you have it, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to put a decent team together this season. In fact, you can even become a proper wheeler-dealer by comparing prices on FIFA 21 at FOOTY.COM!

Author Image of Ben Hyde
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