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20 quality Twitter accounts to follow in 2020

I personally guarantee that each of these accounts will spark joy during your Twitter experience.

great twitter accounts to follow

Following on from Ben’s excellent list of 10 football blogs you should be following in 2020, I wanted to bring back a fresh list of people you should follow on Twitter right now.

It’s been nearly 12 months since the original list, which featured a range of profiles from concept designers to magazines to shirt experts, and though it’s a cliche I’d say the football/shirt/design community has gone from strength to strength in the months since then. Some days I’ll find myself drooling over a stunning 80s Feyenoord away shirt that I’ve never seen before. Other days an illustration on my timeline will inspire me to create something myself, or a quality piece of merch will persuade me to open up my wallet just one more time.

All of these 20 accounts bring something a little different to the table, but I guarantee that each will add value to your social experience in some way, shape or form.

1. Kit and Bone

Believe it or not, Kit and Bone have only been on the Twitter scene since July last year. Since then their adorable mascot “Bony” (no relation to Wilfried as far as I know…) has been enjoying a magnificent debut season, gracing the pages of MOTD Magazine and showing his face on a plethora of beautiful shirts, mugs and prints.

2. Icarus Football

Are you the sort of person who lives for completely bespoke shirt designs? Icarus are making your dreams come true in a big way at the moment, and you’ve probably seen their kits all over Twitter and even on the Classic Football Shirts store. My personal favourite, a concept based on the now-defunct FC Stroitel Pripyat who played near Chernobyl before the disaster, is still my profile picture with no signs of changing.

3. Classic Soccer Jerseys

There are a lot of shirt collectors out there but very few, if any, hold their collection to the same incredibly high standard as Classic Soccer Jerseys. You won’t find any ‘filler’ shirts here, just bona fide stunners and rare gems that’ll make you eternally jealous.

4. Art of Football

Football merchandise is in a good place, but in a crowded market Art of Football stand out to me. The concept of bringing together art and football seems simple enough, but the execution is absolutely top drawer across the board. I particularly enjoyed their recent ‘Bootanical’ series, which combined famous boots with plants to create the ultimate hipster dream.

5. Forza27

Few leagues are as aesthetically pleasing as Serie A, and Forza27 is easily one of my favourite commentators on Italian football and in particular, Italian shirts. I look forward to the annual Serie A kit rankings every year, and you’ll particularly enjoy the profile if you’re partial to Roma (who isn’t?).

6. Dave Will

Dave has consistently been one of my favourite illustrators on the circuit over recent years. His style is instantly recognisable and highly transferable across different sports, and he regularly collaborates with other designers to great effect.

7. National Football Museum

The National Football Museum have always been good value for a follow, but in recent months they’ve been particularly good thanks in part to their excellent “STRIP!” exhibition, which celebrates football shirts in all their glory. The exhibition is running ‘till Summer so there’s plenty more to enjoy until then and beyond.

8. Providence City FC

In terms of shirt design, Providence City kits are pound for pound some of the best across ANY team. The likes of Inaria and hummel have worked with the Rogues over the years, and they continue to be one of the leading lights in an increasingly vibrant U.S. scene.

9. Kit it Out

Football shirts can be a force for good, and few accounts exemplify this more than Kit it Out. After a recent appearance on ITV the charity initiative, which donates unwanted kits to those who can’t afford to buy one, has gone from strength to strength. Follow them and consider donating your own shirts too.


Guerilla FC are straight up one of the most important movements in the game. They are master collaborators (recently partnering with Marseille, amongst others) and champions of football culture in its purest form, and alongside the likes of the previously mentioned Providence City they are perfect antidotes to the bland and overly-corporate world of MLS.

11. The Football Attic

If you like shirts you’re probably already following The Football Attic, but on the off-chance that you’re not you need to put that right, not least because of the upcoming book “The A-Z of Weird & Wonderful Football Shirts”. It’s coming out this year and, based on Football Attic’s feed, it’s going to be an absolute feast.

12. Matthew Wolff

Ever wondered who the genius was behind the seminal Nigeria 2018 collection? Want to know what else they’re up to? Matthew Wolff is your man, and his portfolio is easily one of the most electric I’ve come across.


Sports typography is important, and are my personal go-to for anything type related. You’ll find expert commentary and plenty of original designs too. Font conversation (I want to make this a thing if it's not already) is particularly enjoyable around major international tournaments so there’s no better time to follow.

14. The Global Obsession

The world of international football shirts is as exciting as it is daunting, and no one has their finger on the pulse more than The Global Obsession. Few have a national team collection as impressive, and you must sample his corresponding writeups.


Football is all about community, and football design is exactly the same. The beauty of is that there is an incredible diversity, so you’ll find kits and crests that you absolutely love, alongside some that you hate. For my money though you’ll regularly find yourself wishing a particular concept was true.

16. Matthew Shipley

I can’t get enough of Matthew Shipley’s illustration style. It’s instantly recognisable, incredibly playful and brimming with character. There’s plenty of football related projects and healthy doses of creations outside the football space too.

17. The Culture Division

#FOOTBALLISPERMANENT. If you want to know what that means, The Culture Division are telling the story better than anyone. Football culture continues to leave an indelible mark on the game, and TCD will guide you through every exciting twist and turn.

18. Joe Jilla

New Balance are making waves across the football landscape, and from a kit perspective they’re an exciting brand to watch. Joe is one of the designers, responsible for future classics like this season’s bold Lille kit, and he’s well worth a follow especially ahead of the new 2020/21 releases.

19. Jack Hazzard

Jack is a supremely talented designer who I’ve been following for a long time. His work speaks for itself, and as a bonus he’s also big on retro American football which is hands down one of the most underappreciated eras, especially from a design perspective.

20. Forward Madison FC

We’re wrapping up the list with one of my favourite clubs to follow on Twitter, Forward Madison. It all starts with their kits, which were easily some of my favourites last year. I’m excited for what 2020 will bring, and alongside the shirts they’re a club that are guaranteed to make you smile with their content that’s absolutely drowning in flamingos.

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