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What size football boots should I get?

Studs? Material? Colour? Before those questions, the most important thing to ask is: which size? And we can help you with that.
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3 years ago


What size football boots should I get?

It’s something which is often overlooked, but hugely important. You’re going to potentially shell out a fair bit of money for your next pair of football boots and you’ll want to get it right from the off, we understand. What size football boots should I get? It’s an eternal question. Often there’s talk of going half a size up in this brand, a size down in that model - and we’re here to clear it all up. Simply.

We’ll be telling you which models are tight, which boots give you room and a whole host of other useful info to help you make the perfect decision on your next pair. Then you can play them into oblivion without any unwanted pain. Let’s do it.

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How tight should football boots be?

Your football boots should fit you according to your preference. If you prefer a hugging fit, then of course it makes sense to find the size that suits that feel. Some players on the other hand, prefer a bit of room in their boot, to allow for an extra pair of socks. No problem, take the extra +0.5 and be on your way. We can all agree though, that nobody enjoys scrunched, blistered toes.

football player putting on yellow football boots
Image from Puma.

How your football boots fit is down to a couple of things, a) feel on the ball, and b) agility on the move. They should be wrapped around your foot enough to let you enjoy the spongy caress of the leather ball, but secure enough to let you push off and change direction à la Messi - without worry of slippage or pain.

Are football boots unisex?

blue and pink unisex football boots
Images from adidas.

In the UK, absolutely. The only difference is that due to genetics, the female foot generally tends to be a little slimmer than the male foot, with higher arches too. This means as a rule of thumb, female players should stick to slimmer boot models (Nike Mercurial / Puma Ultra) and go down half a size or more, if needed. If you need to know more, we cover this topic in detail within our men’s vs. women’s football boot guide on our blog.

How to measure your feet

For knowing your exact size, you’re going to want to understand your baseline measurements. We’re not kids anymore and you don’t need to head to the shoe shop to find out, I mean, you can if you want to? It’s easy enough to do at home though, and look… we’ve only gone and created a simple graphic to show you how it’s done!

how to measure your foot size chart
Image from FOOTY.COM.

First of all, place your foot flat on a blank piece of paper - make sure it’s resting on a hard, flat surface. Then, pencil around the edges of your entire foot. The length measurement is taken from the centre of the heel to the head of the big toe. The width measurement is taken across the widest part of the foot. Voilà, you’ve only gone and got your measurements!

UK shoe size guide

Once you’ve picked up your basic foot length and width measurements, then it’s time to find the size for you. To cover all the bases, we’ve given you a table with inches and centimetres which correspond to the exact UK sizing (yes it’s boring but it’s important stuff, people). Scroll a bit further down to see our recommended sizing for each boot model…

uk shoe sizing chart in inches and centimetres
Image from FOOTY.COM.
foot width uk feet measurements in inches and centimetres
Image from FOOTY.COM.

Football boot model size guide

Now it comes to the pièce de résistance (probably an overstatement), our ultimate guide to football boot model sizing in the UK. For it, we’ve gathered research from far and wide to understand fitting for all of the available silos from leading brands such as adidas, Nike, Puma and New Balance.

This list is by no means perfect, but it will give you a great steer towards which size to order for your next pair, if you’re after a standard fit to suit your measurements. NOTE: the sizing relates to those who would like a standard fit, not loose or extra tight. ‘Same’ means you should buy your usual size.

uk nike puma adidas new balance football boot model sizing chart with which size to buy
Image from FOOTY.COM.

Where to buy football boots

Well, what are the chances? You’ve only gone and landed on the only website which compares prices on football boots from 100+ retailers to bring you the lowest price! Lucky you. We’ve helped you as much as possible to understand your sizing, but online retailers today understand that you’ll want a return policy, in case you misjudge it a smidge. Find deals and buy your new football boots in confidence through FOOTY.COM today.

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