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What are the best football boots for 4G pitches?

When you’re playing on 4G pitches, you need to make sure you’ve got the right tools on your feet. Here’s our selection.

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For the lucky ones, gone are days of ankle-high, muddy quagmires and car boot changing rooms. In the last decade, more investment in quality artificial turf pitches has been helping grassroots teams avoid their standard four month, unscheduled winter break.

Football playing surfaces have come a long way since the sand-based, leg flesh removal services and even the rubber crumb 3G pitches, which can still prove a little painful on a dry day. Now, synthetic 4G grass technology allows the playing of the beautiful game as it was intended: at pace without blood.

With changes in technology underfoot, comes inevitable invention from the world’s leading football boot manufacturers. There are now hundreds of options specifically for 4G play, more commonly referred to as artificial grass or artificial ground football boots (AG for short).

With firm ground blades and metal studs not recommended, we’re here to show you which are the best. Settle in.

Can you wear firm ground (FG) boots on 4G pitches?

firm ground and artificial ground football boot soles in various colours
Image from Nike.

A common question. In short, hey it’s a free country. Do we recommend it though? Not really, no. It’s easy to get confused from looking at the feel alone, 4G ground is technically ‘firm’, right? True, but the shape of the stud and how it interacts with the turf are the key details here.

You’ll find that models of firm ground (FG) boots often have longer or wider plastic blade shapes, designed to grip and churn into dry soil. Artificial ground (AG) boots have slightly conical or entirely rounded plastic studs (see above), which are specifically designed to enter and release easily from 3G and 4G plastic turf with ease. Football’s hard enough as it is, you don’t need to try and injure yourself whilst you’re at it.

With all the techy bits to one side, let’s take a look at the best options for your game...

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Best football boots for playing on 4G pitches

5. adidas X Ghosted.1 AG

Image from adidas.

The perfect lightweight option for you to showcase your skills down at the local 4G. The adidas X has become an extremely popular silo since its release, mainly because it looks like sheer class in boot form. Graduated golds and whites seem to work amazingly well in this particular colourway.

It’s not just the looks of the X Ghosted.1 we’re liking through, it’s the fact that the soleplate has those perfect, yet underappreciated AG studs. We’ve picked the .1 out due to the lacing system, although you can find a wide range of colourways and also a laceless X option too.

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4. Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite MDS AG

Image from Nike.

Cristiano Ronaldo opts for the firm or soft ground Superfly 7, then again, he’s playing on a grass carpet mown to within a millimetre of its life every week. You’re just lucky enough to have a 4G surface nearby, meaning these could be the boots for you too. AG style.

We’ve picked out the absolute crème de la crème here with the Elite takedown. There are Pro and Academy levels offering less tech for a lower cost but if you go for the Elite option, you’re getting Nike’s 360-degree Flyknit upper with NIKESKIN overlay and All Conditions Control (ACC). No excuses there, you should be banging them in.

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3. New Balance Tekela V3 Magia AG

Image from New Balance.

OK, one for the bold folk here. If you’re about making a statement on and off the pitch, the New Balance Tekela could be your closest ally. If your game is all about agility, this lightweight one-piece boot could be the perfect value option.

Even though it’s a takedown version, it’s still jam-packed with tech. The integrated Hypoknit laceless closure works with the stretch-knit upper for a snug fit, whilst the 3D strike zone helps to aid connection and curl of the ball. You’ll do well to go missing in these.

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2. adidas Predator Mutator+ AG

Image from adidas.

We simply can’t complete our list without this classic. With 25+ years of boot design under the belt of the Predator brand, it’s safe to say they can do little wrong. Their latest iteration is the equally aggressively named Mutator, a feast of tech and quality which will propel you across the 4G turf like Pogba (on one of his good days that is).

Along with the all-important moulded AG soleplate, you’ll get a wide choice of colourways all with helpful Demonskin grip on the forefoot for added ball control and swerve. We’ve picked the lime green laceless Primeknit upper, but you can grab takedown .1, .2 and even .3 laced versions, if your budget isn’t quite on Man City’s level.

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1. Nike Phantom GT Elite AG

Image from Nike.

Nike have stepped it up again with their latest release, the Phantom GT. Luckily for you, they’ve created an AG version of it too. Trusted by players such as Harry Kane and Kevin De Bruyne, this is an elite boot for elite players. To be honest though, there’s no harm in them going on the feet of players who simply believe they’re elite (yes, that’s you).

The colour options are expanding all the time for this silo, and there are also takedown designs at Pro and Academy level for the penny-pinchers amongst us. GT stands for Generative Texture, these are the bumps which run across the upper, delivering maximum control of the ball. Off-centre lacing on a Flyknit construction makes for a streamlined chassis. We’ve gone and chosen black and red because, I mean, look at them.

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