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What are moulded football boots? - Your questions answered

If you've ever had a question about moulded football boots, this guide has you covered.

What are moulded football boots? - All you need to know in one handy guide

Here at FOOTY.COM we love our football gear and although we won’t be pushed to make a decision right now, football boots are definitely near the top of the table when it comes to the items we are most passionate about!

But in a world where various types of surface and countless options exist when it comes to footwear, it’s vital that you know your studs before purchasing a fresh pair of cleats.

To help you out, we’re going to take a closer look at moulded studs – what they are, what surface they are ideal for, which boots have them, plus some of the best options on the market.

What are moulded studs?

Moulded studs are small plastic or rubber studs which are built into the boot’s sole. Although traditionally round, they now come in various shapes and quantities depending on the manufacturer’s design. On average, each boot can have anywhere between 6 to 20+ studs which provide both support and grip to the player.

Can you wear moulded studs on various surfaces?

The short answer is yes.

Moulded studs are designed to perform on natural dry grass, 3G and 4G (the pitches that fill your feet with a lorry load of black rubber which gets everywhere). These compatible surfaces make moulded studs a popular choice amongst casual and amateur players who are not lucky enough to play and train on the plush, watered, grass pitches the stars of the Premier League are fortunate enough to.

What if I play on a sand-based pitch?

If you play your football on sand-based turf pitches then moulded studs are really not what you need. They’re not designed for that surface and are not the most stable if you want to perform at your best without any risk of injury. The same applies to indoor football where moulded studs would definitely see you twist or potentially break something. If you want to release your inner Messi on these surfaces then it’s best to purchase astroturf or indoor footwear.

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Are there any negatives to moulded studs?

The downside to moulded studs is they will suffer wear and tear during performance. Once they have worn all the way down they also can’t be replaced, meaning you’ll have to purchase a new pair of boots rather than being able to buy new studs – something you can do with their metal counterparts.

nike football boots
Image from Nike.

Which boots do I need to buy if I want moulded studs?

Firm Ground

If you’re looking to get your hands on some moulded boots then look no further than the ‘Firm Ground’ market. The vast majority of FG options come with plastic or rubber studs in various shapes and sizes. They perform best on dry grass pitches but can also be used on 3G or 4G, though if you read on you may feel there’s a better option when it comes to moulds on artificial surfaces.

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Artificial Ground

‘Artificial Ground’ boots also offer moulded studs but – as the title suggests - are not suitable for grass pitches unless you want to spend most the match falling over (Neymar?). If you’re the kind of player that just struts your stuff in a midweek 6-a-side on 3G or 4G then AG boots are certainly more than worth considering.

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Soft Ground

Beware that moulded studs can also appear in the modern ‘Soft Ground’ market. For example, the adidas X 19.1 SG have a mix of conical metal and moulded studs. However, these are made for wet grass pitches and are unsuitable for the surfaces (dry or artificial grass) a full set of moulded studs are designed for. So just steer clear if you’re specifically looking for moulded boots.

Top moulded football boots

With Firm and Artificial Ground the most popular for those looking to purchase boots with moulded studs, we thought we’d give you a head start in your search by sharing some of the best available options.

Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite

Image from Nike.

The eye-catching Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite builds on the 360 innovation of the 6.

A 360-degree Flyknit construction wraps the foot for a second-skin fit and high-tenacity yarn with a one-piece lining create a close, secure feel on the pitch. Also new is a ultra-thin NIKESKIN overlay which gets you closer to the ball for high-speed manoeuvres and All Conditions Control (ACC) finish for a reliable touch in all conditions. Built for speedsters, the lightweight forefoot plate features a Nike Aerowtrac zone with micro grooves, while angular studs combine with a new stiffer chassis to deliver explosive acceleration.

adidas Predator 19.3

Image from adidas.

David Beckham was the face of this iconic line throughout his playing days but now adidas’ legendary Predator boot has been adapted for today’s artificial grass pitches. The AG version of the 19.3 has 21 studs which, combined with a 3G or 4G surface are the perfect match. The mesh upper material is designed to follow the shape of the player’s foot, allowing for a snug, sock-like fit.

The boot, which is available in a Firm Ground version and in a range of colours, boasts a collar which extends up to the ankle offering a more secure lockdown.

New Balance Furon V5 Pro

Image from New Balance.

New Balance’s Furon V5 Pro has a Top Line Lacing system and ultralight FantomFit which give players fantastic lockdown. Add to that a recut lightweight soleplate and new infigripfoot bed insert and it results in improved traction and explosiveness. Speed then meets accuracy via an enlarged clean lace contact zone to help deliver a purer, more clinical strike.

Available in various colourways, including a limited edition Infinite Dark, New Balance is one of the only manufacturers to offer boots in a wide-fitting option – music to the ears of those with broad feet.

Nike Tiempo Legend 8

Image from Nike.

Another boot from Nike and this time we’re looking at the Tiempo Legend 8.

Built for the defenders who want to duel and dominate their opponent, superior comfort is the name of the game. Made from premium kangaroo leather innovative and adjustable Flyknit technology for a more dynamic fit, the 8’s upper diamond pattern has a look that slightly steers away from Legend tradition.

Available in various colourways, the boot’s Fit-Mesh helps contain your foot to help produce a first touch that makes the game look simple. Meanwhile a Nike Hyperstability plate and cushioned, articulated pods in the heel maximise stability.

Adidas Copa 19+

Image from Nike.

Our second adidas boot on the list is the Copa 19+ FG. Worn by the likes of Argentine playmaker Paulo Dybala, it is different to the other products we’ve listed because it doesn’t have any laces, meaning you’ll be able to start kicking the ball around while your teammates are still lacing up. The stylish design keeps the same feel as previous Copa models but has a fresh modern look to elevate the Copa to the top division.

Coming with a soft K-leather upper and Integrated X-Ray Vamp Cage, which increases comfort and improves touch, the 19+ is available in a range of colourways including jet-black or white and green.

If you weren’t sure what moulded studs were or what surface they’re most suited to before reading this article, then we hope we’ve equipped you with the knowledge to go and confidently purchase your new pair of football boots.

If that time is now then there's a range of moulded football boots at the best prices here at FOOTY.COM. Whether it’s Firm Ground, Artificial Ground or Astroturf, we will ensure the cheapest prices around for you.

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