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What are moulded football boots? [your questions answered]

If you've ever felt a little confused about moulded football boots, this guide will help you figure it out.

What are moulded football boots? all questions answered

This whole boot malarkey can be confusing, we understand. We always try to help, so this time we’re answering every question you may have about moulded football boots.

In a world where various pitch surface types and countless options exist when it comes to ‘balling footwear, it’s vital that you know your studs before purchasing a fresh pair.

To help you out, we’re going to take a closer look at every option of moulded studs; what they are, what surface they’re ideal for, which boots have them, plus some of the best options on the market too.

Engage those brains, because we’re about to dish out some serious knowledge…

What are moulded studs or ‘mouldies’?

moulded football boots showing studs
Images from Unisport.

Moulded studs are small plastic or rubber studs which are built into a football boot’s sole. And you’ll sometimes see the older school refer to them as ‘mouldies’.

Although traditionally round, they now come in various shapes, materials and quantities depending on each manufacturer’s design process.

On average, each boot can have anywhere between 6 to 20+ studs which provide both support and grip for the player.

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Can you wear moulded studs on various surfaces?

moulded stud football boot on 4g artificial turf

The short answer is yes.

Moulded studs are designed to perform on natural dry grass, 3G and 4G artificial turf (the pitches that fill your feet with a lorry load of black rubber crumbs).

Those compatible surfaces make moulded studs a popular choice amongst casual and amateur players, perhaps those who aren’t lucky enough to play on the plush grass pitches of the Premier League.

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Are there any negatives to moulded studs?

negatives to moulded football boots

The downside to moulded studs is that they will suffer wear and tear during performance. Once they’ve worn down, they can’t be replaced.

When that happens, you’ll have to purchase a new pair of boots rather than being able to buy new studs. Something you can do with their soft ground / screw in metal counterparts.

Which boots do I need to buy if I want moulded studs?

Firm ground moulded boots

firm ground moulded football boots
Image from Unisport.

If you’re looking to get your hands on some moulded boots, then look no further than the ‘firm ground’ market.

The vast majority of FG options come with plastic or rubber studs, in a wide range of shapes, quantities and sizes.

They perform best on dry grass pitches, but can also be used on 3G or 4G (although not advised).

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Artificial ground moulded boots

artificial ground moulded football boot
Image from Unisport.

AG or ‘artificial ground’ boots are also classed as moulded studs but as the title suggests, are not suitable for grass pitches. Unless you’re looking to spend most of the match on your backside, that is.

If you’re the kind of player that struts your stuff in a midweek 6-a-side on 3G/4G turf, then AG boots are certainly worth considering.

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DON'T BUY: Soft ground boots

soft ground football boot
Image from Unisport.

Beware that moulded studs often appear in the modern ‘soft ground’ boot market. They mostly sit alongside conical metal studs in newer designs.

However, these boots are made for wet grass pitches and are unsuitable for the dry (grass or artificial) surfaces we’ve mentioned.

If you’re specifically looking for moulded boots, it’d be a good idea to steer well clear of SG boots.

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Can moulded studs be worn on astro turf (2G)?

astro turf football trainers on 2g astro turf pitch

If you play your football on sand-based astro turf pitches, then moulded studs are really not what you need.

They’re not designed for that surface and aren’t the most stable, if you want to perform at your best and avoid any risk of injury.

The same applies to indoor football, where moulded studs would inevitably see you get told off by the pitch owner, or even worse, twist an ankle.

If you want to release your inner Messi on these surfaces then it’s best to purchase specialist astro turf or indoor footwear.

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The best moulded football boots available

With firm and artificial ground sole types being the most popular for moulded studs, we thought we’d give you a head start in your search by sharing some of the best available options.

We’re simply giving you the top models, all you need to do is head through to our football boot category and filter to 'firm ground' or 'artificial ground'.

5. Nike Tiempo Legend 9 (FG or AG)

Images from Unisport.

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4. adidas Predator Edge (FG or AG)

Images from Unisport.

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3. Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 (FG or AG)

Images from Unisport.

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2. adidas Copa Mundial (FG only)

Images from Unisport.

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1. Puma Ultra (FG/AG only)

Images from Unisport.

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If you weren’t sure what moulded studs were or which surface they’re most suited to, then we hope we’ve equipped you with the knowledge to confidently grab your next pair of moulded football boots.

If that time is now, then there's a range of moulded football boots at the best prices here at FOOTY.COM. Whether it’s firm ground or artificial ground boots, we’ll find you the cheapest prices.

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