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Top 10 best adidas football boots for 2020

There have been some truly stunning adidas football boots this year. Let’s try to rank them.

adidas predator accelerator boots in gold

Last time, I compiled a list containing my favourite pairs of Nike boots for 2020. So, it seemed only right to do the same for adidas. 

It goes without saying what an iconic brand the German manufacturer is, having created some of the most memorable pairs of football boots in history. Whether it be the classy, understated Copa Mundial model worn by linesmen and referees across the country, or the fashionably on-trend, sleek-looking new wave of Predator boots we’ve seen introduced onto the market, adidas are still very much at the heart of football. 

And always will be.

In recent times, adidas have decided to treat us to a host of awesome remakes, some of which are included in this list below. I won’t give too much away, cos that would just spoil the fun, wouldn’t it now?

So, without further ado, ladies and gents, here are (in my humble opinion ) the 10 best adidas boots for 2020. 

10. Adidas Nemeziz Inner Game - Blue/Gold

Image from adidas.

We kick off this list with the increasingly popular adidas Nemeziz model - in blue and gold, to be precise. These bad boys are slick as you like; ultra-modern and would go perfectly well with Leicester City’s current home kit, wouldn’t they? I’m not expecting most of you to have a Leicester strip just knocking around the house, but check it out on FOOTY.COM and visualise yourself wearing it with these boots. 

Unless you’re a Derby or Forest fan, then maybe don’t do that.

9. Adidas Predator 19.1 Dark Script - Blackout

Image from adidas.

For any of you that read my ranking of the best Nike boots the other week, you’ll perhaps be unsurprised that this list features several blackout boots. I’m a huge fan of the simplicity, you see, and adidas nailed it perfectly by releasing these blackout Predators earlier this year. Robust, yet ice-cool. I imagine if you wear these, you’re good at free-kicks. Really good at them.

8. Adidas X 19+ 302 Redirect - Silver/Red

Image from adidas.

The Adidas X is one of my favourite models the German manufacturer are producing at the moment, and I am absolutely loving the silver and red pair they released earlier this year. They look like a pair of football boots made in the year 3000 (big Busted fan); almost like something an extra-terrestrial being would wear if he was playing for the Crown & Anchor on a Sunday morning down Hackney Marshes. Cool boots sent from the future. 

7. Adidas Copa Gloro 19 Hard Wired - Solar Yellow

Image from adidas.

There is absolutely nothing to dislike about the adidas Copa Gloro model. The old-school, vintage designs partner an extremely reasonable price-tag (check them out on FOOTY.COM) for those who aren’t particularly up to date with the very latest designs, and don’t even want to be. 

The Gloro’s are for your dad, when he decides that he’s spent enough time away from the 11-a-side game and fancies giving 5-a-side ago, not realising that it’s full of absolutely rapid tricksters whose sole purpose is to embarrass them for 40 minutes on a Wednesday night down Goals. 

However, the Gloro’s underwent a makeover this year and adidas decided to test out what they’d look like on the feet of the aforementioned trickster, instead of your 48-year-old father. Old-school meets new-school with these solar yellow boots, and I'm absolutely loving everything about them. That is until I'm skinned by a cocky 19-year-old wearing them in front of all my pals. Then, I'll hate them forever. 

6. Adidas X 19.1 Dark Script - Blackout

Image from adidas.

Yes, the blackouts are back. I told you they would be. This time it’s the X version I want to pay homage too, though. Just like the Predators, these boots are a perfect example of keeping things simple, while also keeping up with the latest trends. If you’re a stickler for matching kits and boots, then let me suggest pairing these with Juventus’ kit this season; you’ll look the business, trust me. Everyone will want to be your mate and if they don’t, well, that’s their loss. Great boots, these. Understated, no fuss, maximum effectiveness. 

5. Adidas Predator 19+ Paul Pogba Season 5 - White/Red

Image from adidas.

Adidas have teased us with these, they really have. They’ve released a boot here in a very similar colourway to the best boots ever made in history, bar none – the Champagne 2002 adidas Predator Mania. Part of the Paul Pogba Season 5 pack, these boots are magical. 

The Predator remains adidas’ most iconic model, so it’s imperative that the brand make sure new releases are kept in alignment to what has gone before. Well, these tick all the right boxes.

Just like at the World Cup in Japan 17 years ago, when David Beckham really put the Mania’s on the map, these boots stole the show when they were released earlier this year. Looked unbelievable in United’s kit, too. Bravo.

4. Adidas Copa 19.1 Virtuso - White/Green

Image from adidas.

Just class, from start to finish. An elegant pair of football boots with a simplistic design to be worn by creative No.10s around the country. Much like the Predator, the Copa’s are another one of adidas’ most iconic football boots known worldwide. The Mundial is a timeless classic that will never, ever go out of fashion, but these jazzy remakes have really invigorated them and, for that, you can only commend adidas.

3. Adidas Predator Accelerator 25 Year Edition - Gold

Image from adidas.

So, this is where my list turns into a tribute to remakes of old-school models from yesteryear, and we begin with an absolute cracker. The adidas Predator Accelerator was  originally released in 1998, made famous by the likes of Zinedine Zidane completely bossing midfields for Real Madrid in a heavily-sponsored ‘Teka' kit – you know the one. 

25 years later and adidas re-released them, this time in gold. These boots are a statement, that’s for sure, and if you’re a player with limited ability, just walk straight past them if you see them on the shelves in the shop – they're not for you. You’ve got to be a 30 goal+ striker to even start justifying wearing these, and even then it’s at your own risk...

2. Adidas f50 Tunit Remake - Blue

Image from adidas.

The 2006 World Cup was flooded by the Adidas f50 Tunit. I’m thinking Lionel Messi, Lukas Podolski, Ashley Cole and the like when I look at these boots. Great memories. Just last month adidas decided that we all deserved a treat and re-released these iconic boots, though. The Germans polished them up a bit, gave them a bit of a modern edge but ultimately kept true to the original design and executed it to complete perfection. Take. A. Bow.

1. Adidas Predator Precision 25 Years Edition - White

Image from adidas.

Although adidas have been busy creating and releasing some beautiful new boots this year, there could only be one winner in my eyes – the adidas Predator Precision remakes. 

I'm sure (hope) that most of you will agree. Originally released in 2000, these boots were made for the tough-tackling centre-midfielders who could also spray a 50-yard pass with minimal back-swing. 

The iconic red tongue and wave-like three adidas stripes all contribute to a stunning boot here. A boot that goes with quite literally any kit in the world, in fact. You could get a beautifully whipped cross away in these puppies, right on your striker’s head, for him to completely miss and then proceed to blame you. 

10/10, these. High-fives all round.

So there you go, those are some of the best football boots of the year so far. I really hope you enjoyed reading through it, but let me know if you think I’ve missed any awesome releases by commenting below!

If you want to get your hands on a pair of these bad boys - well, you’d be pretty silly not to compare prices at FOOTY.COM first.

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