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The Best Football Boots For Passing - Our top 4 picks

In a pair of any of these boots you’ll be spraying balls across the pitch like Andrea Pirlo in his prime.

The Best Football Boots For Passing - 4 top picks

Football boots are at the height of sporting technology. The likes of Nike, adidas, Puma and all the rest have their secret little laboratories where they waggle their test tubes and place laces under a Bunsen burner, all in the name of science.

Every piece of the modern-day football boot has been extracted, dissected and placed under the microscope to make it the best it possibly can be. This is to make sure that every aspect of the game can be performed to the highest standard. From shooting to passing, sprinting to jumping, with the right boot tech, your very own footwear can take your game to the next level.

Passing has become, probably, the most underrated skill in the modern game. Everyone loves to watch classic goal compilations on YouTube with loving, glassy eyes; we have golden boot awards for those who can bag the most goals, trophies for clean sheets, but very few appreciate the beauty of a killer decisive pass or the players who perform glorious, defence splitting passes on a regular basis – the likes of Aguero are always going to be loved more than the Kevin De Bruynes of the world for this exact reason.

Which boots do you need to cop if you think of yourself as the ultimate pass master? The ultimate midfield maestro who takes the game by the scruff of the neck and dictates play, spraying passes to every corner of the pitch with inch perfect precision?

Nike Phantom VNM

Image from Nike.

Originally designed as the perfect boot for finishers, it is the same boot tech that allows for precise, powerful shooting that allows players to also play intricate passes with every part of the foot. Instep ridges help with close basic passing as well as pulling off big, play switching passes out to the wings. The ridges give better grip over the ball and produces extra spin to guide curved passes into the path of incoming forwards. A bobbled toe box helps place those last-minute direct passes under pressure and helps you slip passes through tight defences.

adidas Predator

Image from adidas.

The adi Predator has been considered the first choice boot for the passers of the game since the days of Beckham and Zidane - two players who could pick out a man in another stadium. The Predator 19 has been revised, remodelled, and redesigned since the playing days of golden balls and Zizou into the ultimate passing machine. The Controlskin upper improves control over the ball in any condition and the Sockfit collar creates a comfortable base for passing over short and long distances. The new laceless construction gives players greater control with the top of the foot for those more ambitious volley-esque passes.


Image from Puma.

If anyone ever wants to see how much of an influence a great passer can have on a game then you need only look at David Silva. The little Spaniard has a lot to his game, but it is his ability to always find a pass in a throng of bodies that makes him so vital.

K-leather brings so much to the football boot game that it is probably one of the standout materials amongst boot makers; it gives that premium touch and control that helps players guide their passes with laser precision. A k-leather toe box is similar to having a well chalked snooker cue, you gain so much added direction, spin and power on the ball its almost as if you can’t miss a pass when you’re wearing them.

Nike Tiempo Legend VII

Image from Nike.

We rarely talk about defenders in any other terms except defending. Which is a real shame when you consider that in the modern game it is defenders who are making the majority of passes on the pitch; and not just side-to-side passes to retain possession, but direct long balls that pick out forward runners, fast paced bullet passes into midfield to break through the lines and start the play, as well as intricate passing triangles under the feet of false nines to relieve pressure at the back and break out of their own half.

The Tiempo Legend VII is a popular boot of choice for defenders, and that isn’t just because of their sturdy frames that can hold up to a tackle. They aren’t quite k-leather, but they do utilise an ultra-soft leather very well which creates great touch and control everywhere on the foot; a Flyknit heel with Flywire cables holds it all together snuggly for a second skin fit.

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