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The best cheap football boots 2020 | Under £50

Boots don't need to be expensive, and if you know where to look you could soon be dazzling defences in footwear as cheap as chips.

cheap football boots

Football boot prices continue to rise. If you’re a serious football player, you begrudgingly put up with the expenditure because ultimately, you will get the use out of them if you’re playing the sport 2-3 times every week. However, if you are more of a sporadic player whose main outings on the football pitch are limited to the odd game of 5-a-side, a cheaper pair of boots are all that’s required.

In my latest guide, I’m taking a look at which football boots are currently available on the market for under £50. Let’s get started.

Are cheap football boots worth it?

Before anything, we need to weigh up whether or not it’s worth buying cheaper football boots in the first place.

As previously mentioned, if you’re a serious football player who regularly plays the sport then it’s worth investing in a more expensive pair of boots, as you will need more longevity from your purchase. However, if you are a casual participant who plays 5-a-side once a week or every so often, then saving money on a cheaper pair of boots is definitely worth it. After all, no boots are just going to fall apart immediately just because they cost under £50 - they will still serve you well if you are not playing 3-4 times a week.

So, in summary, yes, cheap football boots are definitely worth purchasing, especially if you are a casual footballer wearing them once or twice a week.

Good brands for cheap football boots

As with any pair of football boots, the obvious, big-name manufacturers are great when it comes to releasing cheaper versions of their more expensive models. Boots these days now have eye-watering price tags which, for a lot of us, are simply unaffordable. Brands such as Nike, adidas and Puma realise this, however, which is why the continually release a ‘middle version’ of a boot - usually priced between £80-£120 (the top-tier pair usually cost around £250-£300) - and a more basic version of the boot, tailored for casual footballers who want to look good on the pitch without bankrupting themselves. These boots usually cost between £30-£50 and are a great alternative if you cannot fork out the big bucks on a pair of football boots.

New Balance, Umbro and Mizuno are also brands who offer cheaper versions of their main football boots, all of which can be easily found on FOOTY.COM.

Cheap Nike football boots

Nike Premier II

Nike offer a fantastic array of cheap football boots, with the ‘Premier II’ model a hugely popular pair favoured by amateur football players across the country. The most expensive version of the Premier II boots - based on the famous old-school Nike Tiempos - are priced at around £105 with most retailers, though there is a cheaper version available for purchase for between £40-50, which is great news for anyone who likes the look of them but doesn’t want to part with over £100 for a pair of football boots.

The Nike Premier II is an effortlessly cool boot; robust, yet classy. Eye-catching, but not too much of a statement boot. Understated, if you will. We’re huge fans and would urge anybody on the lookout for a new pair of cheap football boots to check them out. Again, the best deals can be found on FOOTY.COM.

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Nike Phantom

Another great model Nike produce are the incredibly eye-pleasing Phantoms. Again, like the Premiers, more expensive versions of this magnificent boot are available but they do not come cheap, retailing at around the £200 mark. Indeed, many retailers offer an entry-level version of this beautiful model - priced at around £45 - so, if you’re on the lookout for a swish pair of heels but your bank balance is currently holding you back, FOOTY.COM have got you covered.

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Cheap adidas football boots

adidas Copa Gloro

Just like Nike, adidas also offer a wide variety of cheap football boots, imitating the brand’s more expensive versions. The German manufacturers currently offer cheaper versions of the X, Nemeziz and, of course, the Predators - each costing around the £50 mark, ensuring that players from all levels are able to pick up the perfect boots to wear, without busting the bank. My personal favourites are the adidas Copa Gloros, though. These boots completely simplify the game: no fuss, durable and stylish, what more could you ask for? Oh yes of course, a pleasing price tag.

Retailing for roughly £50 on most sites, the adidas Copa Gloro are an old-school style boot, loosely modelled on the world-famous Copa Mundials. The traditional three stripes are unmissable on the outside of each boot, while there is a useful elasticated band attached to the tongue, which wraps around the base of the boot to ensure that your laces remain intact throughout the entire 90-minute performance.

A mix between early-00s Predators and Mundial’s, these boots are pure class and I would thoroughly recommend them to anybody looking for a cheap pair of new football boots to aid casual participation. You’ll look the business down at Powerleague, too, I promise.

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How can I save money on cheap football boots?

It’s easy to save money on football boots, you just need to know where to look. As with shopping for any product, it is best to compare prices from an array of different retailers before making a purchase. We understand that you may not have the time to do this, though, which is why using FOOTY.COM is the perfect solution! Simply search whichever boots you are interested in on our website - Firm Ground, Soft Ground and Multi-Ground - and we’ll do the rest, finding you the cheapest deals on every boot on the market.

It is also worth noting the time of year that you make a purchase. For instance, as we edge closer to spring, where the pitches start to become firmer and therefore require a Firm Ground boot, Soft Ground boots may become discounted on certain websites as there is less interest from buyers. If you are in no rush to purchase a new pair of boots for a specific time of year, then buying your stud-types out of the typical season (FG boots in autumn/winter and SG in spring/summer) could be a good idea as you will be able to take advantage of the sales.

Again, let us help you when doing this, by visiting our pages dedicated to comparing prices for both Soft Ground and Firm Ground boots.

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