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The best all-round football boots suitable for any position

Sometimes you simply need a boot that can do it all. Each of these boots fall into that category.

The best all-round football boots suitable for any position

Some players aren’t looking for specialist boots. For those who love to operate all over the pitch, it’s important that you can find a pair of the best football boots that are able to do it all.

We can’t all be like Messi and Ronaldo, and if there’s one thing the modern game needs, it is the utility player. This season has proven just how valuable the likes of James Milner can be to a team: the positionless squad man who can fit in anywhere and do any job assigned to him.

When you have the energy to get around the pitch and struggle to remain in the boundaries of a single position, it can be difficult knowing which pair of boots to step out in. Whilst some boots are designed specifically for certain positions; such as the adidas X, perfect for speedy wingers, and the Tiempo Legend, designed specifically to aid a defender, are there any models out there that can help you do a job in any position? We think we’ve found a few…

adidas Predator

Image from adidas.

Whilst the Predators have established themselves as a great midfielder’s boot silo at the top level of football, the players that choose to don a pair are the types of players who like to get box to box and provide as much defensive work as attacking threat. As the boots trickle down into the Sunday leagues and 5-a-side games, amongst amateur players, it is the Predator that is seen as a great value option that can do the job of a number of different boots, all at the same time.

With great touch and control, precision shooting, passing accuracy and the durability to stand up to some serious tackles and weekly wear and tear, the Predator has to be one of the top choices for players who love a crunching tackle just as much as a sweet top bin finesse.

Nike Magista Opus II

Image from Kitbag.

What better way to find a boot suitable for a great utility player than by looking at the feet of ole’ reliable himself – James Milner. Millie has been wearing his trusted Magista Opus for a few seasons now, including the current 18/19 campaign which saw him lift the Champions League trophy.

The boots themselves are a great lightweight option that fit snugly thanks to the Kanga-lite and mesh upper which moulds to the exact shape of the wearer’s foot. This soft and supple upper, once moulded to your foot shape, gives you a close feel to the ball whilst cushioning impacts form passes and tackles alike.

Strategically placed 3D areas on the lateral and medial sides allow you to play the ball with inventive passes, all the time maintaining perfect control.

Puma King

Image from Puma.

One OG pair of cleats that people still love to this day is the Puma King. Because let’s face it, what a pair of boots they were! Their relatively simple look couldn’t stop the from becoming a household name in the boot world; the classic big tongue, monochrome design and stitched leather is exactly what jumps to mind when you think of a football cleat. And not only did they look exquisite, they also played like a dream.

The 100% PUMA Lite leather combined with quilted vamp gives maximum comfort and durability. The twelve plastic stud, firm ground configuration creates optimum traction which redirects energy back into your step. These boots can help anyone excel at either end of the pitch.

Mizuno Morelia Neo II

Image from Mizuno.

The Japanese boot makers have constantly produced great boots that can perform for defenders, midfielders, forwards, and even goalkeepers. Their smart constructions are designed, not for any particular position, but to be able to deal with all of the demands of the game.

The kangaroo leather forefoot is ultra-thin, which is exactly where it needs to be for players to get the right purchase on the ball whilst remaining thicker and more durable in other places to help protect players who like to throw their feet into the danger areas.

The anatomical central lacing gives a unique fit for any foot shape, moulding the cushioned, stitched upper to wrap around the foot in the right places, giving extra support when changing direction and preventing your feet from slipping around inside the boot.

New Balance Tekela Pro

Image from New Balance.

The new generation boots from New Balance have burst onto the scene and have revolutionised the game for the allrounder, with a whole bunch of great tech that elevates performance at every opportunity.

An elasticated mid-cut mesh collar containing a silicone print detailing completely locks your feet in place whilst an engineered TPU with inlayed nylon chassis and conical studs provide complete 360-degree rotational traction, perfect for bombing upfield, switching the game from side to side and tracking back.

The kinetic stitch technology provides unparalleled grip on every part of the upper so you can control the ball and spread a pass at any distance easier than ever. Regardless of where you find yourself on the pitch, these boots provide you with the tools to get you out of danger and set yourself up in attack.

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