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The 5 best blackout boots of the last decade

You’re old school. We get it. Only blackout boots can grace your pitch. Here’s our selection of the best men’s all black football boots from the last 10 years.

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During the 1970 Charity Shield, Everton’s captain Alan Ball attempted to start a revolution by boldly debuting his pair of white Hummels. It’s safe to say, it didn’t quite catch on as quickly as Hummel had hoped.

It took over 20 years before a certain Roberto Baggio, Italy’s iconic number 10, rocked a pair of sparkling white Diadora at the USA ’94 World Cup. Of course, whilst it’s wholly acceptable to wear all-manner of fluorescent coloured boots in the game today (without getting laughed at), we know that’s not everyone’s bag.

The timeless classic or the comeback king?

For players loyal to the black football boot, it’s a timeless classic. For players who’ve dabbled with the world of vibrant colourways in recent years, the black boot can feel like a much-needed return to normality. Nostalgia epitomised.

If you’re looking to step away from the glitz and glamour of boots that whisper on the breeze, “we’re the lightest ever” or scream from the rooftops, “look at me!”, you’ve come to the right place. Everyone knows; the players that wear black boots are the players that crack on, let their feet do the talking, and don’t brag about it.

Unfortunately, it seems that the pros these days are subject to wearing what they are told to, only to appease their high-paying sponsors. This doesn’t mean you haven’t got the choice though. From words made eternal by the late Amy Winehouse; it’s time to go back to black.

adidas Copa Mundial FG Blackout 2014

Image from Unisport.

Brought to the world market in 1979, the Copa Mundial is one of the iconic boots of all time. How do you improve on something which has been selling tens of thousands of pairs every year since its release? Give it the blackout treatment.

With the premium K-leather upper of the original and the addition of a fully black soleplate, it had a design that catapulted the Copa Mundial into a new era. To add a little touch of class, adidas added gold lettering to the brand and model name, whilst the infamous white cotton tongue was blacked-out too.

The result? A beautiful dark twist on a classic.

Who wears the adidas Copa Mundial? Once worn by a fresh-faced Zinedine Zidane, a big tackling Lothar Matthaus, an inimitable Franz Beckenbauer and practically every player that played for Germany pre-2000.

Nike Tiempo Premier FG Triple Black 2016

Image from Unisport.

The original Nike Tiempo was born in 1994, given to top players to showcase in their respective teams at USA ‘94: Brazil and Italy. The design has stood the test of time and in 2016, it was time to reinvent it.

You can see from the light wrinkles of the kangaroo leather upper; this is clearly a high-quality boot. It was made affordable by Nike too, originally retailing at only £100 in the UK.

The major part of the redesign was the dominant Nike ‘Swoosh’ that made the Tiempo famous, changed to an understated, embossed colourless version.

A true all-rounder, worn by tough-tackling defenders and skilful no.10s; it has a stud formation that gives both agility and acceleration on firm ground.

The result? Sheer stealth coupled with pure comfort.

Who wears the Nike Tiempo? Once worn by goal-scoring machine Romario, human brick wall Paolo Maldini and silky tooth-hoarder Ronaldinho.

Puma King Top K di FG Black/Black/Gold 2014

Image from Unisport.

Far less trashy than the Tiger King, the Puma King is known as one of the ultimate boots for comfort and durability. Worn by some of the world’s finest since 1966, no less. You may have even heard tall tales of amateur players with pairs that have lived with them for an entire career.

A couple of dashes of gold sit like a crown, only to add more to the majesty of these boots. With the standard branding on the tongue and upper outside, this colourway is extremely easy on the eye.

In true ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ fashion, the conical Puma moulded studs we’ve come to recognise, continue to be used. Along with a long-lasting, premium kangaroo leather upper.

These boots don’t care if you’re quick. All they care about is getting that ball under control. Built for first touch, you’ll feel like you’re shuffling around the turf with your favourite slippers on.

The result? Incredible comfort, deft touch, and classic looks.

Who wears the Puma King? Once worn by Portuguese powerhouse Eusebio, nutty genius Paul Gascoigne, and the inventor of the most famous turn in football, Johan Cruyff.

New Balance Furon 4.0 Pro FG Black 2018

Image from Soccerloco.

New Balance released the first version of the Furon back in 2015. Since then, they’ve been adapting the slick technology to improve games worldwide. We’ve chosen the 4.0 for our list, as it combines some nice tech and sharp looks.

A one-piece, 4-layer construction including FantomFit frame and lightweight mesh, this boot is super lightweight. Built for pace and sharp acceleration. The cross-mesh styling is understated when coupled with New Balance’s own simple lace technology, giving a clear contact zone for striking that ball where you need it to go. Every time.

The Furon soleplate moulded stud layout can give traction where it’s needed on firm surfaces. Working in tandem with the anti-friction top cloth, you’ll be stable and ready to screw that full-back into the turf.

The result? Modern, sleek styling and top-notch tech at your disposal.

Who wears the New Balance Furon? Once worn by wing wizard Sadio Mane, midfield dynamo Aaron Ramsey, and captain fantastic Vincent Kompany.

Pantofola d’Oro Lazzarini Tongue (Made in Italy) Combi SG Blackout 2016

Image from Pro:Direct Rugby.

Pantofola d’Oro literally translates to English as: ‘the golden slipper’. And is often referred to as the godfather of black football boots. Founded in 1886, they know a thing or two about the craft. Their creations are as beautiful as the game itself and we’ve had to narrow it down to just one.

Bellissimo! They look like they should be on display in a museum, don’t they? Pure art. Alas, you can get your hands on these and ghost around the field like the true icon you are.

Handcrafted in Italy, including a combi-stud soleplate that somehow adds even more style. Premium calf leather is the main ingredient, built for control and comfort. We couldn’t live with ourselves if we didn’t mention the circa 2000, Beckham-esque oversized tongue. Coupled with an elastic strap, it makes striking that ball even more enjoyable.

The result? Unbridled, football bootery for the purist.

Who wears Pantafolo d’Oro? Once worn by volley extraordinaire Marco Van Basten, hip-swinger Roger Milla, and overly passionate Italian Paolo Di Canio.

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