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Nike Phantom Vision vs. Nike Phantom Venom: Which is the better boot for you?

Nike's new Phantom division is the cream of the crop when it comes to boots. But which Phantom boot is the best?
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4 years ago


Phantom Vision vs Phantom Venom

Ever read an article about boots that starts by talking about fraternal twins? Well, here goes.

Fraternal twins only share about half the same genes as one another and don’t look anything like their sibling. In some ways the same could be said about the Nike Phantom Venom and the Nike Phantom Vision, the two leading boots in Nike’s Phantom department.

This article will help you figure out which twi..., I mean boot, is the best option for you.

Introduction to the Nike Phantom Vision

Image from Nike.

Nike released the Nike Phantom Vision (sometimes shortened to PhantomVSN) as an evolution of the Nike Magista and the boot is now considered the manufacturer’s go-to boot silo for precision and control players.

The skin of the Phantom Vision is extremely grippy, improving the passing ability of the wearer and enabling a better first touch. You’ll also find ghost lace technology, a system which helps players to tighten their boots to the desired fit whilst also concealing the laces themselves for better control. Further supporting the touch and control elements of the Phantom Vision is Nike’s trademark Flyknit upper.

With all these features it's no surprise that many users have described the boot as having something of a barefoot feel. As if we needed any more confirmation of the target audience, midfield maestros Kevin De Bruyne and Philippe Coutinho have worn the Visions in the past, and if you had to pick any two players who knew both how to pick a pass and also control the tempo of a game you couldn’t do much better.

Introduction to the Nike Phantom Venom

Image from Nike.

The Nike Phantom Venom (PhantomVNM) is the sequel to the Nike Hypervenom and follows closely in its footsteps of its famous predecessor.

Though the silo maintains an emphasis on improving the performance of strikers, there is new technology to be found too. The most notable of these new features is the Precision PWR strike zone, an area on the instep of the boot which consists of 13 ridges to help players strike the ball better. You also get partially hidden laces that, although not as hidden as the ‘Ghost Laces’ of the PhantomVSN, provide a 30 percent bigger strike zone than the Hypervenom. Like the Phantom Vision, the Phantom Venom also uses a Flyknit upper to add comfort and flexibility during movement. And as you’d expect from any Nike boot, the tech extends right from top to bottom with a new HyperReactive 2.0 soleplate designed to maximise torque-fuelled movements of a player.

In terms of the types of players who wear the Phantom Venom, one word immediately spring to mind: goals. Harry Kane, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alex Morgan are three deadly finishers who have utilised the new boot, which is a pretty strong crop of players to call on.

Which boot has the best colour options?

Historically the two predecessors to these boots, the Magista and the Hypervenom, were often available in a range of oranges and yellows. The Phantom series has carried on this tradition, and both the Vision and Venom have already shared colourways during their short lifespan as part of the "Game Over" pack at the start of the year.

Image from Nike.

If I had to pick out a couple of personal favourite colours though, I’d start with the Obsidian Blue Phantom Vision as part of the "Fully Charged" pack. The colours are surreal, it feels like falling into a black hole when you look at them, either that or I’ve got a vivid imagination.

Image from Nike.

For the Phantom Venom, I’m going for the the Blue/White version seen in the “Euphoria” pack. Here the colours have literally been splashed on, like someone has flicked a paint brush and liked what they saw. Very brave but very cool.

Which boot is more comfortable?

Both boots are very comfortable, owing to the fact they share Nike’s Flyknit technology. Flyknit provides both comfort and crucially flexibility for the full range of movements a player will make during any given game. That being said there are some distinct features that stand out between the Vision and the Venom.

The Nike Phantom Venom fits very similarly to its predecessor the Hypervenom, with a very thick upper construction making it harder to wear in. Though it is a fairly comfortable boot (in part due to it’s lightweight feel), it doesn’t not quite compare to the Phantom Vision in terms of comfort however.

Image from Nike.

Nike designers really wanted the Phantom Vision to be comfy and the new Quadfit technology is testament to that. Quadfit is significant in that you don’t need to worry about breaking it in, something which is an unfortunate necessity for the vast majority of boots. Instead players can get that ‘worn in’ feeling from the get-go, with foot locking into place immediately. It also uses a Dynamic Fit Collar which makes the fit unique to each player as it adapts to different foot sizes.

In terms of durability, the Phantom Venom utilises FlyWire cables across the boot to increase its sturdiness.

The Phantom Vision is a more comfortable boot to wear, though from a durability perspective the Phantom Venom edges ahead.

Which boot performs best on the pitch?

When it comes to performance, these two boots stand out in different ways. As they are both fairly comfortable they will both perform well, however due to the durable nature of the Vision and its first touch abilities it makes it a better overall performer. Let’s face it no matter what position you play in, you are going to need a good first touch to play well.

Image from Nike.

Most boots these days come with versions for all surfaces and the Phantom series is no different. Both the Vision and the Venom come with boots for soft ground, hard ground, artificial ground, astro and indoor football.

Which boot is best for strikers?

This one is easy: the Phantom Venom. The boot has literally been crafted for strikers. It offers the striker more ways to finish the attacking move with its striking technology whilst also minimising wayward shots, even if it won’t quite turn you into a five-a-side Harry Kane.

Which boot is best for midfielders?

Another easy decision: the Phantom Vision. It’s in the name really, midfielders often have the best vision on the pitch, and these boots only add to it. This boot will put that little bit more weight on each pass and also provide a great first touch in order to help set up the next attack.

Which boot is best for defenders?

This one is tricky, as both boots are fairly equally matched. As we’ve already mentioned a sound first touch is suitable for anyone on the football pitch, not least the modern defender who will often act as a supporting midfielder, so the Vision might be the best bet. Attacking fullbacks would also benefit from this boot when they are whipping in a cross to the back post.

Which boot is best for goalkeepers?

Same as the defender situation, neither boot stands out as clearly better pick for a goalkeeper. If I had to choose in a pinch though I’d give it to the Phantom Venom, not for it’s assistance in scoring but for the added benefit you’d get for clearances and goal kicks.

Which boot offers the best value for money?

Image from Nike.

The first thing to do if you want to find Nike football boots at a price to suit you is to understand the way Nike boots are categorised. There are 4 tiers of boots, starting with the highest quality “Elite” tier. These boots are virtually identical to those worn by your favourite players, featuring the same quality materials and intricate details that you’ll notice on all the promo pics of any fresh boot pack release.

Further down the pyramid though you’ll still find quality options. After “Elite” we have “Pro”, “Academy” and finally “Club” in order of quality from highest to lowest. You might also see some of these versions referred to as “takedown” versions of boots. Although the non-Elite tiers aren’t the same as most pros wear, they will still carry many of the core features and design characteristics of their respective silos. Crucially, and as you’d expect, the boots get a lot cheaper as you move down the tiers also, so depending on the level you play at and your budget, you might be best opting for a particular tier.

The Nike Phantom Vision is a more expensive boot across all tiers, and it seems that Nike have valued the technology in this boot slightly more than the Phantom Venom. For a ballpark figure, you can get the Pro tier of the boot for a little over £100, which is really good value.

For the very best deals on Phantom boots, you’ll want to check out our cheap football boots page. Here you’ll find absolute bargains that are likely to sell out quickly, so if you find something you like be prepared to act fast!


Image from Nike.

In all honesty it’s really hard to separate these boots. The Phantom Vision puts its energy into improving the play of midfield playmakers, though it’s competitor the Phantom Venom is no slouch in that department either. Both utilise a lot of the same technology and both are relatively comfortable. Colour options are very similar across many packs, and both are worn by the best players in the world in relative positions.

Remember the twins comment at the start? This is like picking a favourite child.

Given a push I’d recommend the Nike Phantom Venom for two reasons. Value for money and well, who wouldn’t want a boot that gives you the best chance at scoring more goals. Perfect for five-a-side, right?

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