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Nike Phantom GX vs. GT: review & comparison

Nike have released their new Phantom GX silo into the wild, so we’re here to put it to the test.

nike phantom gx versus gt full review and comparison

The Nike Phantom GX is the latest release from Nike’s long-running Phantom range, arriving on cue at the World Cup knockouts back in late 2022.

It has firmly stolen the reins from the popular Phantom GT silo & later, the updated Phantom GT2.

Bringing a raft of new technology and a fresh, sleek look, it evokes fond memories of the superb Hypervenom, Phantom VSN and VNM designs.

Thanks to Nike, we were lucky enough to get our keen feet into the low-cut Elite FG in a Baltic Blue/Pink Blast/White colourway for a testing session.

Here’s our review, along with some useful comparisons when it comes to the GX vs. GT…

Nike Phantom GX Review

We took the Elite FG, low-cut model for a spin on our local 3G turf at Nike Partner Club, Gateshead Redheugh 1957. And, here’s everything you need to know…

Design & Looks

nike phantom gx football boots in blue on concrete

The camera doesn’t lie, this is quite simply a beautiful looking football boot.

The two-layer construction is going to make for some fun and interesting colourway combos, much like the playful Baltic Blue that we tested.

The accenting on the Swoosh pops in pink, and we’re excited to see wacky stuff coming down the line from their design team.

For us, it’s far more sleek and eye-catching than the Phantom GT2 ever was. On and off feet.

The Dynamic Fit model also has a Flyknit lace covering, which for some, will add another layer of neatness.

Main difference vs. Phantom GT: There is no argument for us in that the Phantom GX is simply a better looking football boot.

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Uppers & Fit

nike phantom gx football boots in blue and white on feet with ball

The main thing to look at here is the patented Gripknit technology which covers the boot. It’s sticky, very sticky.

Surface area for controlling and striking the ball has been expanded, with Gripknit covering the bottom two laces on the forefoot.

These boots were easy enough to get on and off, even out of the box. You certainly won’t be standing in a warm bath for weeks on end.

The heel area is supportive but not overpowering, giving a solid enough structure with flexibility to move freely.

Our model went true to size, and the fit was perfect. We’d even recommend that wide-footed players give them a go.

Main difference vs. Phantom GT: The Phantom GX has a pointier toe box than the GT (suited to some players), and the GX is much stickier and flexible with its revolutionary Gripknit uppers.

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Soleplate & Responsiveness

nike phantom gx football boots showing fg soleplate in white

We played with Nike’s firm ground (FG) soleplate which has tri-star stud formation and flex groove forefoot.

This combination was full of traction and we gladly avoided unwantedly hitting the cold, wet turf.

The soleplate itself has enough flex to be comfortable, but enough spring to offer power off the mark on demand.

A solid section throughout the midfoot area offers more support than the earlier GT models.

Main difference vs. Phantom GT: The Phantom GX is more responsive than the GT, thanks to its tri-star stud formation and full, springy midfoot soleplate.

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Midsole & Comfort

nike phantom gx football boots in blue and white on feet with ball

Whilst the Phantom GX isn’t packed with ¾ Air units like the latest Mercurial models, it’s still a comfortable boot to wear.

The knitted low-cut collar is non-offensive and doesn’t rub the ankle during play, supporting player movement well.

For those who require more ankle support, we’d recommend going for the Dynamic Fit model which includes a tall Flyknit collar.

Even fresh out of the box, our model didn’t experience any unwanted blisters or friction from the boots. Also, there were no signs of the studs jabbing through.

Main difference vs. Phantom GT: The Phantom GX supports the entire sole of the foot, whereas the GT only supported the outside (not the instep area).

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Durability & Weight

nike phantom gx football boots in blue and white being carried

It’s hard to test for durability over the course of a few hours, but the boots didn’t show any signs of marking after we’d put them through their paces on 3G, in poor weather.

Like the camera, the scales don’t lie either. The Phantom GX weighs 204g, compared to the Phantom GT2 which is 218g (both UK 8.5). A huge 14g difference.

Our main question would be around the lifespan of the Gripknit, how long does it last? Unfortunately, only Nike will claim to know the answer.

The uppers are water-repellent, which means the rain wasn’t an issue during testing and our feet were kept bone dry.

Our second question would be around the soft ground (SG) models, and whether this colourway (or similar) would clean up well after a mud bath. Likely not.

Overall, it’s an extremely well-built boot which for us, would easily last one season or more.

Main difference vs. Phantom GT: The Phantom GX is likely to be less durable than the GT, due to wear and tear of the Gripknit upper. The GX is 14g lighter than the GT2 though.

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Watch on YouTube | Our Nike Phantom GX On Feet Test

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We hope this review answers any questions you have around whether the Nike Phantom GX is right for your game.

If it’s not, don’t panic. We’ve got the best deals on all football boots, as we compare prices from leading retailers to save you money. Every day.

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