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Nike Phantom GT: complete boot tier guide

Nike have dropped their first football boot silo of 2020 and it’s special. Form a guard of honour and applaud the Phantom GT. Here’s all you need to know.

Nike Phantom GT Academy FlyEase in white on pink background with Nike Phantom GT complete boot guide title

Much like the Rolls-Royce model of the same name, this football boot is classy, sophisticated and contains a blend of technological research that would make NASA take notes. For the first time in ten years, the Phantom GT shifts Nike back to a three silo range, merging the previous Venom (VNM) and Vision (VSN) models into one.

The problem with Nike, and many other boot manufacturers for that matter, is that they tend to have confusing tier systems in their boot ranges. Sometimes referred to as: 'takedown models'. Hopefully, the rest of this article will clear things up a touch and help you to get the pair that's perfectly suited to your game. 

We’re always excited when a hotly anticipated silo is released, so without further ado, let’s dig into every aspect of the new Phantom GT...  

Elite & Elite Dynamic Fit

Image from Nike.

Nike have stuck with their standard boot tiering on this silo, and Elite is the best of the best (the clue’s in the name, obviously). The highest price also gets you the finest materials, the top tech and the greatest feel of all. Even Kevin De Bruyne has been quoted saying, “it’s pretty much what I need to help me play the way I do. The touch, the feel of the boot is the best I have worn in my career”. I think we’d all agree, that comment makes it a pretty sound investment.


nike phantom gt elite football boot in white close up on white background
Image from Nike.

Nike continues to use its popular FlyKnit upper, but now combines it with revolutionary technology in the form of their ‘Generative Texture’ (that’ll be the ‘GT’ nod). Essentially, this knobbly pattern has been formed from data that was gathered over two years of testing and research, produced to create better grip for control, dribbling, passing and shooting. An extra coating has also been added to the boot, Nike’s ‘All Conditions Control’ (ACC) resulting in first-class touch during wet or dry conditions.


nike phantom gt elite football boot soleplate in white and black on white background
Image from Nike.

It’s not only the ‘GT’ upper that’s new, this silo debuts an upgraded chassis and stud formation system too. Named the ‘Hyperquick System’, the sole and midsole are a generative creation with agility studs. The genius of it revolves around a flexible forefoot area and more stable heel, built entirely for quicker twisting and acceleration with support. As expected, you can buy the GT in the usual SG, FG, MG, AG and artificial turf options helping you to get the right stud for right game.

Lacing and Fit

nike phantom gt elite football boot top view in white and black on white background
Image from Nike.

The lateral, off-centre lacing system remains from the VSN and VNM boots, continuing the hark back a decade or so to those classic, and extremely successful, T90 days. It would appear that more instep space still equals better accuracy. There are two options for the shape of boot, with a low-profile silhouette and a modern Dynamic Fit sock-type shaping.

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Image from Nike.

Here we take one step down, to the Pro: a takedown which still contains several of the fantastic details from the Elite, just with slightly less emphasis. This version is suited to those who play the beautiful game at a high level, but don’t want to commit to parting with quite as much dosh.

Unlike the Elite, this version is not available in the Dynamic Fit, meaning it only comes in a low-profile option. The technology is very slightly simmered down as you’d expect, with the ‘Generative Texture’ mouldings not as prominent and less detailing included in the ‘Hyperquick System’ soleplate, regardless of this, it still offers fantastic performance for the wearer. 

A synthetic upper still gives excellent comfort and shape, while the lateral lacing continues to be a key feature for stability. At almost half the price of the Elite level boot, these are a budget-friendly, viable option if you feel you can get everything you need for your game here. 

Academy & Academy Dynamic Fit

Image from Nike.

The third takedown of the Phantom GT is the Academy. A much-adored option through the years for the more casual, budget-conscious player amongst us. Available in both low-top and Dynamic Fit options, these boots are guaranteed to look classy on the pitch.

While the upper still maintains some of the tech ideas from the Elite, it’s more the pattern that is recognisable rather than the texturing. The GT bobbles have been somewhat retracted on this takedown. Aside from this, the boot still gives strong performance for its price point. 

The shaping, lacing, upper and soleplate are all similar to the eye, only with less investment in the feel and quality of materials. It goes without saying, Nike wouldn’t release a boot pack that didn’t perform though. The Academy is no exception. For the hardy 6-a-side enthusiast to the grassroots grafter, these boots could certainly do the job for a smidgen of the Elite price. 

Academy (FlyEase)

nike phantom gt academy flyease football boot in white on pink background
Image from Nike.

Now we’re not quite sure why, but Nike have only included this unique tech on their Academy level boot. Could they be testing the water for the future? The boot has a fold-down flap on the heel for easy entry (think backless slippers) and then uses an adjustable, elasticated wrap-around to drag the laces into position. Creating an extremely secure fit.

We think this technology will be appreciated by a wide audience of pros and amateurs alike, but time will tell if Nike’s designers decide to add it to any other takedown models or future releases.   


Image from Nike.

We’ve come to the bottom tier of the Phantom GT. The Club. This model is saved for more of the indoor and harder turf trainers, which often see heavier wear and tear from tougher surfaces. Entirely synthetic, the upper lacks much of the innovative GT technology from the Elite level. The price obviously reflects these downgrades in materials and precision engineering.

We still think it’s a solid boot, for those part-time, junior and indoor maestros. It looks good and is supportive enough to perform for an entire match. The side lacing system remains evident, continuing to provide a large area for improved ball control.

All in all, if Nike are putting their Swoosh on it, it has to be a strong enough product for the market we’d say.

Original Colourways

On their debut in an August 2020 release, Nike chose to offer colourways covering two of the major pockets of players across the spectrum: black boot bosses and white boot wizards.

Black/Pink Blast/Metallic Silver

Image from Nike.

A fresh looking palette with black, pink and metallic silver Swoosh. The GT texturing is a little less noticeable than it is on the white version, but the pink adds enough pizzazz to show others that you mean business. A solid colourway which is sure to be popular.

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White/Black/Pink Blast

Image from Nike.

Crisp white, with that ‘Generative Texturing’ detail popping up like hundreds and thousands sprinkles. The pink once again adds a blast of neon colour and the black brings it all together. A beautiful boot that’s sure to turn heads and quickly as you can turn defenders wearing them.

By You Personalisation

Image from Nike.

As with all big Nike releases, you can take it as extreme as you like with personalisation. Proving to be hugely popular over the past decade, By You gives buyers a chance to create their own personal masterpiece. Choose from a massive range of options, even prep yourself a pair of R9 style updates like the ones above!

Our overall verdict on the Phantom GT

This is an incredible release from Nike, a boot which has been well received by De Bruyne and Havertz to name a couple of stars. Whichever tier suits your style, budget or level, you’re in for a treat when you pull them on and caress that ball.

You can find all tiers and colourways as they are released on FOOTY.COM, simply go to our Phantom GT page and find top deals today.

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