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The top 10 most expensive football boots in 2020

Every player needs a great pair of football boots. Unfortunately, the best ones often come at a price…

most expensive football boots

Much like the players who wear them, football boots can be expensive. Very expensive. Each new release boasts cutting-edge boot tech and stylish colourways, while also promising to significantly improve your performance out on the pitch. Oh, and there’s usually an endorsement from one of the game’s most famous faces. 

But are these high-end boots actually worth it? 

Following a shower of fresh pre-season boot drops, I’m running you through the priciest releases out there, while also recommending some cheaper boots along the way. 

How Much Should Football Boots Cost?

This obviously depends on what kind of level you’re playing at and how deep your pockets are. Cristiano Ronaldo’s custom-made Mercurials probably cost a lot more than what your mate Jason wears at Powerleague, for example.

Football boots can be typically classified into four tiers: entry-level, semi-pro, professional and elite. Although you might be leaning towards a particular silo or colourway, your choice of football boot should largely depend on which of these tiers you fall into. After all, you don’t want to break the bank for a pair of cutting-edge Predators if you’re just playing a bit of casual five-a-side every week.

Although prices fluctuate between retailers and different playing surfaces, we’ve broken down how much you should realistically expect to pay in each bracket (adult sizes):

Entry-level boots: £20 - £50

Semi-pro boots: £50 - £80

Professional boots: £80 - £150

Elite boots: £150+

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Top 10 Most Expensive Football Boots in 2020

For those who consider themselves a serious footballer, forking out for boots becomes an inevitable part of every new season. Since you’ll likely fall under the “elite” category, these boots often come with eye-watering price tags, and your bank account will soon feel much like an away side at the Etihad. Battered, depleted and just a little bit violated. 

But what are the most expensive football boots currently available on the market? After comparing prices with the most popular online retailers, I’ve compiled a list of the priciest boots out there, along with some cheaper alternatives to help you save a few extra pennies. 

Let’s dive in. 

PLEASE NOTE: prices have been taken from boots which are currently available from at least two or three different retailers on FOOTY.COM, so that I can avoid any market anomalies and provide you with more accurate figures.

10. Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite - £195

Image from Nike.

Release Date: June 2019

What You’re Paying For:

The iconic Nike Tiempo has always set the bar for leather football boots. Right up there with the Puma King and adidas Copa Mundial, Tiempos have always been known for their comfort, durability and gatecrashing the 1994 FIFA World Cup final. After what’s felt like an eternity (it’s actually just been 2 years), this classic boot has been given a major face-lift. 

The Tiempo Legend 8 has initially been released in two contrasting colourways: one black and the other white. Not only are both of these versions absolutely gorgeous, but they also take the silo’s boot technology to a whole new level. While the traditional k-leather is still used in the forefoot, this is now complemented by a Quad-fit mesh to make the leather more flexible. 

The leather upper has also been structured slightly differently, designed to offer greater levels of control and a softer touch. Inside the boot, a Flyknit Fit Tunnel wraps around your foot and improves stability, making them one of the most comfortable and reliable Tiempos ever made. Unlike some of the other boots in this list, the Legend 8 offers a major upgrade to past iterations. 

Cheaper Alternatives:

Other great leather football boots include the Mizuno Morelia Neo II, Puma King and adidas Copa. All three are fantastic boots, so your choice will depend very much on your personal style of play.

9. adidas Copa 20+ FG - £210

Image from adidas.

Release Date: October 2019

What You’re Paying For:

Essentially, you’re paying for a colourway. The adidas Copa 20 features a gorgeous design, innovative Fusionskin leather and a fantastic laceless upper, coming alongside an Exoframe soleplate and all kinds of other fancy features. It’s all very impressive, but you’ll get pretty much exactly the same thing by opting for the (now much cheaper) Copa 19+. 

I’m actually a huge fan of the new-look Copas, it’s just hard to justify forking out for a “new generation” when the differences are so slight. I’m going to be honest and say I’ve genuinely struggled to spot any changes to to the previous model, which is why I recently ranked the 19+ higher in my countdown of 2020’s best football boots

Cheaper Alternatives: 

Like I said, I’d advise going for the adidas Copa 19+ if you want to save some cash, since they’re now available for half the price of this newer model.

8. Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite - £220

Image from Nike.

Release Date: July 2019

What You’re Paying For:

No pun intended, the next-generation Mercurial was always going to have big shoes to fill. The 360 Mercurial Vapor 12 was enormously popular, raising the bar for football boot innovation and becoming widely acclaimed by some of the world’s top talents. Eden Hazard, Neymar, Frenkie De Jong: they all loved the previous version of the Vapor.

Fortunately, this newest generation builds on the success of its predecessor, improving upon the ground-breaking 360-degree Flyknit technology which made it so successful. Lighter and more responsive than ever before, the Mercurial Vapor 13 provides an impressive upgrade on the previous edition, even if it isn’t as much of a game-changer. 

Packed with Nike’s latest boot tech and boasting a striking design (Nike has gone even bigger on branding this time), the new Mercurial is certainly worth the investment if you fell in love with the Vapor 12. 

Cheaper Alternatives:

It’s difficult to find a direct alternative to the Mercurial Vapor, but the New Balance Tekela places a similar focus on speed, control and manoeuvrability.

7. Puma Future 4.1 Netfit AG/FG - £225

Image from Puma.

What You’re Paying For:

Laces. Lots of laces. Well, to be more specific, the Puma Future features the innovative NETFIT technology, opening you up to all kinds of lacing possibilities and making sure you’re always comfortable out on the pitch. But you probably already knew that. 

What you might not have realised, however, is that this new generation has been released just 6 months after the Future 19.1. Although this might frustrate Future fans who like to stay as up to date as possible, it’s nice to see a brand spotting ways to improve their product and then just going for it. Besides, with all the new Nike and adidas releases, Puma won’t want to feel left out. 

These improvements combine the NETFIT and 3D Havoc Frame into one seamless layer, which is basically designed to provide a closer touch of the football. Aside from that, the biggest development is the fact that Puma has created a special “Anthem” playlist on Spotify to accompany its release. Yes, I’ve listened to it. No, it’s not my cup of tea. 

Cheaper Alternatives:

The tweaks are so minor here, the obvious answer is to opt for the cheaper Future 19.1. If you’re on a tighter budget, then the older Puma evoPOWER boots could be just what you’re looking for.

6. adidas Nemeziz 19+ FG - £230

Image from adidas.

Release Date: May 2019

What You’re Paying For: 

The adidas Nemeziz has always been about agility, with the ground-breaking 360 Agility Bandage allowing players to twist and turn at pace. Instead of simply tweaking things, the latest generation actually offers some major improvements, creating a football boot which is more comfortable, flexible and, above all, agile

Featuring a fresh new weave, updated soleplate and V-shaped tape collar, the Nemeziz 19+ may well be the most innovative boot on the market. While this is certainly enough to justify its hefty price tag, the most expensive version of the boot is the absolutely gorgeous “Mutator” edition (pictured above). 

Weighing in at a juicy £230, this is the perfect boot for any die-hard Lionel Messi or *ahem* Jesse Lingard fans with a good chunk of cash to spare. 

Cheaper Alternatives:

Another boot built around speed and agility, the Umbro Velocita 3 is available for just a fraction of the price. FOOTY.COM has found deals starting from just £45. 

5. adidas X 19+ SG - £230

Image from adidas.

Release Date: May 2019

What You’re Paying For:

Speed. That’s what you’ll get for your money. Of course, putting on the adidas X 19+ won’t suddenly bless you with the pace of Marcus Rashford, but the X helps naturally speedy players fly down the wings at full throttle. That’s why the likes of Mo Salah and Gareth Bale have been wearing them for so long. 

Originally released as part of the “302 Redirect” pack, the 19+ marks the latest generation of the famous adidas speed boot. This is a pimped up, streamlined version of previous X models, with the introduction of a fresh new upper perhaps the most notable upgrade here; it’s also fair to say that the recent blue “Mutator” colourway isn’t bad on the eye at all.

Cheaper Alternatives:

Following the release of the latest adidas boot generation, the hugely popular x 17 and 18 have enjoyed a significant drop in price. Alternatively, you might want to look at the New Balance Furon 4.0 or an older Puma evoSPEED boot. 

4. adidas Predator 20+ FG - £230

Image from adidas.

Release Date: January 2020

What You’re Paying For:

This is the adidas Predator we’ve all been waiting for. While the 18+ and 19+ were undeniably popular, they always lacked the raw animal feel which made previous Preds so popular, in many ways seeming more like a natural continuation of the Ace. This new generation changes things and, at last, feels like a Predator of the future.

Packing some of the world’s most innovative, modern boot tech, the adidas Predator 20+ also draws inspiration from the past. After what feels like an eternity, rubber elements are back once again, this time in the form of 400 tiny spikes across the upper - if you’re trying to show off to your mates, you’d call this Demonskin. 

The initial “Mutator” colourway also goes back to the classic red, black and white (it’s about damn time), while you should also expect plenty more designs in the coming months. It all comes wrapped in a lightweight, comfortable silhouette, which is all based around the classic Predator elements of power, swerve and control.

A huge upgrade which is worth every penny. 

Cheaper Alternatives: 

The adidas Ace is the natural alternative to the Predator, and the discontinued silo still remains incredibly popular today. You could even go for the Predator 19+ model, which has enjoyed some rather lovely discounts following the release of the latest generation.

3. Nike Phantom Vision 2 Elite - £240

Image from Nike.

Release Date: February 2020

What You’re Paying For: 

These are, quite simply, some of the most innovative football boots on the market right now. Following up from the hugely-popular original, the Nike Phantom Vision 2 is a sequel which builds upon the success and failures of its predecessor. After all, players like Kevin De Bruyne don’t just wear these for fun. 

A lot of the upgrades are quite subtle, however. The ground-breaking Ghost Lacing system and QuadFit technology still remain very much the same, as does the soleplate and general focus on enhancing touch and control. But this is a lighter, sleeker improvement on the original Phantom Vision model, while (thanks to some new pull tabs) they’re also much easier to put on. 

The biggest differences can be found on the upper, which is split into four zones each focused on improving dribbling, passing and shooting. Basically, these boots feature materials and textures which don’t just keep the ball stuck to your foot, but also serve up the kind of power and accuracy which will soon have you hitting top bins. 

In terms of technology and innovation, things don’t get much better than this right now. This is “next-gen” in every sense of the word. 

Cheaper Alternatives: 

The Phantom Vision was introduced as a direct replacement to the Nike Magista, so I’d recommend looking at this older silo if you’re keen to save a little money. You’ll find a similar focus on control and touch.

2. Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 - £250

Image from Nike.

Release Date: July 2019

What You’re Paying For:

Slightly more expensive than the Vapor 13, the new Mercurial Superfly 7 follows a similar theme in building upon the foundations of its previous generation. It’s a stronger, stretchier and more comfortable upgrade to one of the most popular boots of the decade, with subtle tweaks brought in to improve its overall design and performance. 

Once again, this new release has by no means pushed the boundaries in the same way its predecessors have, but this is obviously a great purchase for any die-hard Merc fans out there. Aside from some slight adjustments to the soleplate and collar, the most obvious change here is the striking new branding. Well, at least everyone can tell you’re wearing Mercurials.

Cheaper Alternatives:

Since you’re essentially paying extra for Nike’s Dynamic Fit Collar, the evoKNIT sock of the Puma ONE could be considered a viable alternative here. 

1. adidas Predator Mania Remake - £300

Image from adidas.

Release Date: December 2019

What You’re Paying For:

Nostalgia. Pure, untamed nostalgia. 

While other boots on this list all come packed with the latest technologies and features, this glorious adidas Predator Mania is all about paying homage to the past. These are the boots made famous by David Beckham, Alessandro Del Piero, Steven Gerrard and a bunch of other guys who weren’t too bad at kicking a ball about. 

Of course, these boots have been pimped up and modernised (this is a remake, after all), but this is still very much the Predator we all remember from 2002. Initially released in its glorious red colourway, the Mania is set to launch in a new blue guise in the coming weeks and, for players or fans of a certain generation, they’re worth every single penny. 

Cheaper Alternatives: 

This is a retro remake of the most iconic football boot of all-time. Sadly, there is no alternative. 

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There you have it. Those are the most expensive football boots of 2019. Of course, you could probably hop straight onto ebay and find a pair going for £900, but these are the priciest boots currently commercially available. 

While some are certainly worth the investment (such as the Predator 20 and Tiempo 8), many others are still riding the hype wave of their recent release dates. For the most part, they feature only minor changes to their cheaper predecessors. So, unless you’re the most avid of boot collectors, it’s certainly worth waiting for the hype to die down before bagging a pair.

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