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Top 5 most comfortable football boots 2021

Plush, luxurious and a downright joy to wear, these are the most comfortable football boots you can buy right now.

most comfortable football boots

There’s just nothing worse than an uncomfortable pair of football boots, especially when you’ve paid a real wad of cash for them.

The big brands will try to tempt us with flamboyant, extravagant colourways and enticing marketing campaigns, drawing us in with their promise of ‘innovative boot tech’ and ‘improved performance’. While that’s all very well and good, these features are rendered completely useless if we’re coming away with blisters on our feet and constantly reaching for the painkillers.

When investing in a new pair of football boots, comfort should always be considered your top priority.

How Tight Should Football Boots Be?

Most boots will need to be broken in before you can really play in them, but that doesn’t mean they should be causing you discomfort as soon as you put them on. In fact, if wearing a pair of boots is proving a little painful, then it’s fair to assume you’ve either picked the wrong size or the wrong pair altogether.

Football boots should fit you snugly, without being too tight and offering your feet a little room to breathe. Of course, this is where your choice of upper material becomes so important, because some materials (leather) will stretch over time, while others (synthetics) won’t.

Additionally, your boots should have enough room for you to wiggle your toes, and you always need to make sure they’re suitable for the surface you’re playing on.

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What are the most comfortable football boots in 2021?

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’m going to dive right into the top 5 comfiest and softest boots you can buy in 2021! Of course, comfort is completely subjective, and how well a particular boot fits will depend entirely on your own preferences and foot shape.

In general, though, these boots will feel like you’re slipping your feet into a pair of fluffy slippers every week. And the best part? We’re helping you find the lowest prices on every single one of them.

5. Nike Premier II

Image from Nike.

When it comes to excellent value for money, things don’t get much better than the Nike Premier II. This is one of the most iconic football boots of all-time, wrapped in a luxurious leather which gently caresses your feet as you strike the ball, while also providing one of the most durable uppers on the market.

Okay, so there’s no arguing that the Premier requires a fair bit of wear-in time, but showing a bit of patience is oh-so-worth-it in the long-run. The leather is soft, supple and comes adorned with that retro-style Swoosh, and I’ll always be a fan of an old-school fold-over tongue. The fact they’re so cheap really is baffling.

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4. Mizuno Morelia 2 MIJ

Image from Mizuno.

Ah, Mizuno. You’ve always been the kings of comfort. While pretty much all of their boots will keep you as snug as a bug, the Morelia 2 “Made in Japan” undoubtedly sets the bar. It’s hard to describe in words, but these boots essentially feel as though you’re wearing a pair of clouds on your feet.

Made from the finest kangaroo leather I’ve ever seen, the Morelia 2 certainly doesn’t come cheap, but it provides the kind of luxurious sensation you just can’t get anywhere else. Since these boots are individually handcrafted, I really can’t stress the overall quality enough here, and their unbelievable durability makes them an investment worth making.

If you’ve got a bit of spare cash and place comfort above everything else, then these are the boots you’ve been looking for.

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3. Nike Phantom GT Elite

Image from Nike.

This is, without question, one of the most comfortable synthetic boots on the market right now. It also happens to be one of the most popular with professionals. Just ask Mr. De Bruyne and his pal, Stockport’s own Messi: Phil Foden.

While other boots on this list make use of plush leather materials, the Nike Phantom GT is all about that fancy Flyknit upper instead. Yes it’s lightweight, but the use of a cushioned lining ensures your feet always feel snug and secure, while the off-centre laces supply a very cosy, comfortable fit indeed.

These boots essentially offer you the best of both worlds: the kind of comfort we’d expect from leather boots, alongside the flexibility and innovation of modern synthetics. Not too shabby at all.

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2. Puma Future Z 1.1

Image from Puma.

It’s fair to say Puma haven’t shied away from making changes. The Netfit designs of 2019 and 2020 came thick and fast, which made it pretty much impossible to stay up-to-date without spending a fortune. Fortunately, all these changes seem to have paid off, and the latest Future Z is one of the most comfortable football boots on the planet.

It’s all about the brand new FuzionFit+ system, which includes a compression band that locks your foot securely into place without feeling restrictive. Surprisingly soft for a synthetic boot, your toes will be snug when tucked into the mesh-lined toe box.

This recommendation comes with a little caution though, as those with wide feet may not feel the same level of comfort. The good news is, we’ve already picked out some other options for wide feet on our blog. Yay.

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1. adidas Copa Mundial

Image from adidas.

In my eyes, the adidas Copa Mundial can do no wrong, and it even appeared on my recent list of the most durable football boots.

Above its robustness and reliability, however, is a level of comfort few other boots have been able to replicate in the 40 years since its release. Constructed from premium kangaroo leather, the Copa Mundial has received subtle little tweaks over the years, all designed to enhance comfort, stability and to ultimately keep up with the newer boots on the market.

A synthetic lining, for example, has been added to improve support, coming alongside a sturdy, 12-stud outsole, reinforced heel and slight tweaks to the heel. In short, this is a very comfortable football boot indeed, requiring no ‘wear-in’ time whatsoever.

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