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Don't miss these insanely cheap adidas boots at M&M Direct

Whoa. M&M Direct have just dropped some pretty crazy discounts, so we've picked out the best bargains!

m&m direct adidas boots

Hands up everyone who loves cheap football boots. Alright, keep your hand up if you love half-price football boots. 

Everyone with their hands still in the air (which probably should be all of you) needs to stop whatever else they might be doing. M&M Direct have just dropped some absolutely ridiculous discounts on the most popular adidas boots out there. Half price or less, now that's the good stuff. 

Huh, it’s almost like they know how excited we are about the return of grassroots. Timing doesn’t get much more impeccable, to be honest. 

There are so many genuinely jaw-dropping discounts here, I’ve quickly picked out some of the best deals to sink your feet into. Besides, football is finally back, and you’re probably itching to show off some shiny new boots. 

adidas X Ghosted.3 FG - Sky Tint

Price: £34.99

Make no mistake, the adidas X Ghosted is fast. Both on the pitch and the way it absolutely flies off the shelves. Yep, this remains one of the most popular football boots on the planet. 

The Ghosted.3 is an impressive takedown version, which still has a lot to offer even if it’s missing the more advanced bells and whistles. The light and breezy upper is made from Speedskin, which is every bit as fast as it sounds, while the stretchy tongue essentially gives your feet one giant hug

You even get that awesome translucent appearance which made the premium versions so darn popular. An absolute steal at £34.99. 

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adidas Predator Mutator 20.1 Low FG - Royal Blue

Price: £89.99

Quite possibly the best football boot of last year, available for way under three digits. This is by far the most expensive boot on this list, but it’s honestly worth every single penny. 

I genuinely prefer the Mutator 20.1 to the laceless (and more expensive) 20+ model, since it gives you much better lockdown. More importantly, you’ll get most of the best goodies from the “elite” model, specifically the insane Demonskin and crazy rubber spikes. 

Yes, it offers all the power, swerve and control you’d usually expect from a Predator. Plus, you know, those spikes look cool

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adidas Copa 20.4 FG - Active Red

Price: £18.99

Yeah, you read that right. The price displayed is indeed in GDP, so there’s no need to adjust your screen or anything. 

I mean, this might be the lowest adidas boot tier, but we’re talking about an adult football boot at just £18.99 here. I’m not even sure you can get a pizza for that nowadays, so now you’re getting some lovely synthetic leather instead of a stuffed crust you immediately regret. 

If you’re a casual player itching to buy something for the restart, then honestly look no further than this. Again, it’s £18.99, for crying out loud. Ridiculous. 

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adidas X 19.1 Turf - Royal Blue

Price: £59.99

Here’s one for all you lovely five-a-side players. Despite being a little older than most other boots in this list, the adidas X 19.1 is still one of the best astro turf trainers around. And this Royal Blue colourway is rather lovely indeed. 

Just like the boots worn by Mo Salah and, um, Dan James, the turf X features a ridiculously thin Speedmesh upper, alongside a 3D moulded heel. Small-sided games often involve quick changes of direction and bursts of speed, which makes the X 19.1 absolutely perfect for your next trip to Powerleague. 

Besides, who doesn’t wanna be the next Dan James? It’s what we all aspire to. Right?

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adidas Junior Nemeziz 19.1 FG - White/Royal Blue

Price: £39.99

Yep, this is the best deal for kids - even though there are plenty of cheaper boots available here. 

The Junior Nemeziz 19.1 stands out, however, because it’s of a much higher quality than the others. Alright, so there’s nothing wrong with going for boots under £30, but you need to remember these will be made from cheaper materials and don’t offer the same kind of performance.

For the sake of an extra tenner or so, the 19.1 offers a much better bang for your buck. They’re by far the most comfortable option here, and your kids are gonna love ‘em.

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I should point out that this is just the tip of the three-striped iceberg. Yes, these are the deals that really caught my attention, but M&M have dropped a whole bunch of other ridiculously cheap adidas boots.

If you don't fancy any of the boots above, have a nosey at the full range before everything's gone! 

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