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The lightest football boots you can buy in 2020

Weighing in at under 200g, you genuinely won't believe how light some of these football boots are...

some of the lightest football boots currently available

It’s fair to say that football boots have changed a bit. 

By hopping in your time machine and travelling back to the 1990s, you’d still find Baggio, Beckham and all your other heroes lining up in the leather of Diadora and adidas. Since those days, however, brands have started to play around with synthetic and sock materials, serving up boots which are lighter than ever before. 

Ronaldo Nazario (wearing the first all-synthetic Nike Mercurials) was almost unstoppable at the ‘98 World Cup, showcasing just how effective these new lightweight boots could be. While traditional leather can often feel a little heavy and bulky, the modern football boot allows players to make the most of their explosive pace and have defenders spitting dust. 

Now more than 20 years on from that fantastic tournament, I’m taking a look at the lightest football boots you can buy in 2020.

What are the Lightest Football Boots Ever Made? 

white adidas adizero boots which weighed just 99g
Image from adidas.

The adidas f50 adizero 99GRAM remains the lightest football boot on the planet. Weighing in at (you guessed it) just 99 grams, this super-thin design became the first boot to go sub-100g back in 2015. 

However, the only real use for these boots was to put them out on display and show off to your mates, as they just weren’t stable or durable enough to ever really hold up on a football pitch. That being said, there were only ever 299 pairs released worldwide (strangely, all in size 8.5), so they certainly make a cracking collector’s item for any boot nerds out there.

The Lightest Football Boots Available Right Now

There have been plenty of other insanely lightweight football boots down the years, with adidas and Puma seemingly locked in an endless battle to produce the lightest boots on the planet. But I’m just going to be looking at those which are currently commercially available, since there’s no point in telling you about a load of awesome boots if you can’t actually get hold of them. 

So, without further ado, here are some of the lightest football boots in the world right now, and each one is absolutely perfect for any speedsters out there:

8. Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 - 188g

Image from Nike.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 is something very special, and it recently came top of my ranking of the best football boots for 2020. Of course, its breezy, feather-light design is one of its biggest strengths, with that fantastic 360 Flyknit upper allowing you to really glide along the pitch at speed. 

Although the differences are small, the Vapor 13 subtly builds on the success of its predecessor. The upper, for example, is now made with a high-tenacity yarn, which somehow offers you an even better barefoot feel on the ball; perhaps more pertinently, this new generation is also significantly lighter and more responsive.

7. adidas X 99.1 - 185g

Image from adidas.

Remember the famous 99GRAM adizero I mentioned before? Well, last year adidas decided to bring it back, introducing us to a brand-new version - only this time, adidas made sure you could actually wear these out on the pitch for more than five minutes without them falling to pieces.

This is a more stable, bulked-up version of that ludicrous original, which inevitably means its almost twice as heavy. That being said, this is still one of the fastest football boots currently on the market, and I can’t be the only person who thinks that shimmering design is just downright beautiful (the design is inspired by the f50). 

Basically, this is a heavier version of the 99GRAM, but a lighter version of the adidas X19. The insanely light Speedframe will honestly have you travelling near the speed of light, while the traction on these bad boys is absolutely staggering. 

6. Mizuno Morelia Neo II - 185g

Image from Mizuno.

The Mizuno Morelia Neo II is nothing short of a feat of engineering. The premium kangaroo leather on the upper is so soft and supple I could quite happily fall asleep on it, and the fact they’ve used such high-quality materials in a 185g boot just blows my tiny mind to pieces. Seriously, this boot is criminally underrated. 

Obviously, wrapping the entire boot in leather would weigh the whole thing down, so you’ll find lighter synthetic materials throughout the midfoot instead. Even so, the sheer quality and craftsmanship of these boots can’t be emphasised enough, and they provide the kind of silky, barefoot feel that Mizuno have never really offered us before. 

Oh, and if you’re looking for some light boots but have a slightly wider foot, then this is undoubtedly the best option for you. You could also try to bag the Morelia Neo II Beta, which is around 15g lighter but also much harder to get hold of.

5. Pantofola d’Oro Superleggera - 180g

Image from Pro Direct Soccer.

Elegance. Sophistication. Fine Italian craftsmanship. These are the qualities we all expect to see from a Pantofola d’Oro football boot, but it’s fair to say the exquisite Superleggera has completely subverted our expectations. Yes, it still features all of those things, but what’s truly surprising is the fact it weighs just 180g. 

It really doesn’t look like it. On the surface, it’s made from the softest kangaroo leather imaginable, with a gorgeous quilted design which seems clean enough to eat your dinner off. Pop open the hood, however, and you’ll find a lightweight Pebax outsole which makes it more than ready for the demands of the modern game. 

Pure Italian speed. In many ways, this is the Ferrari of football boots.

4. Umbro Medusae 3 - 170g

Image from Umbro.

The Umbro Medusae 3 is the lightest leather football boot on the planet right now, despite very strong competition from Mizuno and Pantofola d’Oro. Coming in at just 170g, this is also the first leather boot to feature a laceless upper, although you can also get your hands on a pair of laced versions if that’s what you prefer. 

That one piece k-leather upper is just about as smooth as football boots get, giving you the kind of striking surface that’ll soon have you smashing the ball as hard as you can. This comes alongside a rather inventive knitted collar (which is why they’re so light) that makes sure they’re always comfortable and protective whenever you slip them on. Lovely jubbly.

3. Nike Mercurial Vapor 11 - 167g

Image from Nike.

While the more recent Nike Mercurials have become famous for their inventive Flyknit uppers, these newer models are actually a little heavier than the Mercurial Vapor 11. This remains one of the lightest football boots you can realistically get your hands on, despite featuring tech which is now a couple of generations out of date. 

The microfibre upper is still unbelievably thin, however, and introduces a speed rib texture to improve your touch on the ball. This is still the fastest Mercurial ever made, and remains a great boot for major speed freaks with a penchant for flying down the wings. It’s also worth noting one very important thing: now that it’s been replaced by newer models, you’ll now be able to bag some of these on the cheap.

2. Umbro Velocita 4 - 165g

Image from Umbro.

I still don’t understand why more people don’t talk about the Umbro Velocita 4. It’s even lighter (and a damn sight more comfortable) than its popular predecessor, and yet this glorious football boot has somehow flown completely under the radar. Well, that’s good. Now you’ve got a serious advantage. 

For all the talk of Nike and adidas speed boots, in recent times it’s actually been Umbro who have set the standard in terms of weight. The Velocita 4 is more than 20g lighter than the current-gen Mercurial Vapor and adidas X, bringing us an all-new Sprint+ outsole and studs designed to improve traction on the pitch. 

These boots are all about working with the movement of your foot and letting you push off at speed, and they’re just about as light and feathery as football boots get right now.

1. Puma evoSPEED SL - 103g

Image from Puma.

No, it’s okay. There’s no need to readjust your screen. The Puma evoSPEED SL really does weigh in at a measly 103g. Whether or not you should buy a pair, however, remains completely up for debate. 

This was released back in 2015, and became Puma’s direct response to adidas’ 99GRAM adizero. The main difference was that the evoSPEED could actually make it through 90 minutes, but it still came with a very clear warning: these boots should only be worn on matchdays, and they’ll only last for around 10 games. Hey, at least they’re honest. 

That warning still very much applies today, except now these boots won’t set you back £250 - which equates to a massive £25 per game. Instead, you can currently get hold of these for a cut-price deal (about £40), although it doesn’t look like many retailers are still selling them, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to bag a pair. 

But why are they so much lighter than everything else? If you were to imagine stripping away absolutely everything that weighed your boots done, this is basically what you’d be left with. The upper is so insanely thin, for example, it’s actually a little transparent, with Puma’s famous Speedframe having you move faster than lightning.

Honorable Mentions

There are plenty of other boots out there which are just slightly heavier than those in this list, but are still worth considering if you’re after something speedy. The Under Armour Magnetico features one of the thinnest uppers you’ll ever see, weighing just 295g, while the hugely-popular adidas X and Nike PhantomVNM both come in at around 195g. 

Another surprise package can be found with the Lotto Solista 200, which weighs just 190g and is much cheaper than just about everything else on this list. The New Balance Furon v6 is the latest speed boot on the market, with its 215g weight marking a significant improvement on the Furon v5.

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Does the Weight of Your Football Boots Matter?

Let’s get one thing straight: buying a pair of lightweight football boots isn’t going to transform you into the next Kylian Mbappe. However, what they will do is let pacey players move comfortably and freely, without hindering their movement or essentially slowing them down. Basically they make you feel ready

Your choice of football boot will depend on what’s most important to you - whether that’s comfort, durability or something else entirely. Light football boots are ideals for players who don’t feel comfortable in heavier boots, but they won’t miraculously turn you into a speed demon overnight. 

In fact, faster players typically have a lot more to their game, so they’ll also want boots which enhance control, shot power and other things. Just because they’re the lightest, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the boots you’ve been looking for.

Either way, you can compare prices on your fair share of light (and heavy) football boots right here at FOOTY.COM. Whether you want the lightest boots money can buy or something to smash top bins, you can always bag the best deals with us. 

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