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The coolest and best-looking football boots of 2020

Forget the flashy boot tech, laceless uppers and ultra-lightweight materials. These boots are just drop-dead gorgeous.

coolest football boots

Social distancing and self-isolation is boring, isn’t it? It is, however, an absolute necessity, so let’s all crack on with it and get it over and done with. 

While we’re all trapped inside, we thought we might pass the time by talking about all the coolest men's football boots out there. When we get back to doing what we love most (with an added spring our step and an overpowering sense of relief), we want to head out onto that pitch with more style than a spruced up Andrea Pirlo.

While some modern boots focus on innovative technologies and ground-breaking features, others pride themselves on looking good enough to eat your dinner off. Featuring gorgeous colours, intricate detailing and suave design choices, these are the kinds of boots you just never want to get muddy. 

They’re masterful works of art.

Which brands are making cool football boots in 2020?

We may only be three months into 2020 and, for us generationals, the year may have already comfortably won the award for “weirdest and scariest to date”, but it must be said that in the football boot world there have been plenty of talking points. 

Nike have been really busy producing an array of really slick new designs, as have adidas and Puma - more on those to follow. New Balance continue to go from strength-to-strength, too. The US manufacturers are slowly but surely creeping up in popularity among footballers nationwide and it’s easy to see why when you look at some of the boots they’ve released in 2020. 

Below, I’ve ranked 10 of the coolest pairs of football boots released in 2020 so far - I hope you enjoy and agree with (most of) my choices.

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10 coolest and best-looking football boots of 2020

10. adidas Predator Archive 

Image from adidas.

We kick off this list with a chaotic boot. The adidas Predator Archive’s are reminiscent of the ‘Absolute’ model the German manufacturers released back in 2006, just with much, much more going on. These boots just remind me of Tokyo, if you catch my drift. 

Bright, exciting, but very busy. Very cool, though; I imagine you’d wear these if you have bleached hair and enjoy punk rock.

9. Adidas Predator - Mutator Pack

Image from adidas.

These bad boys gained notoriety when Brazil legend Kaka decided to turn up for a kick-about at a random 5-a-side court in Hackney last month, as part of adidas’ ‘rent-a-Pred’ campaign. 

He was wearing these boots, and they’re pure class. Jazzy, sure - perhaps a little too jazzy - but exceptionally cool nonetheless. They’ve even got spikes on which is total madness, in a good way. Fun fact: the team of idiots Kaka played against that day were a selection of my best mates based in London, jealous doesn’t even come close…

8. Nike Phantom Vision 2 - Player Inspired Pack

Image from Nike.

Not sure why, but white, black and orange are three colours that have always gone well together, regardless of the product. Makes everything look very futuristic and sleek, in my humble opinion. Nike’s Player Inspired Pack produced this really cool colourway for the Phantom Vision 2 model earlier this year, and I’m loving them. They’d look quality with a black and white striped kit, just so you know.

7. Lotto Solista 100 III Gravity - Blue

bright blue loto solista 100 iii gravity football boots
Image from Lotto.

Sock or football boot? A lace-less approach is being adopted by more and more boot manufacturers in today’s world, signifying a real sign of the times. These boots are for the new-age tricksters who can do over 500 around-the-world’s in under a minute, somehow. You wear these boots if you’re fast and skilful, not good in the tackle. Lotto have smashed it with these: slick, incredibly cool and very, very blue - what’s not to love?

6. Nike Phantom Venom - Future Lab Pack

Image from Nike.

Nike Phantom Venom’s are rapidly becoming my favourite boots. The blackouts released in January are pure class and completely timeless, while these latest red and black colourways are a throwback to one of my favourite ever pairs of boots - the Nike CTRs from 2008. 

These are a CDM’s dream; get the ball on the half turn and spray it miles (probably out of play) before crunching the opposition’s No.10, whose wearing a hairband cos he’s absolutely massive time. All the while looking effortlessly cool and stylish. That’s you, wearing these.

5. adidas Predator Blackouts - Shadowbeast Pack

Image from adidas.

Anyone that has read my previous articles on FOOTY (anyone at all?) will know that I am a huge fan of blackout football boots. They just ooze class, elegance and show everyone that you’ve got a bit about you; you’re not to be messed with, you know your stuff. Adidas’ Shadowbeast pack released earlier this year made headlines for the spike-like features on the top of the boot, included to assist players with ball control. The red/black colourway was mentioned earlier in this list and are beautiful but the blackout versions, they are simply a cut above.

4. Umbro Velocita 5 Pro - White/Blue Pack

Image from Umbro.

If Michael Owen were still about today, ratting around in the six-yard box and darting into channels, he’d wear these. Umbro football boots are seldomly seen by top-level pro’s these days and I'm not sure why. A great heritage-styled British brand, their simplistic approach to boot designs continually impresses me. 

The Velocita 5 Pro’s possess a little more flare, with a gridded pattern on the front included for a little more flavour. Big fan of these, they’d look great worn with an array of different retro England kits from the early-00s, if anyone’s got one lying about.

3. Nike Phantom Venom - Future DNA Pack

Image from Nike.

The last three mentions in this list - and the most important - are devoted to some remade boots from yesteryear. We’ll kick off with these sensational tributes to Nike's Total 90s from 2002 - the Phantom Venom’s in White and Black. These are stunning, touched up a little to fit the style of the modern game, but still completely reminiscent of the original boots released 18 years ago. If Wayne Rooney doesn’t lace these up for Derby when football returns, i’ll be extremely disgruntled.

2. Nike Mercurial Vapor XIII - Future DNA Pack

Image from Nike.

It is impossible to look at these boots and not picture Cristiano Ronaldo, banging in the last of his 118 goals for Manchester United before his £80m switch to Real Madrid in 2009. 

These boots stormed the market when they were released by Nike 11 years ago and now, in 2020, we have been gifted their Second Coming. Left more or less untouched from the original design - but for a little polish up around the edges - these boots are a breath of fresh air throughout these scarily unprecedented times. Well played, Nike.

1. adidas Predator Mania - Tormentor Pack

Image from adidas.

The Adidas Predator Mania’s are many people’s go-to when asked the question: what are the best boots ever made? They’re certainly mine. 

Released ahead of the 2002 World Cup in South Korea & Japan, these beauties came in a number of different colourways, with the off-white/black/red versions sticking long in the memory of football fans worldwide. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can pick up a pair of adidas’ stunning blue and red remakes and pretend you’re Golden Balls, bending the ball over the wall and into the top corner of your next door neighbours hedge. 

Maybe even gel your hair into a mohican while doing so, there’s no rules anymore.

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