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What are the best velcro football boots in 2021?

Goodbye, laces! We’re running through some of the best velcro football boots you can buy for kids & toddlers.

selection of the best velcro football boots

The summer is fast approaching, which for many usually means basking in the sunshine, BBQ’s with friends and trips to the coast - although this summer looks like it will be quite different. 

However, there will be some of you out there who will see this period as the tricky time you have to find new football boots for the kids, ready for the new season! But buying kids football boots doesn’t have to be a burden, since we’re here to help you pick out the perfect for the little ones this season. 

Unlike the days of one pair of black boots on the market, there are now plenty of options for a pair of decent cheap football boots. Choosing the right pair is essential, however, as you want your little one to be comfortable when scoring goal after goal on a Sunday morning. 

An important thing to consider when buying your child their next pair of boots is comfort and ease. Gone are the days of tying your laces around the bottom of your boots three times, your child doesn’t have to spend half his training session doing his boots up either! So, this is our guide on the best velcro football boots you can buy in 2021...

Why Choose Velcro Football Boots?

There are many benefits that come along with velcro football boots

Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, is the ease to take them on and off. This may seem a minor detail, but actually your child might not be quite there with their laces yet and it can be even trickier when the football boots are muddy. Furthermore, your child is more likely to hurt themselves if their boot has come loose or they trip on their laces. 

Of course, laceless boots are also an option and it may be something you want to consider. But you may find that tightening the boot using velcro can be easily done by your child, meaning their boot is comfortable on their foot at all times. 

Football boots with velcro are more readily available than ever and it definitely seems to be a growing market amongst kids football boots. Finding the best velcro boots is our job, though, so check out the below top 10 list we have compiled, which will give you an idea of the best boots to buy. 

Top 10 Velcro Football Boots for Kids

10. Joma Champion Velcro In

A well-respected product to get us underway. Joma are one of the main manufacturers of velcro football boots and known for their quality across all areas of football boots. The Joma Champions are no different - available in a super-cool colourway of blue, green and orange which is sure to be a hit with the kids. The velcro strap is nice and wide going across the upper, but most importantly does not hamper the strike on the ball. 

9. Gola Aka936 Kids Football Boots

Another great brand for children’s footwear is Gola. They have been a key player in the market for quite some time and haven’t let their fans down with the Unisex Aka936. These velcro football boots have a classic look about them and just like all their products are very comfortable and durable. Two velcro straps allow for a good fit which won’t come loose during those tough tackles on muddy pitches! 

8. Puma One 5.4 Velcro It

The Puma One velcro boots are sure to be very popular with kids up and down the country. A big part of that will be down to the fact Manchester City’s star striker Sergio Aguero wears the laced version of the boot. This shoe contains both a lace element and the velcro strap, so one to avoid if you are keen to avoid laces altogether. The Puma One’s are a high-performance football boot with a soft durable upper designed for comfort and durability. 

7. Umbro Classico V Velcro Tf

From one classic to another this time with the Umbro Classico V velcro trainers. Available in many different colourways, if you are in the market for velcro football boots, these should be making the shortlist. Two velcro straps across the upper make for a very comfortable fit which will last the whole match. The classic style is also bang-on trend right now, with these boots sure to be a hit for the upcoming season. 

6. Mercurial Vapor 13 Club Neymar Jr

Probably the most high profile of the velcro boots on our list, the Nike Mercurial Vapor Neymar Jr boots are one of the best in the game. It’s fantastic that Nike have made these boots available to youngsters who are just making their way in the game. 

The velcro strap on these beauties is absolutely seamless, enabling your young football star to sharpen their ball control like the great Neymar himself! A cushioned insole and a padded ankle collar will also ensure the ultimate comfort. 

5. GUFANSI Unisex Kids Football Boots

In terms of wacky style, these velcro football boots from GUFANSI would have to take first prize. An awesome and striking design available in lots of colourways are suitable for both girls and boys. The upper is made with a durable and breathable space leather, meaning these boots are certainly not just style over substance. Add to that the shock absorbent grip and non-slip sole these are definitely a product to consider.

4. Puma Future 4.4 Velcro Infant Tt

Our list would not be complete without some velcro football boots for the very smallest of feet. Whenever you hear a professional footballer interviewed they always mention having the ball at their feet since they can remember. If that’s your little one, then Puma have you covered with their Future 4.4 football boots for infants. They are comfortable, super cool and will have your toddler kicking his size 1 ball for hours! 

3. Optimum Junior Ignisio Easy Fasten Football Boots

When it comes to velcro football boots, the leading players aren’t always what you would expect and Optimum certainly make some fantastic footwear for kids. One such pair is the Ignisio’s which come in a striking blue and a textured pattern adding to their style. Just like the Puma One’s they contain both laces and a velcro strap, but have an easy fasten method and, with their lightweight material, are built for speed and agility. 

2. Gola Boys' Sparta Vx Football Boots

Back with another product from Gola, this time in the way of the Sparta Vx model. These boots are less classic and more striking than the Gola boots above, but still have the quality and comfort you would expect from the brand. The synthetic upper is designed for durability, comfort and performance. These boots have laces as well as a small velcro strap, so one to consider for children slightly older who have become more comfortable with laces. 

1. Joma Top Flex Velcro In

Completing our list is another pair of super-cute infant football boots, this time with the Top Flex model from Joma. As mentioned above, one thing you can guarantee with Joma is comfort and that, of course, is really important with one so young. The Top Flex comes in exciting vibrant colours which will make your little one the talk of the playground! 

We hope you enjoyed our list of top-10 velcro football boots for kids. Hopefully, that’s given you food for thought when making your next boot purchase ahead of the new season. Remember, if you need any other sporting equipment, either for yourself or your little ones, you’ll always find the very best products and prices at FOOTY.COM. 

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