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Best soft ground football boots 2024

Thanks to endless wet weather, you’re staring at a quagmire. It’s time to grab the best pair of soft ground football boots possible.
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one month ago


Best soft ground football boots

When you’re more focused on standing up than where your next pass is going, that’s when you know it’s time for new soft ground football boots.

In the UK, horrendous weather is inevitable. If you’re lucky enough for your ref to give the go ahead, the conditions are bound to be tricky.

Your summer-ready boots aren’t going to survive this mammoth struggle, and you’ll be Bambi-on-ice before you know it.

Traction, turns and turbo acceleration. In your local mud bath, that’s what you’re going to get from the best soft ground (SG) boots.

Here are the best of the best.

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When do you need soft ground boots?

1984-85 nike air jordan 1 original trainers in red black and white

Images from adidas

First things first, you need to know exactly when to buy and use soft ground football boots.

Ideally, your kitbag will be prepped with a pair of soft ground (SG) boots ready for when the weather turns sour.

Soft ground boots often have metal studs, and are built for wet, sloppy pitches that have plenty of give underfoot.

In comparison, firm ground (FG) boots should be used for hard, dry pitches. If you need help, we’ve written an article about FG vs. SG boots.

In UK terms, a pair of SG boots will roughly take you through from October to April. Depending on how wet the colder months have been.

If you’d like to know more about which soleplate suits which pitch, we’ve made a detailed guide about boot surface types for you to read.

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The best soft ground football boots

10. adidas World Cup SG

1984-85 nike air jordan 1 original trainers in red black and white

Battle-hardened and ready for anything you can throw at it. That’s the adidas World Cup.

It’s been bashing into tackles on grassy wetlands for decades, and it’s still winning its fair share of 50/50s in the 2020s.

Yes, the premium leather’s a little absorbent compared to modern synthetics. But the durability, oh the sweet, sweet durability.

The 6-stud formation is simple and effective and it won’t clog easily. A foldover tongue keeps the knot on your laces dry too, lovely.

You won’t find value like this anywhere else, as you’ll get 5 years out of these, at least.

Shop adidas World Cup >

9. Puma King Ultimate MxSG

1984-85 nike air jordan 1 original trainers in red black and white

Another timeless classic now, albeit an updated version with more weatherproof K-BETTER upper materials included.

The modern Puma King packs synthetic fibres together for a lightweight fit, in any weather. It won’t absorb much moisture either.

Puma’s MxSG soleplate combines 6 traditional metal studs with 5 strategically placed plastic backups. It’s pure boot-to-turf interaction traction action.

It’s a boot which wipes clean fairly easily, so it won’t stay caked in mud (unless you let it, that is).

Because they aren’t as popular as the Future or Ultra models, there are tons of great deals to be had on the King. Go on, crown yourself.

Shop Puma King >

8. New Balance Furon V7 SG

1984-85 nike air jordan 1 original trainers in red black and white

A boot which is too often overlooked is the New Balance Furon. But, we always like to chuck this quality model into debates.

The Furon (Pro) has Hypoknit uppers that are flexible and supportive, yet they won’t allow water to seep in and weigh you down. 

Under 200g total and built for pacy wingplay with sharp finishing, their clawing 11-stud pattern is why they still work, even in the worst conditions.

Trusted by Ebe Eze, Bukayo Saka and now superstar youngster, Endrick. This is a model which grows in popularity every weekend.

If you fancy saving some more cash, you can pick up cheaper Destroy or Dispatch takedown models too.

Shop New Balance Furon >

7. adidas Predator Accuracy SG

1984-85 nike air jordan 1 original trainers in red black and white

Even with the release of the 2024 Predator, we can’t look past the sturdiness of the previous adidas Predator Accuracy.

With a laceless model available, you’ll be able to wipe them clean and slip them on and off, even with fumbling frozen fingers.

We love adidas’ commitment to whopping metal studs, as they’re even more gripping than a suspenseful Netflix cliffhanger.

Their Hybridtouch uppers are covered with High Definition Grip, which will help you keep hold of the ball on the greasiest of pitches.

The good news about buying an older generation of boot? The price. Bag a bargain and still get high performance.

Shop adidas Predator Accuracy >

6. Mizuno Alpha SG

1984-85 nike air jordan 1 original trainers in red black and white

The Mizuno Alpha is a boot which has had a full year on the market. It isn’t as popular as we expected, but we still think it’s brilliant.

This Japanese manufacturer is a known quantity when it comes to footballing footwear. First the Morelia, then this, the Alpha.

Opting for a mixed SG and FG stud pattern, the traction is strong and the style points are racked up along with it.

Synthetic uppers (with 5 layers) help to both keep you dry and make it an easy cleanup operation after a mushy turf churning session.

Expensive? Yes. Worth it? No doubt. A lightweight speed boot that will have you standing out from the rest.

Shop Mizuno Alpha >

5. Nike Tiempo Legend 10 SG

1984-85 nike air jordan 1 original trainers in red black and white

A highest ever entry for the Nike Tiempo. That’s thanks to the fact that the Legend 10 is 55% less water absorbent than its predecessor. 

All that comes down to the switch from k-leather to synthetic-based materials for the uppers. Do they still feel leather-like though? You bet.

Nike’s patented Anti-Clog tech sits on the soleplate, stopping the Tiempo from compacting the turf and keeping grip where you need it most.

All Conditions Control (ACC) covers the boot, allowing first touch to remain part of your arsenal in slick situations. Watch Leah Williamson in the rain for confirmation.

The Tiempo Legend 10 is the best yet, no question. It’s comfortable, dry and a lot lighter than you’d think.

Shop Nike Tiempo >

4. Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 SG

1984-85 nike air jordan 1 original trainers in red black and white

You won’t be shocked to see the highest scoring football boot of all time in this list. After all, it hits the net and it doesn’t really care what the weather is like.

Like the Tiempo, the Mercurial Vapor uses Nike’s Anti-Clog technology to improve traction, coupling it neatly with 6 hefty metal studs.

The low-cut Vapor is easier to clean vs. the Superfly 9’s Dynamic Fit collar. The Vaporposite+ upper also wipes down well.

Light, breathable, springy. But importantly, it’ll keep your socks dry. It’s still a flamboyant boot, even in less than flamboyant conditions.

If you’re not expecting to play lots over the winter, it might be worth investing in Pro or even Academy takedown versions of Vapor. They’re not bad.

Shop Nike Mercurial Vapor >

3. Puma Ultra Ultimate MxSG

1984-85 nike air jordan 1 original trainers in red black and white

Just pipping the almighty Vapor, it’s a Puma speed boot that we’re huge fans of. The Puma Ultra is a smart option, especially in the MxSG soleplate.

Quick-drying ULTRAWEAVE woven uppers will help you to avoid the dreaded ‘squelch’ every time you take a step.

As we mentioned earlier, the MxSG stud formation is excellent and it’ll perform effortlessly in the worst of bogs.

The colourways are lively, the tech is top notch and the weight is dainty. The Ultra should not be ignored.

It’s also a superb (and cheap) option in FG, so you can couple up and cover the whole season for less.

Shop Puma Ultra >

2. adidas Predator 24 SG

1984-85 nike air jordan 1 original trainers in red black and white

We’ve been singing the praises of the latest adidas Predator since we first heard rumours about its release into the wild.

It’s clear that adidas are back with a bang this season, hooking talents like Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jude Bellingham into their squad.

The tongue option (with strap) covers up laces and keeps them safe from the elements. The laceless version is useful too, if you prefer that style.

They look exquisite, and the performance from adidas’ SG soleplate is brilliant. All packaged neatly into a scrubbable synthetic outer.   

When we think of predators, we think of lions in the heat. But now thanks to SG, we’ll think more of orcas in the freezing wet.

Shop adidas Predator Accuracy+ >

1. adidas X Crazyfast SG

1984-85 nike air jordan 1 original trainers in red black and white

You live for speed, and the mud isn’t going to stop you in your tracks. Well, not if you’ve stuck a pair of adidas X Crazyfast on your twinkle toes.

This is the ultimate ‘wipe-clean’ boot, it’ll shine up and be ready to sparkle on your next outing. No problem.

Super lightweight Aeropacity uppers work in partnership with the X’s trademark stud formation to keep you stable whilst you wiggle down the wing.

Speedskin+ helps to upgrade ball control, improving your dribbling skills in the wet. It’s a lethal weapon, in any weather.

Available in laceless (LL) or laced (.1 or +) versions, you can rely on the X Crazyfast to keep you churning up the turf toward goalscoring glory.

Shop adidas X Crazyfast >

How can you find cheap boots for soft ground?

We hope you’ve found your perfect pair, but if nothing tickles your fancy - you can browse our full range of soft ground football boots!

If you're attached to a certain brand, we've found 100s of offers for Nike SG, adidas SG and Puma SG boots too.

We compare deals from Pro:Direct, Sports Direct, Lovell Soccer and all leading brands’ sites to bring you the cheapest price, right this second.

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