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Best soft ground football boots for 2021

As pitch conditions become more and more questionable, a good pair of soft ground football boots can make all the difference.

Soft ground football boots

The winter is now upon us. It’s cold; really cold, as I found out just this weekend when I played football myself. The changing rooms were arguably colder than being outside, how? I have no idea, but they were.

The pitch was reminiscent of a slush puppy and churned up precisely 1.5 minutes into the warm up. We got beat, heavily. 4-1. I blame the pitch and the conditions, though many will tell me it was “the same for both teams”. Rubbish, the home side were used to their tight, sloppy pitch and I won’t have another word said about it.

Do you know what else I blame? My boots.

They say that a shoddy workman blames his tools, and my footballing skills have been labelled as much worse than shoddy on numerous occasions - believe me - so I guess my current rambling is justified. Anyway, the boots. I stupidly took my firm ground adidas Predator’s when the rain throughout the week clearly told me that a decent pair of soft ground boots were required.

I am yet to buy a new pair for this winter though, you see. Buying new boots takes a lot of thought, a lot of planning and I want to make sure that the pair I do end up purchasing are just right. I want to help you with your choice, too; we’re in this together.

So, let’s get on with it. Below I’ve listed which soft ground boots I think are the best this season, I hope it’s helpful in some way.

Why do you need soft ground football boots?

Image from Nike.

Firstly, you need to know exactly when to buy and use soft ground football boots. Unlike myself, you should be prepared by mid-September at the very latest with a pair of soft ground (SG) boots, especially with the English weather considered.

Soft ground boots are usually metal studded; they are built for wet, sloppy pitches that have taken a beating by the climate. Firm ground boots should only be used on hard, dry pitches or artificial surfaces. It is vital that you have a pair of SG football boots for the winter months – right up until March/April time when the weather starts to change once again and the firm ground boots can come back out.

How can I find boots for soft ground?

You can easily find soft ground football boots on FOOTY.COM, simply by selecting the “soft ground” option under “surface type” on the dropdown menus located on the left-hand side of the page when searching for new boots – it really is as easy as that! We’ll then do all the hard work for you, searching the web for the best deals on soft ground boots at the best prices.

Alternatively, we’ve grouped together all soft ground boots in one handy page. The list is updated regularly, so be sure to bookmark the page if you're on the lookout for something in particular.

Top 5 best soft ground football boots for 2021

5. adidas Predator 19.1 Soft Ground Boots – Blue/Black

Image from adidas.

I’m going to kick off this list with a classic model from adidas, revamped this season to keep up to date with the latest trends. The adidas Predator has long been known as one of the most iconic and trustworthy football boots on the market, and this season the German manufacturers have played a blinder with some top new colourways.

Take the blue and black pair for instance from adidas’ ‘Hard Wired’ pack released in July this year. The two colours complement each other perfectly, while their robust-ness (is that a word?) make for a fantastic pair of football boots to wear on boggy pitches throughout all of the harsh winter months.

4. New Balance Tekela V2 Pro SG – Supercell

Image from New Balance.

New Balance have really risen to the occasion in recent years, and season after season they continue to go from strength to strength, with this summer’s release of the New Balance Tekela V2 Pro SG Supercell’s really catching my eye. I’m a fan of a dark coloured boot, always have been and always will – they show up less mud which is of course vital when playing on wet pitches throughout the winter (especially when you can never be bothered to clean your boots). These New Balances are smart, sophisticated yet very effective. Line up against someone wearing these and you know you’re in for a game; they’re going to have a bit about them. Be that player - the one who strikes fear into the opponent at first glance.

3. Nike Premier II Anti-Clog Traction SG-PRO – Black/Neon

Image from Nike.

Nike’s Premier II boots are just total class, from start to finish. A simple design made famous by the over-emphasised swoosh on the side; no nonsense meets elegance here, especially in the recently released Anti-Clog's in black, white and neon. The daring laces give these timeless classics a modern edge, but the black base colour ensures that mud from the wet pitches you’ll be dealing with during the winter remains less visible.

The Anti-Clog plate also supplies additional traction for wet surfaces, which will of course come in handy down your local recreation ground on a wet and windy Sunday morning after a few too many pints the night before, where balance can sometimes become an issue.. Top marks, these. A fantastic soft ground boot.

2. Umbro Medusae III Elite SG - White/Plum

Image from Umbro.

I love Umbro as a brand, and I’d like to think they’d love me back. The Manchester-based manufacturers have been responsible for some of the world’s most iconic kits over the years; I'm thinking England throughout the 90s and early-00s – Gascoigne, Lineker, David Nugent stealing goals from Jermaine Defoe.

To this day, the British sportswear brand - founded in Wilmslow - continue to produce really cool kits with a retro edge, and earlier this year released these absolutely beautiful boots. The Medusae III in white and plum are just so cool. Effortlessly class, simply designed and can be worn by any type of player. Marauding full-back? No worries. Holding centre-midfielder? Got you covered. Lightening quick striker? Well, they are predominantly white so yeah, no problem. They’ll muddy easily, sure. But are you really that bothered?

1. Nike Phantom Venom Elite SG-Pro Anti-Clog – Black/Neon

Image from Nike.

Another boot from Nike’s Anti-Clog collection, the Phantom Venom’s are a thing of beauty, aren’t they? As previously mentioned with the Premier II model, the Anti-Clog plate supplies added traction for wet surfaces, while the black and neon colourway is perfect for dirty surfaces.

These bad boys would look so cool with a black and white striped shirt, black socks, black shorts. They’re just the right amount of show off. Yeah they’ve got a dash of colour in there but they’re also mainly black and have a simple design, so you can’t want to snap me too much. The undisputed winner in my eyes, available from £158 via FOOY.COM - check them out, I’m getting myself a pair after writing this.

What about soft ground boots for kids?

Image from Nike.

Yes! Just like when searching for adults boots, there are plenty of soft ground options available on the market for kids too. Again, on FOOTY.COM, we have made this process as easy as possible. On the dropdown menus previously mentioned, simply tick the “Kids” option to bring up hundreds of different boots suitable for soft ground surfaces – all you have to do then is pick the pair you want!

Both adidas and Nike offer some great boots for kids to wear out on the mini-soccer field, but if you really want some in-depth information on which football boots are best for your kids, you can check out our exclusive guide here.

How to find cheap soft ground boots

The one downside with football boots is that they can be expensive. That’s why at FOOTY.COM we compare prices from all the top online retailers, meaning it’s never been easier for you to bag the biggest bargains.

To find cheap soft ground football boots, you can check out our dedicated cheap football boots page and select the “soft ground” surface type from the filters on the left. Or if you’re after one pair of boots in particular (perhaps one of my favourites from the list previously?), you can also set up price alerts on any boot page. As soon as those boots drop to a price of your choosing we’ll send you an email, so you can be first in line to grab your dream pair at the best price!

Callum Pragnell

25-year-old who has literally only just accepted the fact that he'll never be a professional footballer. Now writes about kits and boots to fill the void. Still plays local league in Manchester if any scouts are reading this. Southampton fan, for my sins.