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Best soft ground football boots 2023

Thanks to endless wet weather, you’re staring at a quagmire. It’s time to grab the best pair of soft ground football boots possible.

Best soft ground football boots

We don’t mean to start on a brutal note, but… summer’s most definitely over.

There’s the rain, the sleet, the mud; all the great seasonal joys have returned with a vengeance.

The pitches that you grace on a weekly basis will soon remind you of melted chocolate, and not in the good sense of that image.

It looks like it’s time to bite the bullet, and invest in a decent pair of soft ground football boots. Without spending too much, obviously.

Your current pair of boots are simply not going to survive the wet weather, so we’re here to direct you towards the leaders of the metal, longer-studded variety.

You can thank us later, when you’ve managed to successfully spin on a sixpence in your local mud bath.

Here we go…

Why do you need soft ground football boots?

Images from Nike.

Firstly, you need to know exactly when to buy and use soft ground football boots.

In a perfect world, you should be prepared to head into winter with a pair of soft ground (SG) boots, especially with the inevitable turn in British weather.

Soft ground boots are usually metal studded; they are built for wet, sloppy pitches that have taken a beating from the climate.

Their counterpart, the firm ground boot, should only be used on hard, dry pitches or artificial surfaces. If you're unsure, we've written an article explaining the difference between FG and SG boots for you.

It is vital that you have a pair of SG football boots for the winter months, right up until March or April when the weather starts to improve.

Only then, can those trusty firm ground boots come out to play again.

If you need to know more, we’ve got a complete guide to surface types on our blog.

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The best soft ground football boots

10. Puma King 21 MxSG

Image from Puma.

One of two Puma entries on our list, and it’s the King that doesn’t kneel (or slip) for anyone.

The Puma King has long been a first-choice for players who enjoy pulling up their socks and rolling in the dirt.

A 6-stud formation is backed up by plastic traction blades, to give maximum grip in the sloppy fields of Britain.

This boot’s premium k-leather upper is supported by a lightweight knitted tongue, both of which will avoid any major saturation.

We’ve picked out black for obvious reasons, but it’s available in tons of colourways and cheaper takedown versions too.

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9. Mizuno Alpha MIJ SG Mix

Image from Mizuno.

When we talk about ‘premium’, this is precisely what we mean.

The Mizuno Alpha was released late in 2022, adding a new weapon to the Japanese company’s powerful arsenal.

Unfortunately, it’s very exclusive and expensive. But, you’ll be getting incredible levels of craftsmanship.

The five-layer upper construction will keep your feet snug during cold months, it’s the wrap of a boot which somehow stays super lightweight.

It uses a proven formation of 12 mixed metal and plastic conical studs. It’s grip-tastic and so, so comfortable.

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8. adidas World Cup SG

Image from adidas.

You simply can’t have a list of amazing soft ground boots, and somehow omit the adidas World Cup.

It’s like missing Pelé off a list of the world’s greatest players because, well, you “weren’t around when he was born”.

The World Cup is pretty much an unchanged formula. Leather, black, 6 studs. No messing.

But its basic nature and low price tag shouldn’t be mistaken for a lack of quality. It’s a reliable classic for a reason.

It’ll hold a tiny bit more water than modern releases, yes, but it’s still perfectly welcome in the conversation for us.

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7. Puma Ultra MxSG

Image from Puma.

When we can’t have the sun in the sky, we can definitely have the sun on our feet.

These lively citrus-style Puma Ultra boots have been much-loved since their release.

If you asked Antony and Eugénie Le Sommer to back that comment up, they happily would.

There are plenty of takedown versions and colours available, but the Ultimate version is packed with the most tech.

It includes a quick-drying, lightweight ULTRAWEAVE woven upper (perfect for those sodden afternoons). Plus, those studs are absolutely massive.

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6. Nike Tiempo Legend 9 SG

Image from Nike.

More often than not, football boot connoisseurs will yell their opinions about laying off making changes to the classics.

They’ve all shut up now though, as the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 has gone down a storm with players. Bringing a fresh, modern dynamic to the model.

With the Elite version, you'll get a plush kangaroo leather upper, anti-clog stud formation and the lightest Tiempo ever made. Not too shabby.

The silverware-hoarding likes of Virgil Van Dijk, Thibaut Courtois and Leah Williamson can attest to the Tiempo’s quality on the pitch.

Off it, you just need to look at the picture. Beautiful.

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5. adidas X Speedportal SG

Image from adidas.

Just because it’s muddy, it doesn’t mean you can’t turn on the afterburners.

The lightweight adidas X Speedportal is trusted by a long line of big game players including Messi, Salah and Miedema. Can’t be that bad then, eh?

On the ‘+’ and ‘.1’ premium models, the long studs are backed up by a Carbitex chassis and Speedskin 2.0, which also wipes clean easily.

You can get toned-down versions which are still packed with enough tech to help you perform on demand too.

There are lots of colourways to choose from in the adidas X range, so go grab ‘em now.

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4. Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 SG

Image from Nike.

Now, a boot which is always lingering around the top of the rankings. And the summits of top scorer charts too.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 is a low-cut option which works well in boggy conditions, thanks to the anti-clog tech underfoot.

They may not be playing on muddy pitches, but Haaland, Kerr and Vini Júnior still opt for the SG version.

We’ve avoided the Superfly 9 due to its Dynamic Fit collar, because sometimes that can be tough to clean in the wetter months.

The cheaper takedowns of the Vapor are all good value, with Pro, Academy and Club available for every level of player.

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3. New Balance Furon V7 SG

Image from New Balance.

One boot which you may not have thought of is the New Balance Furon V7.

At a Pro level (premium), New Balance’s latest Furon is wrapped in Hypoknit uppers, ready to keep the moisture out.

Coming in below 200g, it’ll have you shimmying like NB's icons Bukayo Saka and Raheem Sterling. Even caked in mud.

The 11-stud formation is aggressive, giving the wearer plenty of grip when grinding up the grassroots sludge.

This is a deserved high rank, and you can grab plenty of colours and two other cheaper takedowns too (Destroy / Dispatch).

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2. Nike Phantom GT2 SG

Image from Nike.

Can they do it on a cold, wet Tuesday in Stoke? Just like Phil Foden who wears them, you bet.

The extremely popular GT silo from Nike received an update last season, and the GT2 is more than capable of trudging in the dirt.

The anti-clog tech on the sole of these boots will help stop you from turning into the next grassroots' Bambi-on-ice.

Made with synthetic uppers, this Phantom GT2 will wipe clean without any fuss, following those tough tests down the local park.

Available in many different colours at a range of prices, they’re certainly durable enough to see you through until brighter days arrive.

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1. adidas Predator Edge+ SG

Image from adidas.

If you want to make a bold statement in the depths of winter, your boot is right here.

Trusted by midfield maestro Jude Bellingham, the adidas Predator Edge can deliver results across the short grass and the deep swamps.

They look solid and as it turns out, they are. These boots are built for sterner, chilly tests.

The Zone Skin across the forefoot will help aid control in torrid conditions, alongside those huge conical metal studs for improved balance.

The elite '+' and '.1' models are pricey, but there are plenty of cheaper Predator options to choose from. It’s time to pounce with these.

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How can you find cheap boots for soft ground?

We hope you’ve found your perfect pair, but if nothing tickles your fancy - you can browse our full range of soft ground football boots!

If you're attached to a certain brand, we've found 100s of offers for Nike SG, adidas SG and Puma SG boots too.

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