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The 5 best Nike football boots 2022

Nike is 50, and they're still designing incredible football boots. We’ve picked out 5 of their best from this year.

best nike football boots 2022

The players that choose Nike football boots are elite. The boots themselves are elite. Make no mistake about those two facts.

Across the world stage, superstars of the men’s and women’s game trust Nike to provide them with the finest equipment. Week in, week out.

There are designs for every type of player, from the Tiempo and Mercurial through to the Phantom GT2 and Premier.

With so many models, colours and styles available in the Nike boot range, we’re here to tell you which are our favourites.

The final choice? Well, that’s entirely up to you…

The best Nike football boots available right now

5. Nike Premier 3 - Grey

Image from Nike.

On the face of it, the lesser-known Nike Premier is a budget-friendly option for the traditionalist.

It’s a clean, simple, does-exactly-what-you-ask winner. And it's one of the best cheap Nike football boots out there.

But deep down, it’s a durable, luxurious leather weapon. And this slick grey colourway oozes class for us.

The RRP is less than £110, so you’ll save a packet vs. other Nike models too.

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4. Nike Mercurial Dream Speed Superfly 8 (MDS005 Edition)

Image from Nike.

We shouldn’t have to tell you that boots endorsed by Cristiano Ronaldo do actually work, especially when you’re looking at hitting the back of the net on the reg.

Oh, and light-footed wingers will suit these boots too.

The Dream Speed 5 edition of Nike’s Mercurial Superfly 8 are jam-packed with tech, and they look incredible.

Stick these on, you’ll soon be darting around like a prime CR7. Well, in your head at least.

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3. Nike Phantom GT2 (Blueprint Pack)

Image from Nike.

The Phantom GT2 is worn by some of the world’s finest, including Manchester City’s 2021/22 PFA Player Of The Year nominee Kevin De Bruyne.

They're probably the best Nike football boots for midfielders as well, which justifies their inclusion in this list.

Nike’s 'Blueprint Pack' has been a huge hit with fans since its release, and the Phantom GT2 got the ‘laser orange’ treatment which, to say the least, is vibrant.

This your best choice of Nike boot for wide feet too, and we love every mm of it.

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2. Nike Tiempo Legend 9 (Shadow Pack)

Image from Nike.

For us, a boot ranking just isn’t complete without a black option. But black and gold together? Yes, very yes.

The Shadow Pack from Nike looks especially sharp on the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 model, which is perfect for defenders. An all-round, leather-clad classic.

When it comes to options, the Tiempo is available in a raft of colours, sole types and price points.

If you like the look and feel, you’re going to find something perfect for your game with this brilliant silo.

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1. Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 (Progress Pack)

Image from Nike.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor often comes in high on our rankings. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, as it’s one of the most trusted silos in world football.

Lewandowski and Vini Jr, to name a couple. It's the best Nike football boot for strikers, without a doubt.

Nike claims that the Progress Pack was made to remind us all that we constantly evolve.

It’s fitting then, that its light shade brings back nostalgic vibes of a 04/05 CR7. Someone who’s certainly evolved his game to new levels every season.

Shop Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 >

Bonus: The Nike 1971

the nike 1971 remake football boots black
Image from Unisport.

We’re throwing this one in here simply on the grounds of complete admiration. There is almost no chance you’re going to get hold of a pair, unless you’re shelling out £100s on eBay.

There are only 1971 remade pairs of this legendary boot in circulation, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of their first ever football boot, The Nike. This is the real Black Beauty.

Admire this image, because there is a very good chance you'll never hold a pair for real. *Dabs tears away*.

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Not feeling our selection? Hey, we can’t get it right for everyone. Feel free to browse our massive range of Nike football boots, pick out your favourite and rest easy, knowing you’ve saved a packet on them.

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