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Best kids' football boots 2021 | Buying guide

Finding the perfect pair of kids’ football boots is never an easy task. This guide is here to give you a little helping hand.

Best kids football boots 2021 buying guide

So, your kids are football mad, are they? In this day and age, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. After all, there seems to be a match on the telly just about every night of the week, so it’s only natural for the kids to take an interest sooner or later.

Of course, an interest in football certainly isn’t a problem. We’re all football mad ourselves at FOOTY.COM, and we’ve all turned out okay (for the most part). No, the problems only arise when it comes to buying the little nippers a new pair of kids' football boots.

There are just so many options out there. Different brands, materials, surface types, sizes, colours; you get the picture, it’s a lot. When you aren’t really keen on football yourself, all of these things seem like a foreign language and we wouldn’t blame you for feeling a little overwhelmed and just buying the cheapest pair you can find.

However, if your kids are going to make an impact on the pitch, then you’ll need to find them the perfect pair of football boots to play in. So, let’s get started, shall we?

How to find the best football boots for your kids

If there was a quick and easy answer to finding the best pair of boots for your kids, then we’d give it to you. Sadly, no such answer exists - since every child is different and will have their own unique requirements.

Whether they have wide feet, play in a certain position or favour a particular colour, all of these aspects need to be considered when picking out the perfect kids' boots. Of course, you’ll know your child better than anyone, so you just need to think about what they need and like. Simple.

If they like to play as a striker, then there are boots that help their finishing; if they’re incredibly quick, then there are lightweight boots that let them sprint in comfort. However, if they enjoy passing then you can find boots that enhance ball control and accuracy too. In short, there are kids’ boots out there for every position and every style of footballer. Seems a far cry from the days of all black hand-me-downs, eh?

Many parents worry about finding the right sizes too, which is understandable when the kids won’t stop growing and boots become expensive to replace. If your kids are in between sizes, we always recommend getting the next size up, so that they can grow into them instead of needing a replacement only a couple of months down the line.

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What are the best football boots for kids in 2021?

1. adidas Predator Freak+

Image from Futbol Emotion.

The adidas Predator Freak is worn by the likes of Paul Pogba, Kalvin Phillips and Gianluigi Donnarumma. The Predator Freak+ has all the same styling as the boots worn by the top players and this is the laceless version, rather than the laced one. This will help kids to slip in and out of them with ease. No more undoing muddy knots!

The adidas Predator Freak+ is available in firm ground, soft ground, indoor, artificial grass and turf versions, so whichever surface your child plays on, there is a safe boot for them to use. Both the laced and laceless boots come with a sock-fit around the ankle to allow the boot to fit snugly and give extra support.

All in all, the adidas Predator Freak+ is a fantastic all-round boot. Your kid will love having all the style of their favourite player and they'll love you more for grabbing them a pair. Take your pick from lots of colours.

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2. Nike Jr. Mercurial Superfly 8

Image from Futbol Emotion.

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 boots are worn by one player that your child is going to care about the most: Cristiano Ronaldo. To be honest, there are other top players in them such as Kylian Mbappé, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho; but you get the idea, they’re built to enhance speed, control and finishing above all else.

These stylish boots feature a collared style for extra comfort and close fit and the Superfly 8 Pro actually comes out at a fair price point. You can also grab this model in some wild and wacky colourways, in a range of stud types for all surfaces too.

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3. Puma Future Z

Image from Futbol Emotion.

The lively Puma Future Z features a unique FUZIONFIT elasticated upper which is designed to mould to the foot, giving real comfort and a great fit for any foot shape. If your child has particularly wide or narrow feet, the Puma Future Z will be a great choice for them as it allows the laces to be done in a variety of ways, completely changing the fit of the boot each time.

The Puma Future Z 2.2 is available in a wide variety of colours and makes a refreshing change from the adidas and Nike boots that the majority of kids will own. If you are happy to choose a slightly older model of the Future, there are some great bargains to be had. This is a model which shouldn’t be overlooked!

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4. adidas X Speedflow.1

Image from Futbol Emotion.

The adidas X Speedflow is worn by leading players in men’s world football such as Mo Salah, Ferran Torres, N'Golo Kanté and a certain, ahem, Lionel Messi. If your child is quick and loves to shoot, the X Speedflow is a great choice for them.

We’ve picked out the laced ‘.1’ version here, but the X Speedflow is also available in an option without laces (Speedflow+) making this a popular option for kids who like to slip their boots on and off. This is a fantastic looking boot that will please even the fussiest of youngsters and it's available in every surface type, plus plenty of lively new colours on a regular basis.

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5. Nike Phantom GT2

Image from Futbol Emotion.

Worn by some of the most famous players in the game including three English heroes: Harry Kane, Jack Grealish and Phil Foden. The latest Nike Phantom GT2 is perfectly designed for kids who are great all-rounders or can't make their mind up on a position yet! It really can do everything.

The Phantom GT2 is designed to offer stability on the pitch, giving your kid the best chance of a solid performance at the back or in front of goal. This dynamic fit (sock-like collar) boot is available in a wide range of colours, the Nike Phantom GT2 is truly a boot for the serious little player.

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What are the different boot surface types?

Nike football boot soles showing soft ground firm ground artificial ground astro turf and indoor court surface type styles
SG / FG / AG / TF / IC boot surface types. Images from Nike.

The different surface types can cause all kinds of confusion. With boots labelled with things like FG, SG, AG, TF and IC; you’d be forgiven for wondering what on earth it all means. Well, these little acronyms all relate to the different surface types, since the big brands now make their boots available for all kinds of playing surfaces.

FG = Firm ground. Medium-sized, plastic studs/blades that are used for harder grass surfaces in dryer months.

SG = Soft ground. Larger metal studs that are ideal for grass pitches through colder months, a must-have for mud.

AG = Artificial ground / grass. Small, rounded plastic studs that are perfect for kids that play on artificial surfaces (3G/4G).

TF = Astro turf. A bumpy rubber sole to offer grip on sand-based astro turf surfaces, concrete or MUGA pitches.

IC = Indoor court. Flat, but grippy rubber soles for use on indoor wooden/varnished football pitches.

What are the most popular kids’ football boots in 2021?

We’ve already picked out our recommendations above, but we want to give you an idea of the full choice available. And there’s plenty! There have been some absolutely massive boot drops already this season, and it can be hard to keep on top of what’s currently popular. The biggest boot brands are constantly releasing new models and colourways, so what are the hottest kids’ boots right now?

Kids’ adidas football boot models

Images from adidas.

Ever since its re-release at the end of 2017, the adidas Predator has taken the world by storm. These stunning football boots offer a terrific blend of comfort and style; absolutely perfect for any kids that love to control the game and dictate the play. If your children ever ask for a pair of “Pogba boots”, then they probably mean the Predator. Available in a range of gorgeous colourways, the Freak and its 'Demonskin' (pictured) is what all the kids are talking about right now.

The adidas X (as worn by Mo Salah) are also very popular in their new Speedflow format, while the adidas Nemeziz is the perfect choice for any little players who prefer their ‘wrapped’ look. The adidas Copa Sense may appeal to those kids who are a little wiser and ahead of their years, with its sleek and classic design.

Kids’ Nike football boot models

Images from Nike.

For any parents that are looking for a real all-rounder of a football boot, then the Nike Phantom GT might be right up your street. Still utilising its Generative Texture (GT) upper, the latest Phantom GT2 offers fantastic comfort and an enhanced first touch.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor is also absolutely massive right now and the perfect choice for kids that want to show off the most innovative boot tech around (since they use Nike’s incredible Flyknit technology). Alternatively, any big Cristiano Ronaldo fans can pick up a special-edition CR7 version of the Mercurial Superfly.

Kids’ Puma football boot models

Images from Unisport.

Laceless football boots have been all the rage for the past couple of years, but Puma are doing their best to bring laces back with a bang. The innovative Puma Future Z makes use of the ground-breaking FUZIONFIT technology that has been such a huge hit for Puma’s trainers in recent times. This gives players an endless number of ways to tie their laces, offering a level of comfort that’s hard to find anywhere else.

You can also grab the alternative speed boot to the Future, which is the Puma Ultra. Worn by Harry Maguire, Antoine Griezmann and Christian Pulisic. Lightweight and built for pace, it’s a highly-rated boot across the market.

Where can I find the best deals on kids’ football boots in the UK?

Fortunately, we make it easier than ever to find the best deals on kids’ football boots in the UK. As the leading football price comparison site, you can browse our selection to find the lowest prices and the biggest bargains. Find the perfect football boots at the best price right here with FOOTY.COM.

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