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Best kids' football boots 2022

Finding the best pair of football boots for kids is never an easy task. This guide is here to give you a little helping hand.

Best kids football boots 2022

So, your kids are football mad. And they’re begging you for the latest pair of kids’ football boots. In this day and age, that probably won’t come as a surprise.

After all, there seems to be a match on the telly just about every night of the week, so it’s only natural for young boys and girls to take an interest sooner or later.

Future Lions and Lionesses need to learn their trade somewhere, right?

With the love of football, problems only seem to arise when it comes to buying your little stars a new pair of junior football boots. The choice, the cost. It can be tricky.

Different brands, materials, surface types, sizes, colours. You get the picture, it’s a lot.

If you’re not particularly keen on football yourself, all of these things seem like a foreign language.

However, if your child is going to make an impact on the pitch, then you’ll need to find them the perfect pair of football boots to play in. So, let’s get started, shall we?

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What kinds of football boots are there for kids?

different types of studs on kids football boots
Images from Unisport.

The different surface types can cause all kinds of confusion for parents and non-footballers. But in all honesty, we can break it down so it’s simple to understand.

Those pesky 2-letter acronyms that you see, they all relate to the different surface types that the boot is suited to. Here’s an easy-to-digest breakdown:

FG = Firm ground. Medium-sized, plastic studs/blades that are used for harder grass surfaces in dryer months.

SG = Soft ground. Larger metal studs that are ideal for grass pitches through colder months, a must-have for muddy conditions.

AG = Artificial ground / grass. Small, rounded plastic studs that are perfect for kids that play on artificial surfaces (3G/4G).

MG = Multi-ground. Small, rounded plastic studs that are shorter than AG. You can use them on 2G/3G/4G and firm grass pitches.

TF = Astro turf. A bumpy rubber sole to offer grip on sand-based (2G) astro turf surfaces, concrete or MUGA pitches.

IC = Indoor court. Flat, but grippy rubber soles for use on indoor wooden/varnished sports hall football pitches.

Read our detailed surface type guide >

Can kids’ football boots be worn by girls and boys?

chelsea girls and boys playing football
Image from Chelsea FC.

Absolutely, yes! Manufacturers create football boots to fit the feet of all children, whether it’s for girls or boys playing the beautiful game.

There are a vast range of sizes available from every football boot brand, for the smallest players to the ones who just don’t seem to stop growing.

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The best kids’ football boots in 2022

Best overall boots for kids: Nike Phantom GT2 Academy MG

Image from Nike.

For the all-rounders, the dynamic little players. The Nike Phantom GT2 MG offers plenty of tech to support passing, tackling, shooting and everything in between. With its adaptable multi-ground studs suited to a range of surfaces.

We’ve picked out the black Academy version, but you can grab more tech in the Pro, or less tech in the Club option. All in a wide choice of colours and sole types.

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Best budget boots for kids: New Balance Furon 6.0 FG

Image from New Balance.

The New Balance boot range often comes in at a slightly lower price point than the more well-known Nike and adidas models. But that doesn’t mean they contain any less quality.

This NB Furon is as lively as they come, trusted by top England players like Bukayo Saka and Raheem Sterling. It’s lightweight and fun, and is available in some frankly wacky and wonderful colourways.

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Best laceless boots for kids: adidas Predator Edge+ FG

Image from adidas.

Now we’re talking about tip-top technology and eye-catching looks. These’ll definitely be the laceless boots that your kids are asking for this season.

This lace-free adidas Predator Edge+ contains the highest level of materials and looks amazing in crisp white with FG studs. More colours are being released regularly and yes it’s a little pricier than most, but your young’n’s will enjoy serious quality.

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Best kids' boots for shooting / strikers: Nike Jr. Zoom Mercurial Superfly 9 Pro FG

Image from Nike.

The Mercurial Superfly has long been regarded as one of the best boots for natural goalscorers. If your young superstar is aiming to score a bag load this season, then give them the tools to help them do it.

You’ve likely heard it already, but Cristiano Ronaldo trusts the Superfly to get his goals. And he’s scored his fair share over the years. The Pro FG version is packed with tech, and this colourway looks super sharp on small feet.

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Best kids’ boots for defenders: Nike Jr. Tiempo Legend 9 Academy MG

Image from Nike.

If your kid is a defender, they probably don’t like to mess about. They’re here to stop the opposition, that’s their only job. The Nike Tiempo helps Virgil Van Dijk and Leah Williamson do just that.

Built for comfort and control, this is the boot for solid players. We’ve gone with the black Academy option in an MG sole, but the Tiempo has loads of brighter colourways suited to more skilful, ball-playing defenders too.

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Best kids’ boots for goalkeepers: adidas Copa Sense.1 FG

Image from adidas.

Here’s a boot which is used by one of the finest ‘keepers in the game, England’s EURO 2022 winner Mary Earps. The adidas Copa Sense is super comfortable and can easily be worn for a full match without a sniff of complaint from the wearer’s feet.

A good first touch and a feel for passing are both key for goalkeepers nowadays, and this elite ‘.1’ model is built to manage both extremely well. If your child prefers laceless, there’s a lower-tech ‘.3’ option for that.

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Best speed boots for kids: Puma Ultra 2.4 FG/AG

Image from Puma.

Speed means lightweight. And lightweight means Puma Ultra. This 2.4 option in silky silver and orange is suited to firm and artificial ground. It will help your Speedy Gonzalez Jr. to glide past the opposition for fun on a weekend.

The Puma Ultra is trusted by the world’s quickest players like Kingsley Coman and Antoine Griezmann, but it’s not just speed on offer. The materials, durability and price which will also please everyone involved.

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Best firm ground boots for kids: adidas X Speedportal.1 FG

Image from adidas.

The kids are going to love this one, bright green? Big yes. The latest release from adidas’ X range is a lightweight design created for super-fast play. They’ll be seeing this one on the feet of their favourite stars all year, including Erling Haaland.

The ‘.1’ FG version has the finest materials and you can even grab a rare, laceless ‘+’ version of X Speedportal as well. That one’s a big investment, maybe a birthday and Xmas present together? Go on, they’ll love it.

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Best soft ground boots for kids: adidas Predator Edge.3 SG

Image from adidas.

Soft ground boots are generally quite an unusual sight in the youth game. Due to the players’ light weight distribution, soft ground studs are only needed in boggy conditions. Yes, those days where you’re soaked to the bone, watching from the sidelines. Shudder.

The adidas Predator Edge.3 SG is a durable option, especially for those wet, miserable matches. It’ll wipe clean, it’ll dig into the soil and your little magician will be ready to give their all throughout the match. Without hitting the mud face first.

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Best artificial ground boots for kids: Nike Jr. Zoom Mercurial Superfly 9 Academy FG/MG

Image from Nike.

We’ve told you about this boot before, but it has a fantastic option for if your child plays on artificial turf (3G/4G) with their team. The FG/MG mixed studs on the Academy model of this Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 are ideal for gripping and balancing on grass, fake or real!

Speed and agility are the name of the Superfly game. Oh, and looking cool whilst playing of course. Being one of the most vibrant and exciting boots on the market, they’ll have all their teammates asking where they got them from.

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Best astro turf boots for kids: Nike Jr. Phantom GT2 Academy TF

Image from Nike.

When it comes to sand-based astro turf (2G), you need to look at two main things: durability and grip. The Nike Phantom GT2 TF will provide both by the boatload. No more grazed knees around here.

The Dynamic Fit collar (sock style) will hug the ankle, providing extra support for the hard astro surface. There’s no doubt that your kids will be happy to wear these, alongside some English heroes by the names of Phil Foden, Jack Grealish and Harry Kane.

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Best indoor boots for kids: adidas Copa Sense.3 IC

Image from adidas.

The adidas Copa Sense appears again in our ranking, back because of the comfort it offers for indoor play. Tight spaces are no problem for this model, with the sublime feel on the ball that it offers. It really is the sixth Sense.

As an indoor court (IC) trainer, this adidas shoe is designed to provide extra grip on hardwood floors and sports hall surfaces. Perfect for those sessions that attempt to hide from the torrid wintery conditions.

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Where can I find the best deals on kids’ football boots in the UK?

Fortunately, we make it easier than ever to find the best deals on kids’ football boots in the UK. With us, you’re sure to find the exact boots that your child wants, for much less.

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