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Best indoor football shoes 2023

Take cover from the rain and check out our guide on the best indoor football shoes you can buy right now.
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8 months ago


best indoor football shoes 2023

Small pitches with walls make for a faster, more frantic game. It leaves most of us gasping for air, long before the final whistle toots.

When you’re playing on hard court surfaces, any slips or trips will likely result in a nasty bruise or the dreaded ‘error leading to a goal’ on your personal stats.

Indoor football and futsal requires high levels of balance, accuracy and control. And those are three things you cannot achieve without proper indoor football shoes.

We’re here to run through the best indoor football trainers you can buy right now, along with some tips on what to look out for and how to get value for money.

Get ready to squeak your way to glory…

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Best indoor football shoes this year

Why do you need indoor football shoes?

football player running with ball across indoor football court

Indoor football (or futsal) always involves plenty of twisting, turning, and changing direction at speed.

When you’re playing on such a smooth, hard surface, you need to make sure your footwear provides plenty of grip. Otherwise, you’ll end up flat on your face being laughed at by the opposition.

Each type of football boot is suited to a specific surface, with different soleplates making them ideal for either firm, soft or artificial ground.

Wearing the wrong type of football boot will make it incredibly awkward to play, but can also put you at serious risk of injury. It’s twisted knees galore.

Non-marking indoor football shoes are specifically designed to help you play the game comfortably and safely on dry indoor courts, providing much better grip than regular trainers or running shoes.

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How to find perfect trainers for indoor football

man playing football on indoor football court

The best indoor football trainers are low-cut and feature a flat rubber outsole, each with a tread pattern that provides improved traction.

This means it’s much safer to turn at pace, since there’s a much smaller chance of slipping or suffering a twisted ankle. Ouch.

It’s crucial to choose a non-marking outsole. The last thing you want is a big bill for ruining the local sports hall, because you’ve turned the floor into your own personal heatmap.

There’s also a huge range of materials to consider, with most leading brands releasing leather, synthetic and mesh options in recent years.

Leather is known for its comfort, synthetic for its durability, and sock mesh trainers are renowned for their breathability.

Each one has its own advantages and drawbacks, so it all comes down to what you feel most comfortable in.

Your choice will always come down to your personal preference, but you should consider the shape of your feet when buying any kind of footwear.

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Our 5 best indoor football shoes this year

You now know what to look for, and there’s a huge selection of great indoor football boots to choose from.

Fortunately, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Whether you’re shopping for adults or kids, these are the best indoor football shoes you can buy right now.

5. Puma Future

Image from Puma.

The Puma Future has long since been a favourite of ours, and their indoor version is a cracker too.

With a focus on lockdown and comfort, the 1.4 Pro version has an adaptive lacing system sat within the supportive FUZIONFIT+ upper.

GRIP CONTROL PRO is a textured skin which’ll have your first touch as tidy as Neymar. Who coincidentally, wears Puma Future.

We’ve gone with the black, but Puma are known to release some lively colourways too.

Puma currently doesn’t have any takedown options available, but the 1.4 is generally priced lower than most Nike and adidas premium models.

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4. adidas X Speedportal

Image from GoalInn.

A brand new entry to our ranking. And it’s a model which has received many accolades since its release in late 2022.

The adidas X Speedportal is built for pace off the mark and on the indoor courts, you know that’s a serious asset to have.

This premium ‘.1’ version has a lightweight Speedskin upper which includes adidas’ legendary Primeknit. It’s snug with a great ball feel.

A responsive and explosive Lightstrike cushioned midsole helps you accelerate quicker than anyone else on the court.

If you’re on budget to build your 5-a-side kitbag, you can grab the X Speedportal.3 takedown for much less.

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3. New Balance Audazo V5

Image from New Balance.

Some may define this as a ‘curve ball’ or a ‘wildcard’, but we disagree.

Whilst New Balance are still tweaking and improving their boot silos to compete with the Nikes, adidas’ and Pumas of this world; the Audazo V5 indoor offering has already made it to the top.

It’s arguably the best looking football trainer on the market in suede, merging everyday style and football requirements effortlessly. A bit like David Beckham did.

This futsal specialist shoe is built with a ¾ REVlite midsole, Ariaprene upper and Ortholite insoles, which together provide support, stability and comfort.

You’ve got a fair few colour options with the Audazo, so there’s guaranteed to be one you prefer. Don’t be wary, just try them and see for yourself.

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2. Nike Tiempo Legend 9

Image from Nike.

React midsoles are known as having more bounce than CR7 at the back post.

When you couple them with the low-profile, sleek design of the Nike Tiempo Legend 9, it’s a winning formula for indoor football.

Premium leather and foam pods will surround your feet, helping you to make that all-important first touch, a useful one.

The scientifically-tested rubber outsole will provide exceptional grip on any indoor court surface, helping to think about one thing: scoring goals.

There are a raft of colourways available in the Tiempo, along with budget Academy and Club takedown versions.

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1. adidas Mundial Goal

Image from GoalInn.

The definitive indoor football shoe. Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for the iconic adidas Mundial Goal.

It may not come with all the bells and whistles of more recent releases, but the Mundial deserves to be at the top of this list for its sheer longevity and overall influence on the game.

Football trainers simply don’t get more reliable or authentic than this. We may be blinded a little by nostalgia from the original Copa Mundial, but the indoor Mundial Goal is one of the most comfortable pieces of footwear on the market too.

You’ll never feel safer or more secure than in a pair of these, with durable, flexible materials designed to protect your feet from any impact.

The traction, weight and fit of these football trainers is still up there with the best of modern equipment, with that trusty rubber outsole ensuring you’re always stable.

It’s fair to say that the overall quality of these boots cannot be overstated, and they’re a fantastic choice for indoor players at all levels of the game.

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Indoor football shoes FAQs

What about football trainers for kids?

Don’t worry, kids’ indoor football trainers are often a smaller, bite-sized version of the adult models.

So, the indoor shoes we’ve mentioned above are just as good for kids as they are for full-grown adults.

However, it’s worth checking out other collections, there are plenty that are incredibly popular amongst younger players.

Hopefully our best football boots for kids ranking can help you to choose.

Can you use indoor trainers on astro turf?

No. Indoor football trainers are only suitable for use indoors and on the street.

There’s always a bit of confusion amongst five-a-side players as to which boots are best for them, but you certainly shouldn’t be wearing indoor shoes on 2G sand-based pitches.

They’re also unsuitable for artificial pitches, as you’ll be sliding about like you’re on an ice rink. Instead, check out our rankings for best boots for 3G or 4G.

Likewise, you shouldn’t wear astro turf shoes indoors, unless they have the non-marking outsole that we mentioned earlier. Again, see our ranking on the best boots for astro turf.

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