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Best indoor football trainers for 2021 [Guide]

Take cover from the rain and check out our guide on the best indoor football trainers you can buy right now.

selection of the best indoor football shoes

While it might keep you warm and dry, indoor football can be hard. In fact, it’s often downright exhausting. 

The smaller pitches make for a faster, more frantic type of football, leaving most of us completely breathless long before the final whistle is blown. Since this usually involves playing on harder surfaces, the speed of these games is only intensified, while any slips or trips will likely result in a nasty bruise or two. 

Indoor football requires high levels of balance, accuracy and control, three things you just can’t achieve without the proper footwear. Of course, that’s exactly why I’m running through the best indoor football trainers you can buy right now, along with some tips on what to look out for and how to get the best value for money. 

Why Do You Need Indoor Football Shoes?

Indoor football (or futsal) always involves plenty of twisting, turning, and changing direction at speed. When you’re playing on such a smooth, hard surface, you’ll need to make sure your footwear provides plenty of grip, otherwise you’ll end up flat on your face being laughed at by your mates. 

Every type of football boot is suitable for a specific surface, with different soleplates making them ideal for either firm, soft or artificial ground. Wearing the wrong type of football boot won’t just be incredibly awkward to play in, but this will also put you at serious risk of suffering a nasty injury. Twisted knees galore. 

Indoor football shoes are specifically designed to help you play the game comfortably and safely on indoor courts, providing much better grip than regular trainers or running shoes.

How to Find Trainers for Indoor Football

It’s all about knowing what to look for. The best indoor football trainers are low-cut and feature a flat rubber outsole, usually with some sort of tread pattern to provide better grip. This basically means it’s much safer to turn at pace, since there’s a much smaller chance of slipping or suffering a nasty twisted ankle. Ouch. 

These shoes need to keep your feet low to the ground, while it’s always absolutely crucial that you choose a non-marking outsole. The last thing you want is a great big bill for ruining the sports hall, and the wrong kind of sole will turn the floor into your own personal heatmap. Don’t do it. 

There’s also a huge range of materials to consider, with most of the top brands releasing all kinds of leather, synthetic and mesh trainers in recent years. Your choice here will completely come down to your own personal preference, and you should always consider the shape of your feet when buying any kind of footwear. 

Leather is known for its comfort, synthetic for its durability, and sock mesh trainers are renowned for their breathability. Each one has its own advantages and drawbacks, so it all comes down to what you feel most comfortable in.

Top 7 Best Indoor Football and Futsal Shoes for 2021

Although you now know what to look for, there’s a huge selection of great indoor football trainers out there. Top brands such as Nike, adidas and Puma are regularly bringing out excellent indoor footwear, meaning the whole shopping experience can be a little overwhelming. 

Fortunately, I’ve done all the hard work for you. Whether you’re shopping for adults or kids, these are the best indoor football shoes you can buy right now.

7. Nike Mercurial Vapor 13

The Nike Mercurial is one of the most popular boots you’ll find on a football pitch, and the same is true of indoor courts. The Vapor 13 was released early in the summer, and the trainer version offers a skin-like fit which is similar to the main boot. 

These trainers are all about breathability and speed, with the lightweight mesh upper helping you move faster and in greater comfort. This comfort is enhanced by a padded collar and cushioned insole, which makes these shoes feel as soft as a freshly-plumped pillow, while the sticky rubber outsole provides plenty of grip. 

You’ll feel as though you’re springing around the court in a pair of Mercurials, and the fact there are so many gorgeous colourways is definitely a nice bonus. 

Top colourways: Blue/White, White/Red (Neymar Edition), Grey/Black/Pink (Neymar Edition), All White, Black/Silver, Dark Blue.

6. Puma 365 Ignite Netfit

Although you might be a little distracted by the colourful, distinctive appearance, the Puma 365 Netfit is all about offering a comfortable fit. The innovative Netfit technology has been making waves with Puma’s popular Future silo recently, and this ground-breaking lacing system works even better on indoor trainers. 

By offering near-limitless lacing possibilities, you can basically tie these trainers however you see fit (no pun intended). These are spacious, stretchy football trainers which are great for players with wide feet, while the fantastic customisation options allow you to improve lockdown and essentially become as comfortable as possible. 

The rubber outsole ensures you have the grip required to play indoors, although the mesh upper perhaps isn’t as durable as I’d like. Even so, this is a cracking choice if comfort is important to you. 

Top colourways: Yellow/Orange, All Black, Dark Blue, Orange.

5. Mizuno Morelia Indoor

When durability is top of your wishlist, then you should turn your attention to the fantastic Mizuno Morelia Indoor. Featuring a premium k-leather upper (which is typical of Mizuno’s unbelievably high standards), these trainers are all about longevity, reliability and unwavering resilience. 

There’s no doubt that such dependable indoor football trainers offer fantastic value for money. However, the main pulling point here is in just how comfortable they are to wear. The premium leather is obviously incredibly tough, but it also has a strangely plush feeling to it - almost as if you’re slipping your feet into a luxurious quilted duvet. 

The Mizuno Morelia Neo II always gets rave reviews out on the football pitch, and I can’t see why this indoor version would be any different, to be honest. 

Top colourways: White/Black.

4. adidas Predator Tango 19.3

The most difficult aspect of indoor football is how fast the ball comes to you. It practically glides over those hard, smooth surfaces, with the smaller pitch sizes meaning you often have a split second to get the ball under control. When you’re a poor man’s Romelu Lukaku like me, you really need all the help you can get. 

Enter the adidas Predator Tango 19.3. Just like its on-field counterpart, these indoor football shoes are all about improving control and touch. The embossed upper is built to bring the ball immediately under your spell, while the non-marked rubber outsole helps to maintain balance and composure while in possession. 

The high-quality synthetic upper is certainly durable enough, meaning these Preds offer excellent value for money alongside fantastic performance. 

Top colourways: Blue, Black, Silver, Dark Blue, Red.

3. Nike Premier II Sala

Now we’re talking. The Nike Premier II Sala is nothing short of breath-taking, serving up an impressive performance and gorgeous design all rolled into one. I’ll always have a soft spot for the classic Premier design, and I’ve got to say it looks absolutely fantastic in that top-quality suede upper. 

The use of suede typically results in better control of the football, while the mesh panels ensure the shoes are flexible enough for your feet to breathe. What really draws the eye, however, is the inclusion of a foam midsole, providing plenty of cushioning when you’re charging around on those harder playing surfaces. Even the street. 

In short, this is a real all-rounder, offering pretty much everything you could ask for in an indoor football shoe. It’s perfect for any players just looking for a reliable, comfortable trainer without a particular emphasis on speed, accuracy or any other quality. It’s the best Nike indoor football shoe you can get right now. 

Top colourways: Blue, Black, Silver.

2. Joma Top Flex

Without question, these are the most comfortable indoor football and futsal trainers on the market right now. The Joma Top Flex can do no wrong in my eyes, and it’s become the go-to choice for indoor footballers up and down the country. 

What makes them so special? Well, the clue is pretty much in the name. These football trainers are unbelievably flexible, with a leather upper providing fantastic levels of comfort and durability. The traction on these trainers is also incredibly impressive, something which is always vitally important when playing on small indoor courts. 

In all honesty, the Top Flex never looks like it should be a good football shoe. On first glance, they look a little bulky and cumbersome, so I’m always pleasantly surprised at how light and comfortable they are to play in. They might be in second-place here, but Joma are still the masters of indoor football trainers. 

Top colourways: Black/White, Black/Orange, White/Navy/Orange, Burgundy, Black/Fluoro Green

1. adidas Mundial Goal

The definitive indoor football shoe. Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for the iconic adidas Mundial Goal. It might not come with all the bells and whistles of more recent releases, but the Mundial deserves to be at the top of this list for its sheer longevity and overall influence on the game. 

Football trainers simply don’t get more reliable or authentic than this. I might be blinded a little by nostalgia, but the Mundial Goal is still one of the most comfortable pieces of footwear on the market. You’ll never feel safer or more secure than in a pair of these, with durable, flexible materials designed to protect your feet from any impact. 

The traction, weight and fit of these football trainers is still up there with the best of them, with that trusty rubber outsole ensuring you’re always in control. It’s fair to say that the overall quality of these boots cannot be overstated, and they’re a fantastic choice for indoor players at all levels of the game. 

Top colourways: Black/White. 

What About Football Trainers for Kids?

Don’t worry, kids football trainers are often a smaller, bite-sized version of the adult models. So, the above indoor shoes are just as good for kids as they are for full-grown adults. However, it’s worth checking out Nike’s FootballX collection, which is always incredibly popular amongst younger players.

You can check out our guide on finding the right football boots for your kids if you still aren’t sure what to go for. 

Can You Use Indoor Trainers on Astro Turf? 

No. Indoor football trainers are really only suitable for use indoors. There’s always a bit of confusion amongst five-a-side players as to which boots are best for them, but you certainly shouldn’t be wearing indoor shoes on 2G sand-based pitches. They’re also unsuitable for artificial 3G or 4G, since you’ll be sliding about like a drunk Bambi on ice. 

Likewise, you shouldn’t wear turf shoes indoors, either, unless they have the non-marking outsole I’ve already mentioned. 

How to Find Cheap Indoor Football Shoes

Just like a proper pair of football boots, indoor football trainers can sometimes lean on the pricey side - especially if you’re looking to buy some of the best on the market. However, there’s no need to curse with exasperation, because FOOTY.COM is here to find you the best deal this season. 

We compare prices from all the top online retailers, meaning it’s never been easier for you to bag the biggest bargains. To find cheap indoor trainers, you can use our site to choose the shoes you want, view a list of current prices, and then just click straight through to buy from the retailer. 

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