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15 best football boots for 2023

Whatever level you play at, we've picked out the 15 best football boots you can buy in 2023. Dig in.
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3 months ago


best football boots for 2023

The variety of football boots these days is astounding. And we love it

Fresh colours, new materials, innovative tech. Everything is updating and improving.

Within the last 12 months, we’ve seen a dizzying number of boot releases. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet for players.

Whether you’re a semi-pro superstar, a Sunday league maestro or a casual 5-a-sider, you’re spoilt for choice.

To cut through the noise, we’ve ranked the best football boots you can buy this year, with a little something for players of all budgets and styles.

We've got a couple of useful tips before you make your own choice, so let’s do this thing.

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How to choose football boots

three different adidas football boots in orange with flames
Image from Pro:Direct Sport.

Every player wants to make sure they’re wearing the best boots possible.

After all, this is your weapon of choice out on the pitch, and the wrong pair could have you playing like Phil Jones on a bad day.

Even worse, it could make you even more injury-prone and unreliable than, um, Phil Jones.

Everyone has their own preferences in terms of sizing and colour, but you should always focus on three things when buying some new boots: comfort, performance and budget.

Comfort will depend largely on the materials used (either leather or synthetic), the shape of your foot (wide or narrow) and the lockdown each boot provides.

Performance revolves around the features and technology included, as well as the overall durability and, to a certain extent, style.

Budget is self-explanatory. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a new pair of football boots or a pack of doughnuts (or both), everyone craves value for money.

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Which surface type do you need?

Before you consider any of the above, however, you need to make sure you’re buying boots which are suitable for your chosen playing surface.

Picking up a pair of soft ground boots, for example, would be an absolute disaster if you’re tearing it up at Powerleague every week.

Every football boot is made for a specific surface, and we’d always recommend wearing them for the pitch it’s intended for.

The wrong type of boot could get stuck in the turf or even provide no traction, both causing nasty injuries. Goodbye, knee cartilage.

There are exceptions. For example, if a boot is classed as “FG/AG”, then this means it can be worn on both firm ground and artificial ground.

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The 15 best football boots for 2023

Ever since Alan Ball showed off a striking white pair in the early ‘70s, football boots have gradually grown more exuberant and exciting.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with some classy black leather, now you can choose between countless colourways, silos, surface types and materials.

But, with so much choice available, what do we believe are the best football boots available in 2023? Let’s dive in.

PLEASE NOTE | The ranking below is focused on adult sizes. Check out our separate blog on the best kids football boots if you’re hoping to find something for the little ones.

15. Nike Premier 3

nike premier 3 football boot in black and white

The latest Nike Premier series is a hit with us. It’s always been a budget option, and it remains that way for the third installment.

Available for under £100 in SG, FG and TF options, they’re a snip after bearing in mind such high quality craftsmanship is involved.

Granted, they are probably one for the nostalgics amongst us, but don’t be misled as these boots have been modelled to perform to a very high standard in today’s game.

They’re not as exciting as some other options in this list, but hell, they’ll simply do their job with aplomb.


+ Supple kangaroo leather wraps the foot in pillowy comfort, giving you the first touch of a prime Xavi. Possibly.

+ A two-in-one tongue gives you the option of traditional (old schoolers) or a more modern look.

+ The price. They are by far the cheapest premium leather boot on the market, you won’t find more value anywhere else.

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14. Pantofola d'Oro Lazzarini x World Cup

pantolfola d oro football world cup football boot brazil in blue green and yellow

Ah, the ‘Golden Slippers’ are back in our list. It’s impossible to ignore Pantofolo d’Oro’s premium leather boots, and they really don’t get much more supple than these Italian gems.

The Lazzarini is a legendary silo from Pantofola d’Oro, one which is still standing the test of time.

Only available in an FG soleplate, there were 10 versions of this boot released. Argentina, Brazil (pictured), France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Spain, USA and Wales.

These wouldn’t look out of place on Andrew Pirlo’s feet, coupled with a smoking jacket and a large red wine. Swoon.


+ All of that handcrafted premium k-leather, which delivers a first touch softer than your favourite childhood teddy.

+ Unbelievable durability, these boots are built with precision and care. They’ll last forever if you treat them right.

+ Unbridled classic beauty in boot form, all your teammates will be asking you: “where did you get those?”

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13. Nike Tiempo Legend 9

nike tiempo legend 9 football boot in black

It’s time to take a break from the goalscorers for a minute. What about the unsung heroes? The gritty midfielders, the dominating centre halves?

Well, this season they’ll be wearing this unbelievable silo from Nike, the Tiempo Legend 9. Leah Williamson, Virgil Van Dijk, Henderson, De Vrij. They’re all in them.

The previous Legend 8 model was a big hit and those who wore it feared the worst from an update. They were wrong, this is one next-gen silo which has massively improved.

It’s so much lighter, more agile and dare we say, more beautiful than ever before. Available in every surface type, even the cheaper ‘Pro’ and ‘Academy’ designs hold up well.


+ Plush kangaroo leather upper like the interior of a Rolls-Royce, e.g. the type of player you’ll likely be regarded as.

+ Refined upper and redesigned soleplate to allow for lighter construction and less bulk.

+ Fantastic all-round boot perfectly useful for every position on the pitch. Utility players unite.

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12. adidas Copa Mundial

adidas copa mundial football boot in black and white

The oldest and most classic of all. It’s impossible to talk about the best football boots of the year without mentioning the adidas Copa Mundial.

This design will always be one of the finest known examples in the history of the beautiful game. You look at it and it just commands your respect.

Only having had slight innovations around shaping and materials aside from adidas trying the odd modern Copa Mundial update, this original boot remains a stalwart in the G.O.A.T conversation since 1979.

We don’t need to say much here, everyone just knows what they’re getting with a Copa Mundial.


+ Insane levels of durability, we’ve seen players pull out pairs from their musty kit bags that are over a decade old.

+ Unchallenged comfort from the premier k-leather upper, once you’ve invested time to mould them to your own feet.

+ People will know you’re serious about the game if you rock up in a pair of these. They’re authority personified.

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11. New Balance Furon V7

new balance furon v7 football boot eze eberechi in blue

This brand is impressing us with their offering this season, and New Balance’s Furon V7 comes out top of the pile.

With players like Raheem Sterling, Bukayo Saka, Sadio Mané and Eberechi Eze in their ranks, it goes to show that the New Balance Furon is able to hit the mark consistently.

This boot is a lightweight synthetic creation, with available takedown silos for all budgets in a range of colourways and a choice of FG/SG/TF soleplates.

Keep an eye out for special edition releases in collaboration with their flagship players too. Oof.


+ A speed boot which is lightweight for tricky wingers. That’s probably why Sterling, Eze and Saka love them.

+ The Hypoknit upper moulds comfortably around the foot to provide support on the move.

+ Off-set lacing for increased strike zone. You’ll be finding more top corners.

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10. adidas X Speedportal

adidas x speedportal 1 football boot in orange

The upgraded adidas X Speedportal is, as you’d imagine, a boot built for unadulterated speed.

That’s probably why a chap by the name of Mo Salah skins Premier League full-backs for fun every week wearing a pair.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention, the arguable G.O.A.T Lionel Messi enjoys lacing these up too.

We’ve chosen to include the X Speedportal.1 laced version in our list, because the ‘+’ laceless version can be a little tight for players with a regular width foot.

This popular silo also has a wide range of colorways with the choice of surface types, and adidas’ ‘.2’, ‘.3’ and ‘.4’ budget takedown ranges.


+ Lighter than light Speedskin upper for explosive acceleration. You’ve seen Mo and Messi over 10 yards, right?

+ Low-cut collar and 3D cushioned heel for comfort and support throughout every second of the game.

+ adidas Speedframe outsole for more responsiveness when jinking those full-backs into submission.

Shop adidas X Speedportal >

9. Puma Ultra

puma ultra football boot in torquoise

We’ve mentioned it countless times, but Puma have seriously stepped up to the plate in recent years with their boot silo offerings.

The Puma Ultra is a purpose-built speed machine. And it performs incredibly well.

They’re available in a range of surface types and colourways with some extremely lively ones thrown in the mix, for the more exuberant players amongst us.

The ‘Ultimate’ is an elite boot, but you can find lower tech, cheaper options with the ‘Pro’, ‘Match’ and even ‘Play’ takedowns, which are all available in a selection of surface types.


+ Dual-density SPEEDPLATE tech to benefit one thing: acceleration. Oh, and more speed too.

+ Sleek ULTRAWEAVE carbon yarn uppers for a comfortable fit when sitting those defenders on their bums.

+ Low-cut style with solid lace structure for a snug fit whilst you pummel home the volleys.

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8. adidas Copa Pure

adidas copa pure plus football boot in orange and beige

Our first laceless entry on the list (psst, it’s available in a laced .1 version for those who prefer).

The modern adidas Copa Pure is a work of art. Smooth lines, Fusionskin cow leather comfort and incredible heritage looks.

This boot looks beautiful in any available colourway, and you can grab them in FG/SG/AG/TF/IC surface types too.

The takedown offerings (‘.2’ / ‘.3’ / ‘.4’) are often made from synthetic materials, which means you won’t get the same comfort, but you’ll get durability and change in your pocket.


+ A sumptuous mix of cow leather and adidas Primeknit upper on the ‘Elite’ model, which adds up to a special level of comfort.

+ Lightweight Torsion Frame soleplates offer increased responsiveness.

+ Available in so many colourways, lace options, soleplates and prices that you’re guaranteed to find your weapon of choice.

Shop adidas Copa Pure >

7. Mizuno Alpha

mizuno alpha sr4 football boot in black and bronze

It’s always a shock to us why Mizuno doesn't have more pro athletes on their books.

Their boots, including the Mizuno Alpha here, are an ode to the football boot craft. Comfort, style, lightness. They have it all in abundance.

This premium model offers the greatest comfort of any boot on the market, in a range of colourways and surface types including SG, FG and even indoor.

It feels like a leftfield choice, but it shouldn’t be. Yeah, so it’s a big investment, but it’s undoubtedly elite level stuff.


+ It’s like slipping your feet into a couple of marshmallows, but then being able to play football in them. Well.

+ High quality synthetic layered uppers, they’re durable and allow for a silky first touch too.

+ Enerzy rearfoot cushioning for energy return on every stride.

Shop Mizuno Alpha >

6. adidas Predator Accelerator x PD25

adidas predator accelerator pd25 anniversary football boot in black silver and red

If you hadn’t noticed, Pro:Direct Soccer celebrated their 25th anniversary this year, and they dropped some beautiful collabs as part of it.

This adidas Predator Accelerator was the highlight for us, an iconic boot reimagined. It’s just majestic.

Yes, so there were only 998 of them available (a nod to the release year of 1998), but we had to include it.

They have an updated outsole to suit the modern game. So, if you manage to not cry whilst doing it, you can actually play in them.


+ It’s simply one of the most iconic football boots of all time.

+ Updated to suit the modern game, if you’re one of the people not framing them.

+ Silver accents replace the earlier whites to add a bit of pizazz.

Shop adidas Predator >

5. Nike Mercurial Superfly 9

nike mercurial superfly 9 football boot in silver and pink

That Kylian Mbappé lad, he’s not bad is he? A slight understatement, some may say.

Turns out, he wears Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 boots. And they’re not too shabby either.

The ‘Elite’ model offers some unbelievable features like the ¾ Air Zoom unit, resulting in a feel which won’t be matched.

Nike have offered plenty of cheaper versions of this design for those looking to save a few quid.

But Kylian isn’t the only one wearing this silo, with endorsement from CR7, Rashford, Hegerberg, Musiala and more.


+ A lightweight Vaporposite+ upper gives a feeling that you might be able to match Kylian’s pace. You won’t, but you will get quicker wearing these.

+ Nike’s Pebax soleplate allows you to accelerate in multiple directions, à la Mbappé.

+ A ¾ Zoom Air cushioning unit underfoot to keep you comfortable for 90 minutes and more.

Shop Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 >

4. adidas Predator Accuracy

adidas predator accuracy low football boot in orange and black

It’s a proper animal in at #4. The adidas Predator Accuracy is the latest in a long line of top drawer Pred designs, and it looks incredible.

The Accuracy is sleeker and more finessed than the earlier Edge, which relied more on power. They have to be, as mercurial stars Bellingham and Zelem wear them.

The looks of the adidas Predator Accuracy have been open to discussion since it was released into the wild this year, but we’re not here to sit on a fence. We love them.

There will be plenty of colour options to come on the ‘+’ and laced ‘.1’ versions, with multiple surface types and budget silos for the picking. Go and ravage your opponents, now.


+ A stylish upgrade from the previous, more bulkier Edge model. More ‘classic’ Pred.

+ Available in laced and laceless versions, also in a low-cut version (pictured) too.

+ Hybridtouch uppers allow for closer ball control and its Powerfacet forefoot aids powerful strikes.

Shop adidas Predator Accuracy >

3. Nike Phantom GX

nike phantom gx football boot in white and yellow

Following the popularity of the Nike Phantom GT, the Nike Phantom GX has upped the game.

Worn by top players Harry Kane, Ella Toone and Erling Haaland, it’s not hard to see why you should grab yourself a pair.

This model comes in a raft of options to suit your style and need with FG/SG/AG/TF/IC soleplates.

There are cheaper low-tech models too, multiple colourways and even a Dynamic Fit collar boot design choice.

There’s truly something for everyone, all across the pitch. Defenders, mids and forwards.


+ The sock-like Flyknit upper construction will help you become one with the ball. Just like Jack Grealish.

+ With so many available options, you’re bound to find the perfect partner for your game and budget.

+ New Gripknit tech helps to add a high level of control in any conditions. Even the Sunday morning bog.

Shop Nike Phantom GX >

2. Puma Future

puma future football boot in white and grey

Another boot which has impressed us since its release is the Puma Future.

Their latest installment has unparalleled levels of lockdown and support, something which superstars Neymar, Ederson and Alexandra Popp can all attest to.

The Future is a model with many colourways (often Puma-level vibrant) and a choice of SG mix, FG/AG blend and turf or indoor trainers.

Their cheaper takedown models (‘Pro’, ‘Match’ and ‘Play’) are still of a decent enough quality to perform every week.


+ Puma’s patented FUZIONFIT360 tech has been raved about since release, its lockdown level is unmatched.

+ More often than not, the Puma Future comes in at a much lower price point than other brands. Ker-ching.

+ Adaptable lace closure system, giving you the snuggest ride you’ll ever experience.

Shop Puma Future >

1. Nike Mercurial Vapor 15

nike mercurial vapor 15 football boot in silver and yellow

Well, well, well. It’s #1 for this unstoppable model in its 25th year. And rightfully so.

Thanks to updates made to the latest Nike Mercurial Vapor, we’re talking about the sharpest shooting boot on the market today.

Worn by powerhouse centre-forward Osimhen, his teammate Kvaratskhelia, Vini Jr., Sam Kerr and many more.

The Mercurial Vapor 15 Elite looks good in the 25th anniversary release pack (pictured), but we should appreciate every single one of its many colourways.

Built for speed and finishing above all, Nike’s most popular silo continues to perform effortlessly on big and little stages.

Grab them in SG/FG/AG and even TF/IC for 5-a-side. Don’t fret either, the budget ‘Pro’ and ’Academy’ options can do a job when you’re stumped for cash.


Incredible Vaporposite+ uppers are lightweight engineering at its finest, giving maximum acceleration and speed.

+ Nike’s ¾ Zoom Air unit offers comfort where other boots cannot. Lift off at the back stick. 

+ The Vapor remains the coolest looking boot on the planet, even after 25 years.

Shop Nike Mercurial Vapor >

Where to buy football boots

Finding your next pair of football boots is one thing, but you also need to think about where to buy them from.

There are tons of fantastic retailers out there right now, with the likes of Sports Direct, Pro:Direct Soccer and Lovell Soccer serving up some great deals and discounts.

However, time is a precious thing and nobody really wants to spend their evenings searching through various websites.

FOOTY.COM is the home of football price comparison, and we bring all these retailers and brands together to make your shopping experience a whole lot easier. It’s OK, you’re more than welcome.

All you have to do is find the boots you’re looking for (our boot collection is massive) and you’ll be shown a list of live prices.

You can instantly see which retailer is offering the best deal, then click straight through to make a purchase. Very simple indeed.

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How to look after your football boots

Once you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on a new pair of football boots, you’ll obviously want to make sure you’re looking after them properly.

In addition to keeping them clean and making sure they don’t smell too bad (seriously, we all appreciate that one), most boots also require a bit of wear-in time and stretching.

Leather and synthetic boots need to be cared for in different ways, but there are plenty of hacks you can use to make sure they’re always kept healthy.

Besides, after spending so much on a new pair of boots, you certainly won’t want to end up replacing them in just a few short months, especially if you’re playing on a tight budget.

READ | Our full guide on how to clean and care for your new football boots.

Looking for any of the above football boots? We’ve got every colour, every size and every takedown model for your enjoyment.

Don’t forget to compare prices at FOOTY.COM to make sure you get the best deals on every pair of football boots. Better yet, you could even sign up to our helpful newsletter to make sure you never miss a bargain!

If you want to know which are the best boots for your position, check out these guides...

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