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Best football boots with ankle support 2021

Finding football boots with great ankle support can be tough, so we’re ranking the best ones you can buy today.

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There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable football boots. For many of us, they can quickly become our Achilles' heel out on the pitch, making us as injury-prone as Jack Wilshere on a cold Tuesday night. 

Whether you’re playing a full-sized match or a quick game of five-a-side, football always involves putting a lot of strain on your feet. Without the proper footwear, you can be suddenly struck down by a serious case of heel pain, nasty blisters or, even worse, the dreaded shin splints. Ouch. 

Niggling ankle and heel problems can be particularly frustrating, which is why so many players insist on wearing so much ankle tape nowadays. While taping and using other accessories can certainly help, there’s no question that you need to find the best football boots with ankle support if you want to seriously overcome the problem. 

But which boots should you go for?

Do I Need Boots with Ankle Support?

Obviously, this is the first question you should ask yourself. Although going for football boots with great ankle support is never a bad idea, there’s no point prioritising these models if your ankles are completely healthy. Before you do anything, you need to identify whether there’s a problem. 

If you’ve got issues with plantar fasciitis or overpronation, then you should be looking for the best boots for flat feet instead, as they concentrate on offering excellent arch support (rather than ankle). Likewise, those with narrow or wide feet should check out our blogs focused on those issues. 

However, if you suffer from Achilles tendonitis, Sever’s disease or a similar condition, then it’s absolutely vital that your football boots offer great ankle support - even if you’ve gone a bit mad on the tape.

Are Football Boots with Sock Better? 

If you suffer from some sort of ankle problem, then football boots with a sock collar are probably best for you. 

The main benefit here is the comfort they provide, offering a lovely snug fit and secure lockdown of the heel. It’s not like you’re encasing your ankle in iron here (after all, this is a knitted sock), so I wouldn’t go as far as to say they offer protection. What they do provide, however, is an extra sense of stability which prevents too much strain on your ankles.  

There are certainly boots out there without a sock collar which also offer great ankle support, but I’d recommend going for a sock boot as a starting point. But be warned: they do take a bit of getting used to, and can be a nightmare to get on if you’ve got particularly wide feet.

Top 5 Best Football Boots with Ankle Support for 2020

Ankle injuries have become a regular problem in modern football, so most of the big brands now concentrate on offering boots with ankle support. This means there’s now and enormous range for you to choose from, which is why we’ve decided to rank the best boots you can buy right now.

5. adidas Nemeziz 19+

Image from adidas.

If you’re keen to go down the laceless route, then the latest generation of adidas Nemeziz is definitely the way to go. This boot offers a surprisingly impressive lockdown considering the lack of laces, with the unique taping-style upper wrapping around the shape of your foot and providing an incredibly snug fit. 

This essentially feels as though you’re wrapping your feet in bandages to protect them from any strain out on the pitch, while it’s also worth pointing out that this design also looks pretty damn cool. Just as importantly, the Nemeziz makes use of adidas’ Torsion system, which basically makes any twists and turns much easier on your ankles.

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4. Nike Phantom GT Elite Dynamic Fit

Image from Nike.

The Nike Magista was one of the first sock football boots ever created, so it seems only right that Nike stuck to the popular design throughout their Phantom VSN and VNM releases. Now though, it’s the Phantom GT’s time in the limelight.

Nike’s innovative Dynamic Fit collar sits at the centre of the design, with the stretchy sock materials securing the ankle and lower calf together. The Phantom GT provides the kind of stability players have been dreaming of for years, while the textured upper is also designed to enhance your touch and control of the football. Not too bad at all.

It looks incredibly sleek, and the boot actually features the T90-style lateral lacing, which was very popular with players who sported that release. The important thing, of course, is that you can enjoy the larger strike zone, alongside the snugger fit provided by traditional laces.

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3. Puma Future 6.1 Netfit

Image from Puma.

We've always felt the Puma Future is a little underrated, often overlooked in favour of boots from market leaders Nike and adidas. Make no mistake, Luis Suarez doesn’t wear these for the hell of it, and the newest model is one of the finest football boots you can buy right now.

Although the eye is immediately drawn to the unique design which hosts a customisable lacing system, those with ankle issues will be more impressed by the evoKNIT collar. This sock material fits snugly around the ankle, feeling incredibly supportive while you’re out on the pitch, and ultimately providing much better flexibility.

This is an incredibly light-weight football boot, built for agile forwards and speedy wingers. The feel across the foot is absolutely fantastic when shooting or passing, and we’ve got to say there’s not a lot we don’t like about the Future 6.1. You’ll be breaking ankles in these, and not your own for once.

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2. adidas Predator 20.1

Image from adidas.

The adidas Predator has always been famous for its control, accuracy and deadly precision out on the pitch. Well, now it can also boast the fact it’s one of the best football boots with ankle support, as the stretchy Primeknit sock collar provides excellent levels of support and stability.

Even though the 20+ model will be absolutely fine, we recommend going for the 20.1 simply because you have the option to adapt the fit with laces. Since it’s completely laceless, the 20+ doesn’t feel quite as secure, whereas you can obviously tighten the 20.1 to ensure you’re always feeling comfortable.

Either way, the adidas Predator is a great football boot if you’re keen to avoid ankle injuries, the only question is: is it a plain or crazy colourway for your game?

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1. Nike Mercurial Superfly 7

Image from Nike.

This is it. The Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 is hands-down the best football boot when it comes to ankle support, particularly if you’re an attack-minded player.

Just like the Phantom GT, the latest Mercurial makes use of Nike’s Dynamic Fit Collar to provide essential support. What sets them apart however, is the Mercurial’s ground-breaking 360 Flyknit upper, which practically wraps the foot in a snug, protective bubble and leaves you wondering how a pair of boots could feel so good.

The inevitable result is a football boot which is one of the lightest football boots ever created, making them ideal not just for those with ankle problems, but also players who thrive off their explosive pace and agility. Your choice from this list will depend largely on your own style, but the Mercs should be your first choice if you aren’t really stuck on aesthetics.

Of course, this is currently one of the most expensive boots on the market, so you can always compare prices on older Mercurial Superflys if you want to save a little money. After all, this silo has always been famous for its innovative sock collar, so you don’t necessarily need to go for the latest release.

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High-Cut vs Mid-Cut vs Low-Cut Football Boots

Nothing about football boots is ever straight-forward. Even once you’ve decided to go for boots with a sock collar, you need to consider which ankle height is best for you. In fact, this will probably have a huge bearing on which of the above boots you actually go for, since choosing the wrong collar could make things a little uncomfortable. 

Sock collars essentially come in three separate sizes: high-cut, mid-cut and low-cut. Each one provides different benefits and drawbacks, so you need to think long and hard about which one is best for you. 

In short, high-cut boots are usually the best for ankle support, as they fully connect the lower leg and heel to provide better stability. Mid-cut boots are ideal if you want more flexibility but also to protect your ankles a little, while low-cut boots are perfect when ankle support isn’t as important as other factors. 

Where to Get Cheap Football Boots

Finding cheap football boots used to be a bit of a hassle. Since there’s so many retailers out there (not to mention, a growing number of boots to choose from), any bargain-hunting would usually involve trawling through various websites for hours on end. 

Not anymore. Instead of all that, you can just compare all these prices on FOOTY.COM, as we bring you all the latest deals and discounts in one convenient place. This includes boots for men, women and kids, as well as every surface type you’re ever likely to play on - such as firm-ground, soft-ground or artificial surfaces. 

Our selection of boots is absolutely massive. All you have to do is find what you want, view the list of prices, then click straight through to buy from the retailer! We collate prices from Pro Direct, Lovell Soccer, Sports Direct and all your other favourite online stores, so now you can enjoy more time actually showing off your new boots.

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