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Best football boots you can get for under £100

We’re here to make the beautiful game that little bit cheaper. Here are our top 10 boots available for less than £100.

best football boots you can get for under 100 pounds

Our chances of playing the game at an elite level, may* have slipped through our grasp.

But, that doesn’t mean us grassroots ‘ballers have to settle for lower quality football boots.

Regardless of the level you’re playing at, you still deserve to roam the park in decent gear.

That’s why, today we’re looking at the best available boots for under £100.

We’re all about avoiding the ‘super premium boots’ and finding value, so prepare for maximum thriftiness.

*We can still dream.

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10. Nike Zoom Mercurial Superfly 9 Academy

Image from Nike.

The Elite version of this Nike model releases generally around £240+. That’s far too much outlay for a casual ‘baller.

The Academy takedowns of Nike boots have often proved durable and good value, this Mercurial Superfly is no different.

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9. Pantofola d’Oro Lazzarini

Image from Unisport.

It would be silly of us to avoid mentioning ‘The Golden Slipper’. Yes, it’s at the top end of our budget but it’s so, so good.

Premium k-leather and undeniably classic looks, the Pantofola d’Oro steals the show for less than a hundred quid.

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8. Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy

Image from Unisport.

The Tiempo Legend 9 has received many accolades since its release, and the takedown Academy version holds up too.

These purpley-bronzey numbers are beauties, but for well less than £100, they’re a tidy bargain too.

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7. New Balance Furon v7 Destroy

Image from Sports Direct.

New Balance have been climbing the boot ranks for a while now, and their Furon is a speed boot which looks incredible.

One step down from the Pro model, the Destroy is still super lightweight and packed with tech to serve your game.

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6. Nike Phantom GT2 Academy

Image from Unisport.

Ah, our trusty favourite again, the Phantom GT2. One of the most popular models on the market, this Academy takedown can save you cash.

Because it can manage short grass and artificial turf, the multi-ground option is an extra savvy one. And they’re a lot less than £100!

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5. adidas Predator Edge.2

Image from GoalInn.

The Predator Edge ‘+’ and ‘.1’ are sturdy boots, which means the ‘.2’ is much of the same. After all, it’s only one step below the top tier.

With its comfortable sock-lining and lace up lockdown, the Edge.2 has more than enough to keep you going all season.

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4. Nike Premier 3

Image from Sports Direct.

If you look up ‘underrated’ in the dictionary, there’s a good chance you’ll see a picture of the Nike Premier football boot.

It’s kangaroo leather for less than £100, plus premium feel and performance from a brand which is trusted in its product quality.

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3. adidas X Speedportal.2

Image from GoalInn.

If the Edge.2 was quality, the Speedportal.2 is going to follow suit. This popular 2022 release has invaded the elite stage this year.

The X Speedportal ‘+’ and ‘.1’ models are pricey (£200+), but step down to ‘.2’ and you’ll be stuffing some serious value into your boot bag.

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2. Puma Ultra Pro

Image from GoalInn.

Puma have been knocking it out of the park with their recent releases and the Ultra, their flagship speed boot, is superb.

The premium Ultimate model comes with a serious price tag (£160+), but the Championship-level Pro is still a highly valid alternative.

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1. adidas Copa Mundial

Image from GoalInn.

No surprises here, it’s the grandmaster of all boots. OK, so sometimes they’re a smidge over £100, and sometimes they’re under.

Premier leather, comfort and durability levels beyond most modern premium boots, plus style which somehow looks as good now as it did in the ‘70s.

Yes, you’ll have to be a certain type of player to be able to pull the Copa Mundial off. But, for the bargain you’re getting, you may as well try.

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