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Best football boots for narrow feet 2021

Struggling to find the perfect football boots for your narrow feet? That’s OK, we’ve got a list for that.

Best football boots for narrow feet 2021

Whether buying for yourself or for the kids, choosing a pair of football boots with the dream shape, design and size can often be a struggle. Aside from the pile of options that manufacturers throw at us in the form of surface type, upper material, laces or not, we’re here to discuss only the boots that give a perfect fit for narrow feet.

The difference really isn’t much when it comes to defining a “narrow foot”, but to those slipping a new pair of boots on to them, it can be more noticeable than a Paul Pogba haircut. The good news is, brands tend to offer certain silos that suit this foot shape more than others. And we can tell you exactly which ones...

5. Nike Premier II

Image from Nike.

Classic looks and cloud-like comfort rolled into one, that’s the Nike Premier II in a nutshell. The supple k-leather upper will mould to your foot shape giving you a snug fit, while the narrow soleplate will suit thinner feet to a tee.

Available in a range of colours, you’re bound to find the looks you want, to go alongside the comfort you’ve desired for longer than Harry Kane has waited for silverware. The Premier II is an excellent choice for anyone wanting premium football boots at a value price point.

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4. adidas X Ghosted+

Image from adidas.

You’ll only be revelling in absolute top-of-the-range stuff from adidas with the X Ghosted+. A low-profile Clawcollar and super thin Mirageskin upper will both help to hug your narrow feet into position for 90 minutes and more. Add in a Carbitex carbon-fibre insert on the outsole, and you’ve got jet-like propulsion in abundance.

The pink won’t be for everyone, but adidas has put out multiple colour options of the X Ghosted+, their laceless version proving popular for players who desire a tight, yet comfortable fit. We reckon Heung-Min Son or Jamie Vardy are fair examples of how to get the most from this one.

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3. Puma Future Z

Image from Puma.

We’ll also be including this one our ‘football boots for wide feet’ blog, yes, that’s how adaptable the Puma Future Z is. It’s adaptability comes from the FUZIONFIT+ upper, a compression band which runs through the centre of the foot and laces you can shift around for optimum support. It’s the dream for those of us with a foot shape that we feared would never be truly catered for.

The Future Z is as striking in looks as the man who helped design them, a certain Neymar Jr. We’ve picked out the black option for balance, but you can grab plenty more daring colours if you fancy yourself as the twinkle-toed Brazilian of Sunday League.

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2. adidas Predator Freak+

Image from adidas.

Most adidas boots are generally a little slimmer than other brands, and it’s no different for the latest model of Predator, the Freak. The Freak+ is the laceless option, which is built to slip on and snugly hug the wearer’s foot without the need for adjustment. This is the exact reason it’s perfect for narrow feet.

Laceless tech has come a long way since its inception, and the Primeknit upper on this model is the ideal material to plunge you into a world of comfort. We reckon this shock pink colourway is pretty freaky, but as you’d expect there are many more colour and soleplate options available.

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1. Nike Mercurial Vapor 14

Image from Nike.

We’ve saved the best until last, the boot that was seemingly designed for narrow feet. The Nike Mercurial Vapor has always been a slimline, speed-based option for players who like to dance down wings and nutmeg opposition (usually one too many times). With CR7, Erling Haaland and Bruno Fernandes in tow, the Vapor 14 has a group of owners you’ll probably want to emulate.

The legendary Flyknit uppers of the Vapor 14 will hug you tighter than the striker you’ve just laid it on a plate for. Secure and support your narrow feet in style, with standard lacing threaded through the Flyknit. You’ll become one with the ball, and explosive too thanks to help from the Aerotrak zone on the forefoot. This is the full package, and sliding about in your boots will be a thing of the past.

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If you’re still searching for the right boots, you can browse our football boots or try some more useful content from our boots blog! If you’ve found your dream pair, then hop along to our football kits page and find the lowest prices on those too.

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