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The best football boots for wingers 2021

These are the perfect boots for speed demons who love to take on their man and go flying down the wing.

best football boots for wingers

Pinpoint crosses. Flamboyant footwork. Sheer, unrelenting pace. These are the weapons every dangerous winger should have in their locker.

Not every player is born with the ability to beat a man and get in behind defences. This is a gift reserved for only a select few, turning them into the biggest threat on the football pitch and causing the opposition all kinds of headaches. Deadly, dangerous and almost impossible to deal with, a great winger will have all the attributes to set up his teammates and get himself on the scoresheet.

Of course, they need to find the perfect pair of football boots to unleash this ability. So, what are the best football boots for wingers in 2021?

5. Puma Future 5.1

Image from Puma.

Let’s kick things off with the brand-new Puma Future. 

Featuring some truly ground-breaking boot tech, these innovative designs have revolutionised the way laces are tied. The Future offers a fully-customisable lacing system, which ultimately allows players to find the perfect fit and take to the pitch in complete comfort.

More importantly, this level of comfort makes it easier for you to quickly change direction, while a mixture of conical and bladed studs enhances traction and balance. Ideal for turning full-backs inside out, the Puma Future is a great football boot for wingers who rely more on their trickery and agility then any gut-busting pace. 

The 5.1 is thinner, lighter and more flexible than previous models, but opting for the older Future 19.1 or 4.1 isn’t a bad idea if you want to save some cash. Boasting an improved knitted upper and the latest boot tech on the market, the 5.1 is the way to go if you’re only interested in the very best.

Top Colourways:

Puma Future 5.1 “Flash” (Blue/Black).

Who Wears Puma Future?

Antoine Griezmann, Luis Suarez, Marco Reus, Allan Saint-Maximim, James Maddison.

4. New Balance Furon v5

Image from New Balance.

This isn’t the lightest speed boot you’re going to find. In fact, it’s not overly-impressive for quickly changing direction, either. But what makes the Furon v5 so special is the fantastic touch and control it provides. 

Don’t get me wrong, they’re still light enough for you to show defenders a clean set of heels, but these boots are ideal for wingers who favour control of the football over pace. By improving lockdown of the foot, the Fantom Fit frame is actually engineered for players to unleash their explosive speeds, it’s just that some of the bigger brands manage to do this a little better. 

The silicone and mesh upper is unbelievably soft, wrapped in a Hidraskin coat and offering a larger strike zone than previous generations (the laces sit higher than usual). Unlike many boots for wingers, the Furon v5 is focused more on power and precision, while still offering a more than adequate option for players with bags of pace. 

Top Colourways:

New Balance Furon v5 “Bayside Blue” (Blue), New Balance Furon v5 “Leather” (Black/Green), New Balance Furon v5 “Lite Shift” (Blue/Red), New Balance Furon v5 “Sulphur/Phantom” (Yellow), New Balance Furon v5 “Infinite Dark” (Black).

Who Wears New Balance Furon?

Sadio Mane. 

3. Mizuno Morelia Neo II

Image from Mizuno.

Weighing in at just 180g, the Mizuno Morelia Neo II is one of the best speed boots currently on the market. The world’s best players might opt for designs from Nike and adidas, but the Morelia has always served up a reliable and comfortable boot for wingers at all levels. 

This boot is famous for its premium k-leather upper, which is actually a lot thinner and lighter than you’d probably expect from a leather football boot. Seamlessly moulding to the shape of your foot and essentially fitting like a glove, the forefoot feels incredibly flexible while the heel and midfoot are more rigid, stable and secure. 

Mizuno are renowned for their high-quality boots and the use of premium materials, and I don’t think there’s a boot out there that optimizes this better than the Morelia. With a huge range of colourways to choose from, a focus on pace, touch and control, there’s not really much more a winger could ask for.

Top Colourways:

Mizuno Morelia “Day and Night” (Dark Blue), Mizuno Morelia “Beta” (Black), Mizuno Morelia “Black Star” (Black/Silver/Yellow), Mizuno Morelia “Tokyo Nights” (Black/Blue), Mizuno Morelia “Brazilian Spirit” (Yellow/Blue).

Who Wears Mizuno Morelia?

Um… Lazar Markovic. Like I said, these aren’t really big on the professional scene.

2. Nike Mercurial Vapor 13

Image from Nike.

While it might not be as ground-breaking as previous generations, the Mercurial Vapor 13 builds upon the innovative features of its predecessors. Just like every Mercurial ever made, this latest generation is all about speed, agility and lethal finishing. Basically, it’s every winger’s dream.

This is a lighter, streamlined and more responsive Vapor, improving upon the technology which proved so popular with the Vapor 12. The stunning 360 Flyknit upper features once again, but this time it feels more comfortable and breathable while out on the pitch, with Nike working to loosen up the knitted materials to make it more comfortable. 

I mean, you just need to look at the list of players who wear them to see exactly what this football boot is all about. However, I’m going to point out that, for all its impressive improvements, the difference to the Vapor 12 really is minimal here and you might be able to snag a real bargain on the older generation.

Top Colourways:

Nike Mercurial Vapor “Dream Speed” (Dark Blue), Nike Mercurial Vapor “New Lights” (Blue), Nike Mercurial Vapor “Speed Freak” (Silver/Red/Black) Nike Mercurial Vapor “Under the Radar” (Black).

Who Wears Nike Mercurial Vapor?

Neymar, Eden Hazard, Leroy Sane, Ousmane Dembele, Nicolas Pepe, Christian Pulisic, Vinicius Junior.

1. adidas X 19.1

Image from adidas.

Football speed boots just don’t get better than this. The adidas X 19.1 offers absolutely everything a winger could possibly need, with a particularly strong emphasis placed on speed and acceleration. 

The Speedmesh upper is so thin I’m fairly sure you could use it as tracing paper, complementing the incredible lockdown to let players unleash sudden bursts of speed. I’ve gone for the 19.1 over the 19+ simply because of the laces, which obviously let you better customise the fit and basically prevent your feet from sliding around inside. 

As soon as you lineup in a pair of these, the opposition full-back knows he’s in for one hell of an afternoon. The X 19.1 offers only slight tweaks to the previous generation, so again this could be an opportunity to save yourself a little money. But there’s no denying that this latest model is the best of an incredible silo, and you’d be mad not to get your hands on a pair.

Top Colourways:

adidas X “302 Redirect” (Silver/Red), adidas X “Inner Game” (Navy/Gold), adidas X “Dark Script” (Black) adidas X “Hard Wired” (Light Blue), adidas X “Encryption Code” (Green).

Who Wears adidas X?

Mo Salah, Son-Heung Min, Gareth Bale, Daniel James, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Angel Di Maria, Thomas Muller, Lucas Moura, Julian Draxler. 

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